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Hi All. We have a highly experienced Pathfinder group who also plays Star Wars Saga on occasion that is seeking 1 maybe two players depending. We play in North Loveland, CO every other Saturday, two times a month, and take a summer break in June - August. We start gaming near 2pm and end sometime near 10pm, later if things are rolling and cannot stop.

We sit down, have an awesome meal that everyone contributes items for the making. Food can range from BBQ burgers, to as fancy as Bacon wrapped Turkey. Of course home made pizza is always a favorite.

We do expect players to be there since the 5 of us plan to be there and schedule time around it. If work happens on occasion to take control of lives, well, we try to make the game up the following week and do 2 games in a row (Always Saturday)

The group is very experienced but do not let that frighten you. We love great role play, character development, and lots of fun.

All 5 of us are professional people who work and love to game on our free time, and we expect others that join us to be as well. Nothing more annoying than someone who says they will be there then are not.

Once again, this is a fun group and we are open to all Pathfinder players new or old, male or female, elf, or half-orc (As long as they bath) who wish to have fun, and be a part of the group. Many of us have known each other for many long years and have gamed together for many long years and have been playing in one long running campaign, and one newly started campaign

So do not delay, launch us an arrow with a message on it to myself (Delaney at delaneyalysa at comcast dot net) or to Bryan master_eji at yahoo dot com

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