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Looking through the Bestiary 3 the Demilich says the first thing it will do is it's Banshee's wail, The DC is 24, But how much damage does it do? It is not listed. If it is based on it's HD then it would do 150 points of damage. It could also affect 15 creatures as the spell Wail of the Banshee affects 1 creature per HD.

AM I correct to say this is how much damage it does and to how many creatures?

I see the range of it as 20 feet, where as the spell is 25 feet +5 ft per 2 levels.

PRD shows the Demilich's Wail of the Banshee as Caster level = 20, so it would affect up to 20 targets out to 75 ft in a 20' radius burst from the demilich and deal up to 200 damage (unless I am reading things wrong).

edited the range

Sovereign Court

Thank you. Yup saw that after when I went back to look.

That is ONE Wicked ability. D24 for a CR14 creature that deals 200 pts in a 20 foot radius.

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