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The discussion thread about the new Blog "Your friend the Token" is here.

Very nice blog about those lesser tokens we find so often as loot.

Blog is here, props to Giorgo who pointed this out in another thread.

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I surely will take some tokens out of my vault and slot them after this blog. Still keeping the better tokens - but want to get some more experience with the lesser ones.

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It's interesting, but at the moment I find the fact that there are only 2 slots for tokens frustrating. I currently slot Lesser Token of Curing in both slots because when it gets to the point that I need 50hp it's too late to think "Do I click 9 or do I click 0", so I just mash both buttons.

I have hundreds, if not thousands of tokens stashed in various banks. Maybe I will grab a few Lesser Tokens of Striking and see if it gets me to the point of not needing the curing tokens so often. Maybe I'll slot Lesser Token of Freedom when I am doing a run from one town to another to get away from those pesky shaman freezes.

The blog doesn't mention that for the Greater Tokens you need 1 stat at 11 (generally Con).

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I'm guessing Lesser Token of Striking will also increase the likelihood of critting with my bow, so getting more of my critical effects proccing to. Those Louts won't know what hit them!

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If you find you like the effects of the Striking token, consider adding the True Strike wizard utility to your hotbar.

Lesser Cure is always slotted and has saved my skin many times during a retreat (I don't always run away in time...surprise). I'll pop a Lesser Striking token for my second bow shot on a stronger mob. I still use way too much flailsauce in combat, so I can't see working them in mid-battle, but right before and after seem to work well for me.

I'm not sure if using them mid-battle makes sense for me right now as far a damage/stamina trade goes. The T2 ones might just change that though.

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Where can we see the stat requirements for the greater tokens? All the useful ones I picked up in alpha had a requirement of 11 Con, so were in fact useless to me.

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Mouseover the token in inventory. Con 11 is still typical.

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