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Going off of the political map, it is called the "High Road Covenant".

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The onus is soundly on Goblinworks to increase interest in PvP. EE7 better bring some good combat mechanic changes. In the few mid-sized skirmishes where people have fun, they do so despite the current mechanics. All we're really left with now are a couple of sloppy mini-zerg groups and a broken capture the tower game. Convincing people who want more immersive PvP to join in that "fun" is like convincing a foodie to just give up and eat McDonalds. Many players are content to just pick some flowers until GW picks up the slack. Many more will just continue to relocate to "secure" areas (bleh) until the map falls on its end. The current state of PvP creates a negative experience for many new players coming here for an open world PvP sandbox.

That was very fun back in a Mortal Realms MUD from years ago, but you had to have the disguise (appearance), bluff (actions), and mimic (chat) skills to pull it off completely. It was awesome fun and very tough to pull off.

We coded an area with Baby Dragon pet mobs. I would sit with my L99 Assassin disguised as one in the town square and interact with players. We could dance, shake hands, high-five, all the fun emotes, but if someone did anything inappropriate the Baby Dragon would slap them. If anyone ever slapped the Baby Dragon back....instant death knife attack! I'd hand the stolen loot over to their friend and ask them what they learned.

Don't slap the Baby Dragon.

So much fun. But too much abuse nowadays...and bread was a nickel back then.

I would like to see a lot of Bluff v Perception in game though: Getting past Thornguards, Opening otherwise closed off Training and Crafting. Walking through the bandit escalations like one of the group. All sorts of things.

Disguise sounds awesome, but I would add it as its own feat, maybe add a kit, and randomize the name. Pay no attention to little old Bobblydown MacFoogle, certainly not here to kill the keep warden...certainly not that.

I think Giorgo nails it with concierge. Sadly, many have never experienced the true art of this profession. A person working in a hotel with this position would be referred to as a Hotel Concierge. E tutto bene, Giorgo. Ti capisco.

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Those are all the details that I'll share.

Snitches, stitches, fishes, and all that.

It was a policy issue question more than anything. I do know the Golarian mumble is open to all. This was in reference to players specifically in the PFU "room" within the Golarion mumble.

I would count the PFU "room" as a PFU asset. As hexes are really only assets, I would suggest considering a change to the wording to "one RULE NOT REQUEST: The University assets may not be used for ‘staging’ a war or otherwise for non-University organized PVP purposes".

Again, I have no issue with the PvP actions themselves. Had the player(s) simply changed rooms before going out to PvP, it would not have reflected on PFU as a whole. Members or not, since we have no way of finding out affiliations, presence within the PFU room (scheduled Fireside chats aside) infers PFU affiliation.

Since this may be used by third parties to besmirch the neutral reputation which PFU is striving for, and that it could endanger your students throughout the realm, I would simply suggest a change of wording and a rebroadcast of your one rule.

I'll not request, nor would I support, any retroactive punitive actions undertaken by PFU, as there was no break with advertised policy. I would suggest, as a matter of policy moving forward, members or non-members abusing the "one rule" have their permissions for the PFU Golarion mumble "room" put on hold (if indeed that is an option) after whatever warnings PFU administration deems fit.

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PFU policy question here -

Does PFU allow members to use the PFU specific mumble room when they are PvPing outside of RiverBank?

I have no issue with the PvP, but when someone sidles up next to me and I see their name in the PFU room mumble, I continue solo-fighting the escalation. Lesson learned.

If the PFU room is being used to wage PvP, should we just begin to KOS anyone in that room who is outside of the University claimed hexes? Or will you add a "don't PvP while in the PFU mumble room" policy?

I do realize that, due to the open nature of PFU, not all people using PFU services are members. But people can't go walking around in PFU's letterman jacket engaging in PvP and not have it reflect on the University as a whole. Just a little PR tip for you.


Gah! Ninja-d by Ryan?!? Don't you have work to do? :P

Nope. Ryan mentioned a number of reasons (that I don't recall) why they won't. The etherial glow might be changed one day, but not to a corpse.

Similar to how devs reply about perceived "dry spells" in loot drops, I think the attrition and no-show rate seems larger in the NW due to clustering. A handful of people or groups who "won" in the land rush decided to not play (for a variety of reasons). Despite this being just as bad as other game-killing behavior, it was never addressed by GW in a positive manner. Small groups of players devoted to the future of the area stuck with the leaders who did decide to show up and they are showing signs of growth (albeit, not as much as higher population areas).

A special thank-you shout out to AZ, who accepted the mantle in Talonguard, lest it be yet another overgrown foundation of a settlement.

The bigger question is, will GW release mechanics to help combat this player-created issue soon enough to?

I agree that removal of in-settlement smallholds should only be by burning them down or smoking them out. That's the price to be paid for releasing things without full support of mechanics. However, as permissions evolve, I think it's perfectly reasonable for a settlement to not allow someone to build something within that hex (but this must be done in a timely manner; I'd suggest one hour, the same as the cooldown period). If no one from settlement leadership is around enough, then there's no real argument for them being able to stop the build.

Six emails to Terra Firma leadership (in between down sessions of their website) about holding banners or running things but they give it up to GW "and this is how I find out - You tell me?!?"

(extra points for guessing the movie)

I can only think of the caution against using titles in The Dirty Dozen (TM7 might be a stretch guess also) as far as Charles Bronson is concerned. I'd really recommend, to anyone who isn't familiar, checking out all of the amazing movies this actor has been in.

Sorry for the interruption. Carry on. I have some popcorn to pop anyway.

Edit - I hat this little zagg keyboard. GRRRR Hate, I mean.

Seems to have moved soundly to a seller's market, but I'm not sure of the going rate.

Beware, scammers are about.

Is this the part where I'm supposed to secretly give you weapons?

I think we're on other sides of the world, but give a shout if you see me. Have fun on your walkabout.

Now...adopting the Parley term as a means of hopefully avoiding SAD, that's a worthy social-forging fix chock-full of etiquette. I say you go for it. ;)

I hear you Cheatle, it's a good idea. I'm just not sure if we could social-forge something properly when there is a fix so soon in the queue. Also, it opens up a lot of very valid "word warfare" opportunities for all parties involved.

I think copying Kadere's ignoring it all is the best solution (and certainly the best non-warfare tactic).

The rule is that there are no rules (unless handed down by GW), said the chaotic little halfling. :)

However, there's nothing stopping kings, dictators, and other select leader-types from handing down edicts to their own people.

Seems Tester Prime, after conferring with a Lee(?), admitted many "spam" issues were unintended consequences and that Global will be fixed. I can't remember the detail, but the comments were made in Global when a lot of players were on. Maybe one of them remembers the details in more...detail.

Blarg. That just sucks. I'm sorry that happened and I don't think GW can do anything about it. Also, they have a hands off policy as far as any player to player transactions go that do not violate the game's TOS.

This advice is too late to help you, but may help others in the future.

Wait until the cash is in hand!

Never give out your Password and account information. Never, never, never. Never (until the cash is in hand).

The risk should lie with the purchaser and the purchaser alone.

Use a verified transaction service (Paypal or other trusted site) that has an integrated fraud reporting system.

In the event of a bad transaction, do not be shy about contacting your CC or bank about reversing/freezing the charges.

I have purchased [redacted] accounts, and there is always a little bit of nervousness in the time between making the payment and getting the account information, but any reputable purchaser will be willing to go through a trusted transaction system and pay before receiving any account information.

Again, I'm very, very sorry this happened to you.

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Wednesday night? I was a poachin' and a slow walkin'

Not my fault though, I gots these tiny, tiny legs...

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Well...just be sure to pay more attention in Martch.

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As a TT player and GM for almost 30 years, this thread (and others like it) really make me appreciate the GMs and players that I've played with throughout the years. The idea that PvP, character death, and risk of loss are foreign concepts to TT players completely baffles me. I actually take a little bit of offense at the generalization.

If you have stomped/floated through The Temple of Elemental Evil, Dragon Mountain, The Temple of Madness, Baba Yaga's Hut and other such adventures without getting crushed at every turn...your GM is using the easy button (and certainly not preparing you for properly played monsters/encounters, a.k.a. other people). Might as well just divvy up the loot tables, save the module spines some wear, go home early and play some Skyrim (not that there's anything wrong with that). ;)

Just, please, stop placing the blame on TT.

I've seen PvP happen once. Once since Alpha 8. One time...and I died. It saddens me, but it's self-imposed. Oh, but when the ping goes from 650 to a more reasonable speed (still a couple of months away) I know where to travel to.

Mourn, I would really suggest travelling to a different area of the map and giving it another try.

Now, that kill-loop sounds like it could be a mob spawn issue. Those are horrible. Stealth and run, or just a lucky run, maybe asking someone to meet you, those seem to be the best solutions. I believe the mobs near resurrection shrines is something they are working on.

I'll just accept my prize now

I would love to eventually be able to add a small list of characters with permission to use the Smallholding, allowing DTs, alts, or people logged in at different times to access it. I could see a limit of six or ten characters even (how many people would you really want living in your house anyway?). Setting vault permissions would be nice too. You know, down the road and all that.

I do agree that there's not much advantage in placing it in a settlement right now, and I think a separate vault with access to the settlement vault would be much better. I think limiting vault share within the ring road is fine. All that said, I know where I'm putting mine. I'll bake some cookies, c'mon over and say hello.

Especially those Halflings, they'll smoke you out very quickly.

@Neadenil - Nope, just out in the woods. The circles I mentioned running around in, that's just how I run. Got this one short leg...

Loud and clear Vhane'Sylvan. Kill the fake Nihimons. I got ya. ;)

I saw a Nihimon gathering the other day. I jumped, and waved, and ran in circles...all my normal stuff...but didn't even get a hello.

Edit - After a snark hello or two from some "Alphas" I figured something was up (and seriously people, Chaotic Snarky is _my_ job). It wasn't until a necro post from Hobs the Short came up that I figured out what the snark was about. Proper Halflings would never quibble over such a thing (it's always some elf...). I seriously doubt he is part of the Fiffledown clan, but we could be long lost cousins.

Shwag and free stuff. Oh, and bags...geeks love bags. And did I hear something about a lime green bag? Did I miss a lime green bag?!? Arglebargle!!!

In my past life with [REDACTED], we were required (distribution contracts) to have a presence at nearly every tech/computer/security event in the nation...good times. I agree with a number of the above suggestions for panel discussion ideas, and in general GW has more than enough teaser topics that should be crowd pleasers. But I cannot overstate the importance of shwag and branding at events like this (edit: more redaction, heh). Even being the part-time presentation person, I gladly yield the floor to shwag.

The power of shwag. *a la "The more you know" star*

So far, GW seems to be very forward about the intent that anything physical you can purchase will have an in-game crafted equivalent, or at least that purchasing things shouldn't give any characters an unfair advantage. The only advantage, that I have heard of, that the purchased items have is that they will be re-deployable after being destroyed (as those mechanics are added)(and exempting the tavern and maybe other stuff from actual destruction...if I remember correctly).

I like to imagine my characters as a little group (or adventuring party if you like). I certainly can't play more than one at time, but in the story in my head they interact a bit. Allowing them to trade or "interact" with each other makes sense to me. Making it easier (or even just possible for some) should actually give us more time to interact with the other real people out there.

I wonder if trading between characters, beyond the company level, will be implemented with the Smallholds (and whatever player-crafted equivalents eventually happen). Even at my modest level, it takes a good half hour clean-up session to get everything where it has to be between characters. Some of that is just a slow connection issue, but sheesh...

I do agree with the RP aspect that Yrme mentioned, but that does come down to the individual player style.

I think there are enough extra towers and neutral-ish zones that each major region could pick a tower hex to leave unclaimed for a little 24hr PvP "arena". You could think of it as a realm training grounds. Keep doing all of the other PvP stuff you want to do, but a little place where anyone could go and practice up would be nice.

@ Ravenlute - Nope, that's just telling it straight. ;)

My Fighter 'Ciuco Sfrenato' was named as a play on my poker moniker. However, because of multiple options of translation, I'm on the list of name changes when that comes about.

*game show waaaa waaaa sound*

I actually got the name from a two year adventure trying to photograph wild donkeys on the Big Island of Hawaii. Their herds were all rounded up some years ago and sent to California. They have become pretty scarce now and I went a little crazy in my search.

Better to double check that 31st date. I had thought he recently said that Friday was the last day (can't quite remember, but it's definitely worth checking on).

If so, I would gladly place a hold bid for Friday at $20. ;)

Edit - Nope, sorry, I just confused a comment on the GW thread. carry on.

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From what I've gleaned from the forums so far, there is no plan to reverse the synergy removed by the Distressed/Flat-footed change (and I'm sad about it too). With that in mind, the initial combat flat-footed state cannot come into effect soon enough. It is the promised fix, but nothing more than that at the moment.

As far as Stealth goes, I would love to see a little bit of a stealth speed boost as you go up in levels. I'm fine with not being able to attack from stealth, but the single low gear makes it tough to use even tactically (aside from gathering v PvE, sitting in one spot guarding/ambushing, or attacking afk).

I've always secretly loved aquarium grass.

Oh yeah, been hoping the Aussies would show up.

OOOOOO! Unless it's just a clever ruse, pulling us way out to starter settlements and distracting us all from a massive land grab back home.

Well played, AnonCarebear. Well played indeed.

Now, I assume we'll be required to also use Help Chat for communicating about this. I mean, Help chat is for helping, right?

While I'm a fan of most shenanigans, this seems exploitative and at the expense of new players. Donkey or myself should be close enough to some of the NW-ish starters to help if need be. Give a shout.

Also - It seems the thread has almost switched to lay the blame (of the mentioned plan) on a particular group after only the mention of their name. I don't see any actual evidence to point in any particular direction yet (unless I am not privy to certain details). Just wanted to point that out going forward here.

Edit - I don't believe this is some sort of banworthy griefing or anything. Open sandbox and GW knows about this particular issue. However, as a player I can get behind some in-game consequences for behavior like this.

Lesser Cure is always slotted and has saved my skin many times during a retreat (I don't always run away in time...surprise). I'll pop a Lesser Striking token for my second bow shot on a stronger mob. I still use way too much flailsauce in combat, so I can't see working them in mid-battle, but right before and after seem to work well for me.

I'm not sure if using them mid-battle makes sense for me right now as far a damage/stamina trade goes. The T2 ones might just change that though.

Ah, DAoC, such fun. I didn't know it was still around. Played pretty had core through 2004, then stuff happened. Great battles, and oh the tower wars (so many warnings for "terrain manipulation", so many warnings). I've been wondering for a bit now, Saiph, you weren't a hib or mid on Lancelot were you?

Thanks for the offer, Gale, but no thank you. I'm really not a fan of kill logging or reports. However, I do wish you luck with your project.

I may not use the reports, but I'm sure I'll be there in spirit (or name at least).

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I was sitting at the bank, finishing up a material transfer with a refiner from a separate account. Two dots approached from the south on the minimap. I recognized the names from the forums, finished up the trade, and jumped up and down in excited hellos. It was then that I heard the arrows...or something.

Yay! Battle! J'aime la geurre!!! (all OSS 117 like)

...but I was on my refiner with two clients open... Flustered, I get both of my characters cut down quickly. At the rez shrine I log out the refiner, go into stealth, and start hunting down the pair.

I catch up with one of them and hop out of stealth at him. My god...targeting is really not easy in PvP (I think he eventually stood still for a sec so I could get a lock). I get cut down a second time, but I think I did pretty darn well for my first PvP encounter.

All in all, it was a great time had by all. We talked politely in the hex chat for a while. I got some pointers on strategy. We said goodbye and they continued north. Of course, two minutes later there were about eight more people in town...

I put myself in a precarious position and had some bad timing with some "baddies" running through town. I paid the price. It was awesome fun. The only thing that would have been more awesome is if they had been on my trail for the last half hour...for retribution. I may have just been retuning from a shiny metallic bits poaching session across the map. Losing 25% of said shiny bits right at the vault would have been very karmic.

Great fun! just thought I'd share my experience with all the griefing/PvP talk lately.

Mayhaps, the Talonguard claiming of taken TF towers happened during Azure's beginning as the new leader of Talonguard. I noticed in another thread that Azure was not make aware of all of the agreements (the NAP) that the previous owner was party to, but is now up to date and in agreement with all that crazy stuff. Again, I'm not party to any of this, just gleaning forum info because I don't think anything intentionally aggressive happened here.

Edit: I actually may know a DT crafter in Talonguard, so I could be considered as having an interest. But we're so far away from towers making a difference in crafting level that I didn't take that into account. But a relatively apolitical player, that's what I see.

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If I can walk up to a tower and take it while napping, I should be able to have that tower. I agree with Midnight that it is the owner's responsibility to defend their towers without NPC muscle. I imagine AFK capping will self correct as the population grows (and as settlements actually need the towers).

One NPC tower (or certain POI) solution that I would love to (eventually) see would be a "Signaler". A NPC inside the tower that would light the tower's signal flame when it was under attack. This could prompt a message to be delivered to settlement leadership, or company leadership, whatever. Maybe you limit this to 2 hexes distance from the settlement, or leap down a line of towers with a delay.

I had thought Talonguard recovered TF towers (which were taken by an un affiliated company) as per NAPpy people's suggestion. I'm not Involved in any of that though.

I saw the comment about activity in Terra Firma also, but I think that poster might have misinterpreted the activity there. Checking in daily on the TF website and multiple times per day in settlement hasn't dusted up any official activity yet.

I believe Talonguard re-captured some TF towers taken by an independent company. Also, I think another independent company recently took a TF tower or two (I think they have also now been accepted to a settlement, after the tower take).

If that last bit turns into some NAPpy drama thread, please just burn this message instead. Just trying to help update the scene.

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I would add my vote for returning a Global Chat (and removing it again when it actually gets too busy and/or better in-game communication is set up).

Those of us not affiliated with the couple of large groups using 3rd party communication solutions are playing in a very, very quiet (too quiet) game world. We use Help Chat as global anyway (80% of which still soundly falls into the Help category). In the non-GM-policed hours, it actually feels like a larger community again.

When it gets too busy in chat channels, the players will let you know. When I see more than the same 4 players (and 6 alts) in my 30 hex roaming area, maybe Hex and Local will work for area communication. By then, though, I would expect the chat system will have had a total re-work anyway.

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Squeaky wheel gets the grief!

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