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will we see GM/Player incentive boons like the original BB?

The BB Promo weekend boon got me into Pathfinder

Agreed. The "cutting room floor" material was awesome.

My point being: if I own a physical copy of the CRB, there's not a compelling reason (aside from the advantages of a digital version) of buying the PDF just yet.

Is there currently (as of Jan 08, 2019) any substantive difference--or any difference at all--between the contents of the 1st edition hard copy book and the most current version of the PDF?

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CrystalSeas wrote:

There weren't any new rules in the Beginner Box. They simply streamlined the learning by removing some of the old ones.

It was an awesome intro; I hope Starfinder gets something similar.

Absolutely, 1,000% agreed. Keep it simple. Keep it direct. Make it for kids, but in such a way that adults can use it.

Sorry, guys.

A personal financial issue has come up and I need to cancel all my current and pending subscriptions until further notice.

I hate to do it, but it's better than having a declined credit card each month.

Thank you,

David Jenks

In the sidecart would be better, to help spread out the cost.

Please, and thank you!

Hi, Awesome Customer Service!

In Order 3355422, the Pathfinder RPG: Monster Codex was included. When I added the Pathfinder RPG subscription a few days ago, I was pretty sure I chose to skip that book and have the subscription start with the Pathfinder Unchained book.

Could I have the Monster Codex removed from my order?

Thank you. Once it's gone I'll resubmit my payment and everything will be good once again in the world.


David Jenks


I'd like to cancel my Pathfinder Player Companion subscription, starting with this month's Ranged Tactics Toolbox, please and thank you!

- David

Sorry for the lameness of my credit card....(well, actually, its owner).

Things are 100% back to where they need to be, and if you could process this order I'd appreciate it.

The sooner, the better for all of us!!!

Thank you!

I'd like to cancel a couple of subscriptions:

Pathfinder Campaign Setting (beginning with Ships of the Inner Sea)

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (beginning with Monster Codex)

Thank you!

- David Jenks

Hi, guys.

I re-submitted payment for this on Friday but I'm guessing it takes a bit of time for that to get processed.

Either way, wanted to let you know you can pull the trigger on payment any time, and thank you.

- David


I'd like to cancel my subscriptions to the Pathfinder Campaign Setting (starting with Undead Unleashed) and the Role Playing Game (starting with the Monster Codex).

Please and thank you.

Customer service is, as always, amazing!


David Jenks


I'm not sure if my payment is "in process" (I used the 'try this payment method again' option well over 16 hours ago with no confirmation) but please feel free to try my credit card again for this pending order if it isn't.

Funds are available!

Thank you,

David Jenks

Sharaya wrote:

Click on "Step 2 - Shipping"

Click the button that says "Change Shipping Details"
This should should bring you to a page the will display all available shipping options and methods for the order at the time is it being placed, one of which should be "Sidecart It."

VERY sorry! I actually didn't see that, but now I know, and I'll be sure to use it from now on if I need to!

Thank you, and--as always--Customer Service rocks on toast!

Is it possible to put this order into a sidecart and add it to my next normal shipment?

Tim, do you have a suggested "order" to run them in? I noticed that some of them give level ranges (2nd-3rd level, etc) but some don't.

The Shadow Daggers.

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* throws wallet with credit card and a wad of cash at screen *

Just.....just TAKE it. Take ALL my money.

So you're saying YES, you 100% guarantee that if I order the PF core book from Paizo right now I'll be receiving the 6th edition printing....correct?

If I order a physical copy of the Core book directly from Paizo, is there any way I can be guaranteed I'll get a copy of the LATEST edition (the sixth printing)?

Thank you!


I'd like to cancel my subscription to the PF Campaign Setting and Player Companion. I'll re-subscribe next month.



Sean K Reynolds wrote:
I'm sure this is an oversight (as in, the tech team wasn't informed that there's errata in the books and the PDFs should be updated). I'll talk to them about it. :)

Thank you, Sean. Much appreciated!

Kradlum wrote:
Some of the errata are in the downloadable Player Pack and GM Kit, but it would be handy to have them in 1 downloadable document.

My point is that they'd be handy to have IN the PDF of the product.

Hey, thank you for the quick response! (Even though it's not exactly the answer I wanted).


In this thread, there's a fair amount of errata spotted and S K Reynolds has indicated they'd get updated in future printings of the BB.

Does the PDF include most/all of the corrections?

What happens to all the sidecart items I had? Do they 'come back' when I restart a subscription, or have I just vaporized all of them?


I'd like to cancel my subscription. I'll re-join after the December module has passed.

Thank you,


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Erik Keith wrote:

I have removed the 6 requested items from your sidecart as requested and cancelled your Pathfinder Campaign Setting subscription. Let me know if I can be of further service!

- Erik Keith

Thank you, Erik. Customer Service is ALWAYS there for us, and we appreciate YOU FOLKS for it.

I apparently forgot that I also bought Dark Markets: Guide to Katapesh and the PF Chronicles Gazetteer. If they could also be removed, that'd be terrific.


I'd like to remove the following items from my sidecart, as I bought them during the Golem Sale:

Pathfinder Companion: Osirion, Land of Pharaohs (OGL) Print Edition
Pathfinder Companion: Taldor, Echoes of Glory (OGL) Print Edition
Pathfinder Companion: Qadira, Gateway to the East (PFRPG) Print Edition
Pathfinder Companion: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty (PFRPG) Print Edition

Can they be removed now, or do I need to wait until an order is generated to do so?

Also, I'd like to cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, so that I do NOT receive the Inner Sea NPC Codex.

Thank you,


It's showing under the My Subscriptions page, as pending. ("Pending" partially because I need a bit of time to get money in my account.)

** EDIT **

Received the email with corrected prices, etc. Thank you very much for your help!

I'm not exactly sure how these slipped by, but they're not supposed to be included in my order:

1x Pathfinder Companion: Osirion, Land of Pharaohs (OGL) Print Edition
1x Pathfinder Companion: Taldor, Echoes of Glory (OGL) Print Edition
1x Pathfinder Companion: Qadira, Gateway to the East (PFRPG) Print Edition
1x Pathfinder Companion: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty (PFRPG) Print Edition

Likely something dumb that I did, but I thought I got them yanked out of my cart before the order was generated.



I'd like to slide ALL of the Sidecart items of this order into my next subscription (thus keeping just the Bestiary and Towns of the Inner Sea for this order).

Thank you!

- David


I'd like to cancel my Pathfinder Player Companion subscription please.

Thank you!

- David Jenks

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It's going to be a long, painful year for my wallet with both Mummy and Iron Gods coming out....

But I will, without hesitation, be subscribing to both APs. (I have no fear of mixing my SF with my F.) :)

The wait begins........... :(

I'd like to cancel all 4 items in sidecart Order #2744343:

1 x Pathfinder Companion: Osirion, Land of Pharaohs

1 x Pathfinder Companion: Taldor, Echoes of Glory

1 x Pathfinder Companion: Qadira, Gateway to the East

1 x Pathfinder Companion: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty

I'd also like to cancel my Pathfinder Player Companion subscription.

Thank you,

David Jenks

I'd like to put the contents of sidecart Order #2744343 into NEXT month's subscription (October, rather than September), if I could.

Please and thank you.

- David

Cool--thank you for the help!


I'd like to put the contents of sidecart Order #2744343 into NEXT month's subscription (October, rather than September).

Is that possible? Do you need me to do anything to complete that?

How can I help you help me? :)

Thank you for your advice and help,


Justin Riddler wrote:
I have canceled your subscription and you should be receiving a confirmation email shortly.

Thank you, Justin! Customer Service is awesome, as always! :)

Please cancel my Adventure Path and Campaign Setting subscriptions.

(In other words, please do not send the following two items:
1x Pathfinder Adventure Path #73: The Worldwound Incursion
1x Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Demons Revisited.)

Any other August sidecart or subscription item can be sent as usual.

Thank you!


Sara Marie, you rule.

I'd kiss you, but I'm hideously deformed. (See what I did there?)


OK, so I love my new Core Book WAR cover t-shirt....except that, even at XL, it's a bit tight in some unflattering places. And yes, I have a few extra pounds, but most normal XLs fit me pretty well. (It's tight under the armpits, for example, which is not a place I typically have "tighness issues".)

1) I feel strongly that you should have a disclaimer / warning / note on the product's page indicating that the Ts run a little on the smallish side. I would have ordered an XXL right from jump if I'd known these were going to be QUITE this snug.

2) Can I replace my unworn, still-has-that-just-printed-smell-fresh T for the next size bigger?



Customer Service is terrific. THANK YOU.

:: about 30 seconds later ::

Never mind, I just received an email with the corrected order!

Thanks again!!

Well, that didn't work out quite the way we expected..! :D

I still have Dragons Unleashed in my order.

Any chance I could have that corrected?

Thank you, Sara Marie. Customer Service--every one of you--deserves cookies. With milk, if you'd like. :)

Hi, Customer Service.

It appears that Campaign Setting: Castles of the Inner Sea is going to ship at the same time as Campaign Setting: Dragons Unleashed.

I only want Castles, NOT Dragons.

What's the easiest way to drop Dragons? Cancel the subscription and then add Castles as a separate (side cart) order?

Thanks for your help!

- David

Sara Marie wrote:
contact customer service

Customer Service rules. :)

Never mind....I just got the heads-up email and they just yoinked an obnoxious pile of money out of my bank account.

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