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I feel I need to make one comment about your levelling plan. You have said that you plan to take your expanded element lv 7 as water to get a touch attack blast and composite blasts, but with the playtest document at this stage there is no way to do this as the composite mud blast requires you to have water blast and earth blast, if you choose the ice blast for a touch attack you don't get a composite blast.

I would also second your comments about lack of utility in the class, especially with the need to split wild talent choices between infusions or utility. I would be in favour of seeing these perhaps separated a bit, granting wild talents as is now and maybe adding a few bonus infusion chances so that you can focus your wild talents on more utility things, and even if people decide to take more infusions over the other wild talents it still doesn't unduly increase their power level since they can only use 2 at a time, it would only increase their combat versatility.

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Blakmane makes a good point that if you're the GM you should be able to roleplay as much as anyone, sometimes more, because you play as all the supporting characters and such. If you want to keep this character around and have a long term character to build on I do have a suggestion. Keep the character in the campaign but separate him from combat. If he's dominating the combat but otherwise a good element to the campaign, try to give some explanation why he can stay around but not fight as much, maybe he gets shellshock and can't stand up in a fight, maybe he's relegated to managing supplies, anything that keeps him from taking part. This keeps him from taking all the glory away from the players it also allows you to keep a very strong character around as a deus ex machina in case your otherwise unoptimized party gets in over their heads.

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Sharaya wrote:

On hairless cats:

Katina: If they don't have any hair to clean, then what do they cough up?

Katina: Skinballs!?

No no no, this thread is for out of context. As horrifying an idea that is it's far worse when you have no idea she's talking about cats.

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Oh wow, the locals boys getting things going... buuuuut it overlaps with my infinity league, so I will probably have to pass, might try to show once or twice.

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51. A local craftsman barges his way into the castle, fights off the guards and begins running rampant through the halls. When finally confronted by the party demands the release of the princess, after being talked down or defeated it is explained to him that the princess he seeks isn't there and must be in some other castle.

52. A wandering artist visits the castle, offering to create a great masterpiece for an exorbitant sum (determined by GM to be appropriate to current level/funds) if accepted roll percentile to determine quality, a high value will impress visiting dignitaries, a medium will improve local morale, a low roll is a swindle.

53. A goblin is found in the castles kitchen. Leading to the discovery of a goblin tunnel under one of the castle walls, a costly repair and several days suspension of ongoing projects while a search is conducted for any other goblins to have snuck in.

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33. A wandering swordsman appears, claiming that you have killed his rather and that he is out for revenge!

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I would interpret it as thus;

The dragon disciple prestige class does not require a person to have the draconic bloodline to be taken therefore it can be taken by a mongrel mage who meets the other prerequisites.

the mongrel mage in question either (and this seems most RAW) only choose to make use of the draconic bloodline, because the prestige class states that a sorcerer must choose the draconic bloodline, thus wasting your alternate class ability but fulfilling your prestige class requirements.
Or (this would be more a personal interpretation)
The mongrel mage can take the dragon disciple prestige class and when choosing their daily bloodline either takes draconic and stacks DD and MM levels to determine powers or gains DD lvl equivalent Draconic Bloodline powers and MM lvl equivalent powers from the other bloodline.
Mongrel Mage does not qualify as a sorcerer in relation to the DD class abilities, they treat the class the same way a bard or other non-sorcerer spontaneous caster does, and if they choose to have the draconic bloodline at the same time it's redundant.

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VampByDay wrote:
LoneKnave wrote:

Monk levels only replace the BAB requirement.

Dragon Style chain gives you Elemental Fist as if you were a Monk of the four winds (also, everyone can use it 1 time/day+1/2 their level I think).

I don't want to contradict you, but that makes NO sense. Elemental Fist DOESN'T say that Monks can replace its +8 BAB requirement, and as Elemental fist is a prerequisite for Efreeti Style, that means that, again, you can't use this style unless you are a Monk of the Four winds and get Elemental fist as a first level feat.

Not true you can use the Efreet style as any monk, you just have to get elemental fist first, which means you would need to be level 11 to qualify for elemental fist normally.

Or you could get dragon style - dragon ferocity which says that it automatically qualifies you for elemental fist, and itself only requires 5 ranks of acrobatics, so level 5, letting you get elemental fist at level 7. Although you then would be working on two different styles which don't really mix and would probably be better off sticking with the dragon style.

Or as stated above, just take monk of the four winds and replace stunning fist with elemental fist at level 1.

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Who said anything about pigman? I meant normal pig with alchemist levels. :)

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Combining several ideas from the page already,

Adventurers wanted job board,

Missing pig! Contact farmer Dale, farm down the hill.
Mysterious beast destroying crops, tracked to the old mill tower. Contact farmer Hill, farm over the dale.
Create of alchemical reagents missing from shipment. Contact alchemist Farmer, Hill-Dale pharmaceuticals.

Farmer Dale's pig has wandered off to the old crumbling tower at the edge of town where it found the lost create of alchemical reagents and began eating them. This has led to the pig being affected by a constant effect similar to that of alchemist's strength mutagen and having the equivalent of 2 alchemist levels (choose desired discovery, tentacle suggested :) ) treat as mindless do to mutagen affect. and has been wandering over at night to eat farmer Hill's crops, because they're there.
adventure will feature an exciting ascension to the second floor of the crumbling tower, past 1d3!! dire rats or other minor adversaries that have been affected by the pig's alchemical creations. and culminates in the exciting fight and attempt to capture the alchemicly tweaking hog. All alchemical effects on said creature can be reversed by alchemist farmer, who may charge some minor fee, perform the service for free, or offer to by the pig, depending on its condition when brought to him and the parties diplomatic abilities.

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Tels wrote:
Chris Lambertz wrote:

Katina Psh

Katina I'm Aragorn
Katina I got dis

sword sword sword

Katina bummmm bumm ba ba bummmmm
Katina ba da dahhhh da da dahhhh dada dahhhh dum dum

Is that... Vader's March?

No that would be:

Bummm bummm bummm da da bum da da bummm
BUMMM BUMMM BUMMM ba da bummm ba da bummm

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I see people mentioning problems in interactions between sorcerer and bloodrager bloodlines, but as I recall from the playtests these ACG hybrid classes are prohibited from multiclassing with component classes, so as far as I know you can't have a sorcerer/bloodrager. Unless this changed between the playtest and the final release.

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An old crumbling tower at the edge of town that's been abandoned for as long as anyone can remember.

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If you're going for the believes himself to be a god thing I would probably suggest playing the character sort of distant and inattentive, which helps to explain why he doesn't see/understand that he is often a hindrance to the party. between the superhigh intellect and belief in his own divinity it would sort of make sense that he's always "thinking about something else" paying attention to the grass growing in the next country over or helping to guide a lost baby bird back to it's nest on the other side of town. Most of the time it would just seem like he's crazy (which can be fun for roleplaying) and then when a situation at hand arises that needs his attention he can casually wave a hand and destroy a room full of monsters, or make a ludicrous knowledge check and tell the party everything they ever wanted to know about goblins without seeming to even know they had asked. this sort of aloofness would also help you to keep from stealing the show too often, try to hang back, make random comments and let the other players struggle and try to do things themselves, combat in particular, then when they ask for your help, tell you to get involved or look like they're really in trouble step in with some hideously overpowered BS and just solve their problem like that.

That's how I'd play it anyway.

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Well I did give my piece about the different terrain bonuses before. I will say that doing something like any terrain 1 wetter than ideal gives +to agriculture and any terrain 1 drier than ideal would be a good way to handle it in regards to each different races ideal biome. You could also give half credit to anyone who selects one of the extremes, choose volcano and get half the normal production bonus in all volcanos, same for wetlands with agriculture.

I do however also very much like the idea of separate effects for settlements and armies in each different terrain. things like mountains make you defensive but slow you down, maybe you need to use 2 inspires to move out of a mountain you entered on the same turn, or if you're in a flat land and you move into a flat land you can have a bonus move from the flat terrain. Along with the different weapons and armor bonuses for each terrain. especially if you differentiate them by attacking and defending army, although maybe that's too complicated. things like attacking a volcano gives you -1 armor while defending a mountain gives you +1 armor and such.then letting people negate the penaltys if they have enough survival.

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Do we need an "Overheard at Gencon" thread?

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You may also think of putting in something in the order of no using miracles in reaction to something done in the same turn? but letting people reserve miracles in case certain things happens.

Stop people from doing things like oh your attacking me? Alright then I miracle away all your armies and roll across your undefended lands.
But then the reserve miracles could be usefull for doing that same sort of thing, I'm worried about all those armies marching into my territory so I'll reserve x power to smite up to x armies if they start maching on me.

More indirect defense like sinking territories into the ocean could just halt movement instead.

Also I agree with Drejk, it's less fun to saddle people with restrictions and penalties, better to just give benefits for earlier posting, helps to give people incentives to post earlier as well.

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Justin Franklin wrote:
Katina Mathieson wrote:
Gary: everything is about self control when you're trying not to kill all humans
He failed again didn't he?

Try to take it easy on him Justin, it's not easy staying on the murder wagon. er, no-murder wagon.

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Sara Marie wrote:

cort: Seriously, gaming company and not one cleric with cure disease? Everyone had to pick Ninja/Assassin. Does no one think of party mechanics?

gary: we went with the party of rogues and we're not sorry

sara marie: nah, i'm a witch

cs erik: Paladin, just a low level one.

cort: Erik, can you Lay on Hands [redacted]?

[redacted] Not without buying me dinner first

cs erik: In the words of Time Bandits

[redacted 2]: now my nose is starting to feel twitchy

cort: Erik, we’re going to need another Lay on Hands
cort: And yes, I’ll buy the freaking dinner.

All ninja/assassin? I thought everyone at paizo was a bard of some form?

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Christopher Anthony wrote:
Ashley: I don't want to give it to him, but he's going to take it anyway, and in the end I'll probably get something out of it.

Back in negotiations with Mephistopheles eh? Yeah I've been there.

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I don't think the specific terrain benefits really work in a game where all the races don't have the same biome preference. why should a race of volcano dwelling crystals have an easier time feeding themselves in a forest? Just a thought. Although having some sort of specific benefits to different biomes would lead to more terraforming as people try to get certain benefits.

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Damn, now that is METAL!

*holds up lighter*

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Sara Marie wrote:
ashley: is that your way of saying you want to be pistol whipped cosmo?

Um... Shenanigans?

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I'm fairly certain I didn't leave anything as an odd number, I remember looking at one of my settlements, I'm fairly certain it was L14, was written as 0,2,4 which I assumed was a typo meant to be 2,4,0 although maybe it should have been 0,2,0 I can't be sure, but I'm willing to leave it as it is now, GMs decision and such. and also I can't find any evidence that I put an army there either.

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Hey now there's an idea, random background.

Using dwarf chart (closest to oread I would think.)

Homeland: 1d100 ⇒ 96 Unusual...
Parents: 1d100 ⇒ 80 Only mother alive
Siblings: 1d100 ⇒ 42 1d4 siblings

#siblings: 1d4 ⇒ 1

Unusual homeland: 1d100 ⇒ 91 Tundra!

sibling age/sex: 1d100 + 1d2 ⇒ (29) + (1) = 30 Older Brother

circumstance of birth: 1d100 ⇒ 71 Adopted outside your race

parent's profession: 1d100 ⇒ 100 clerics or Cultists
adopted outside your race: 1d100 ⇒ 91 Savage humanoids (explains the low charisma)

major childhood event: 1d100 ⇒ 86 Ordinary childhood... Yeah so far it sounds pretty normal...

magus training: 1d100 ⇒ 26 Ready for anything, Less Superman more Batman, got it.

associates: 1d100 ⇒ 76 The fiend... intriguing

conflict: 1d20 + 1d20 + 1d10 ⇒ (15) + (17) + (5) = 37 Blackmailed by a gangster due to family... got it gangster threated to tell everyone I was raised by savages.
Already determined lawfull good

God: Erastil

romance: 1d20 ⇒ 2 once found love with that savage... gender self: 1d2 ⇒ 1 gender lover: 1d2 ⇒ 1 Other man.

Relation to adventurers: 1d100 ⇒ 41 Friendly competitors

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Hmmm, this looks like fun, even if all I get to do is try rolling something up.

I'm just gonna do one and roll with that.

stats: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 1, 5) = 17 16 int
stats: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 5, 6) = 15 13 con
stats: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 4, 5) = 13 12 dex
stats: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 2, 1) = 7 6 Charisman 4with racial
stats: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 5, 3) = 18 15 strength 17 with racial
stats: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 2, 5) = 14 12 wisdom 14 with racial

race: 1d36 ⇒ 24
class: 1d21 ⇒ 10
alignment: 1d6 ⇒ 1
Lawfull good

Hmmm, intesting, Rockman the fighter of crime and guardian of the people, who uses his hammer and mysticism to erode the unjust.

Don't really like to dump charisma but not much of a choice to make this effective... Sort of plays up the mild mannered alter ego thing though.

Probably take the ferrous growth and crystalline form alternate traits, as the great rockman shines with glossy metallic growths in the shape of his ancestor's mark on his chest.

And what the heck, let's say a kensai archtype.

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In the sake of fair warning, which I probably wouldn't give except for the hardships you've experienced in the past. I should mention Oh Dark Seer, that after next turn it seems there wont be any empty tiles between me and you to settle into. And given the Phorax intent to spread across the world leaving nothing else in their wake they will likely start to attack, you may want to establish some colonies in the new world as a backup.

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TPK an idea, someone donate me the rest of the points and I'll double obliterate us, all population everywhere dead, done.

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5d6 + 2 ⇒ (6, 6, 3, 1, 2) + 2 = 20

Last day for race restoration.

Other event 10pts - Restore race - Yeti
And so it came to be that as the other races scattered by the grand cataclysm began to die out all together that the Yeti returned. Too savage and primitive to have much to lose, and apparently too virulent for the desolation of their population to hold them back for long, the Yaijin eventually cover the great lower reaches once again, sending their cries of blood and fury to the clear grey sky.

Advance race - Yeti - Colossals
With the weaker members of their race wiped out after the great cataclysm the strongest left alive are able to breed the race even larger and stronger then before, and perhaps owning to the subtler changes of the world, perhaps once in a generation a Yeti is born who more then dwarfs their kin, towering like a giant over the already immense Yaijin and typically killing off their entire clan before entering into a lonely existence, wandering the high peaks and leaving great fields of bloody snow and shattered dwellings behind wherever they go.

4pts remain

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Cosmo wrote:

Liz: Cosmo: That’s for demiliches.

Liz: …which reminds me of one of my BBEGs for my PaizoCon game

Well... y'all been warned.

The problem with this is everyone will assume it's for the high level game, when actually it's for the first level game.

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A little behind,

Power: 5d6 + 1 ⇒ (3, 6, 1, 6, 6) + 1 = 23


Restore Race 10point event

The vampires, scattered and lost, their long enduring empire dashed to ruins by the cataclysm, are still a blight to the world. Too long lived and hardy to be wiped out scattered members continue to prey on the edges of the other races, gone feral after the change to the world. That is until a the great carcass of one of the elder red dragons plummets burning to the world, the first hardy enough to survive the impact and too resilient to burn up in the atmosphere, it lands in the great desert of tile 8 as a nearly intact skeleton. Here just where one of the ancient vampires could find it, and attempt to raise it in his servitude using a ritual powered by his own blood, so that it might become the tool with which to revive the vampiric empire.

But of course even so far past death the great will of the ancient red dragon was too great to be raised as some mindless servent, instead the ritual was turned against the ancient that sought to perform it, drawing out all of it's essence and raising the great skeleton as a conscious being. After killing the necromancer the great skeleton went on a killing spree in the nearby lands, feeding on the blood and flesh of it's victims and slowly restoring more and more of it's former might until a great ragged pale wurm ascended the night air of restored wings.

Of course some measly leech's life was unfitting for such a great beast and as soon as it had restored enough of it's might and mind it set out across the land, finding the greatest of the vampires and binding them to it's service by might, guile and promises of greatness, slowly reforging the great vampiric empire.

Command Race Vampires, Move to U8 Create city (3+3points)
During the rebuilding of the grand hierarchy of the vampires a band of bloodsuckers was found huddling in a shallow network of caves in the desert, at first scoffed at and called weak for their primitive existence, the impossible claims of the band of a world beneath the ground proved true, and the vampires quickly claimed this great sunless land for themselves, establishing a grand new centre of power far from the bite of the sun.

Advance city (5 points)
But of course the vampires could not abide some simple collections of hovels beneath the ground and soon began to raise great edifices and works of architecture that only their eyes could follow in that deep impenetrable dark.

Lantern Lodge

5d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 1, 1, 6) = 11

Hmm... Ok, priorities.

Restore race (10pts) - Humans
"With the great cataclysm the many disperate groups of humans suffered greatly from the actions of Ryonshen, many great civilizations and simple small communities being completely wiped free from the world or left in crippled pale shadows of their former greatness. But of course the humans were many and would not be fully wiped out even by such a great cataclysm. Those humans who remain slowly begin to build back what was lost once, coming together in a great shogunate under the Czar Yan Qing, the great hero who had helped to trick the quetzal into it's entrapment, and who's line had been gifted with great and strange powers by the gods in response."

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Right, so apocalypse.

200pts Cataclysmx20!!!!
10points destroy herald

The great Quetzal herald of Hordshyrd, long keeping it's god's mind shackled within the tainted prison of it's dark power is finally cast aside, with a great piercing cry that splits the skies of the world and makes them run red and black, casting the world in a dark new light.

The great quetzal rages for nearly a hundred years as it is torn free from the great god of scales, it's thrashing whipping it through the planes, breaking through the minds of whole cities and leaving drooling simpletons of the populous, flashing glimpses of it's limbs appear in the skies and strike down against the land leaving great rents and pits across the deserts of 14, the plains of 9, the great lakelands of 3 and shattering the converted bloodwell of 18 and letting the great mystic energy of it's waters flow endlessly into the depths. It's form also ripples through the mystic planes causing entire legions of the undead to fall slack and useless from their masters command, never to rise again, and twisting the power from the hands of the land's greatest mystics, thrusting it randomly into the hands of anyone from farmer to king, child to crone.

Finally after 78 years of struggling the great leech is finally pulled free, it's body fully manifests above the sky, eclipsing the sun and moon and letting out a shriek that's heard all the way down to the deepest oceans. It's great hollow ribs hang exposed to the air, the great wings drained of color and shedding half real feathers to the wind, it's flesh emaciated and drawn and all but removed from around it's great fangs. it dives into the rents it had born into the land, sending out tremors that rock the world and shatter cities, all the great works of the world shattered into rubble, the minds of it's peoples shattered and broken, the very nature of the mystic warped and made anew as though designed by a madman.

As it burrows through the earth it slowly winds it's way back upon itself until by the influence of great godly powers and the actions of one particularly wise and crafty human it can be tricked into biting it's own tail binding it by it's own tainted blood and unending hunger until if finally still and fades back to it's place between the worlds of might mind and magic, now called mystic in it's new changed form. It fades just past the reach of the world, like a word unremembered or a glimpse in the corner of the eye, a dream vanishing in the morning light but never quite gone and it is named Ryonshen, the Great Quetzal, the worlds waiting destruction.

In the wake of this great cataclysm the world is a changed place, all the great constructions of the previous age are left in ruin, all it's former peoples are left wasted and lost, desperate stragglers trying to cling to what was, and a great new series of caverns, almost a world unto themselves now resides within Sekai.

Only Ho'Ka'I'Do the great flying city remains in one piece, although it's people are certainly not, their psychic awareness having made them the most susceptible to the mental effects of Ryonshen, they are a broken people, hardly able to remember what they once were, beginning to turn feral and vicious even in a time when the elders can remember what once was.

Basicly have the points to do whatever I want right? So there we are, one massive cataclysm.

For the next 7 days any race can be brought back to it's previous state of existence using a 10 point other event, after that they would have to be restarted from scratch, any city will require the same, and an active race to perform the action.

In addition there is now an underworld cave system in the shape of a d8 beneath the world, labeled U1-U8, with access points at four parts of the world (new ones may be created later) at 9 U1-U4 can be accessed, at 14 U5-U8 can be accessed, at 3 all odd U spaces can be accessed and at 18 all even spaces can be accessed.

I think that's about it, I will relinquish all my remaining points and start rolling again tommarow.

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Ashley Gillaspie wrote:
Lamontius wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:


Ashley: /flail

my luck or lack of it is so well known among my friends that when I lick their dice they instantly gain my bad luck

well that and their reaction when at the end of a session I tell them I licked their dice




Liz' GMing dice have +Crit_Chance, and +Crit_Confirm. It makes PCs weep.

You call that Voodoo dice? I've played in a game with moving criticals (need 12 or less 12 is a crit, need 8 or less 8 is a crit...) and seeing someone with dice that consistently roll crits on different numbers definitely makes you consider reaching for the old torch and pitchfork.

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Sorry about my delay, long weekends can be distracting.

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Readerbreeder wrote:
Sara Marie wrote:



Well, why not? I'm always happy after a [redacted] with my [redacted].

Yeah, especially when it involves the [redacted].

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No I don't object, may want to come to an agreement to continue the armistice I had with Prexus' people for at least a couple rounds though.

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Aww, poor Umbral. My thoughts go out to you.

The doctor thing may not be the worst idea, or something else of the sort just to help break you out of that cycle a bit.

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Might I suggest Cat With Hands?

Lantern Lodge

I've been playing a multiclassed barbarian/alchemist recently, it seems to harmonize pretty well and definitely allows for your in hulk/banner concept, generally a mild mannered alchemist, in combat a roided up rage monster.

When thing your description made me think of as well is the tongues curse of the Oracle, which makes you speak in an obscure language while stressed or in combat, sort of fits the mold, especially the demon/whatever trapped inside bit. However it doesn't have much mechanically that stands up to the concept.

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265 + 5d6 ⇒ 265 + (3, 1, 6, 5, 5) = 285

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Either that or start crashing your parties or turning up on the lawn at 3:00 AM. Dude does not understand boundaries.

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Sorry for my lack of response, I've ben out of town and stuff, will attempt to make a thing at some time.

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Alright alright, just need a few more points to do my planned apocalypse.

256 + 5d6 ⇒ 256 + (1, 1, 3, 2, 2) = 265

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Lamontius wrote:
SnowJade wrote:
Lamontius wrote:

step A: acquire a date

step 2: confirm you have the correct date: the food, not a potential relationship partner, though to each their own you filthy animals
step D: stuff date with goat cheese
step 4: wrapped stuffed date in bacon
step 5: repeat with each date
step 5: bake 5 minutes
dubstep 6: rotate dates
step 7: bake 5 more minutes or until bacon is crispy
step 8: let them sit for a few minutes on a paper towel
step $: consume them like locusts falling upon a bountiful harvest
step 10: loathe yourself when you wake up from your blissful food coma

Bake at what temperature?
400 degrees if you are using actual dates, I don't know the temperature for the alternative

Do you need to vary the temperature if your date is a Tuesday rather than a Wednesday? or only by month? Do Mondays require walnuts?

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Happy easter, have to say this game doesn't seem to be going anywhere, everyone is just rolling dice...

241 + 5d6 ⇒ 241 + (1, 2, 2, 6, 4) = 256

Lantern Lodge

Aww poor umbral, rest for easter, feel better, take some hippy herbal junk that makes you feel better. If you're really stuffed up I suggest chopping onions.

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Right, maybe I should have made that more clear in my post.

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Rolling again, not quite ready to apocolize.

226 + 5d6 ⇒ 226 + (3, 5, 3, 3, 1) = 241

Lantern Lodge

I got that bit, but you also said to roll to see if the meteorite is depleted when making an army, so that's why I rolled there.

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