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I have been making 'One Page Adventures' using Dyson Logos's fantastic dungeon maps for use with the PFBB.

My latest is a Lvl 2-3 adventure called the Lair of the Serpent Lord.

My other adventures include:

The Mines of Kazak Kuln
The Tomb of the Sorcerer King
The Tomb of Pellen Tor
Black Fang's Demise

I also made an adventure for Ruins of Raven's Watch.

PM me your email if you want a PDF Copy.

For more of Dyson's awesome maps, visit

Love the ones you put together so far, Tim. I'm down for regular updates! Thanks for your great work!

Way to go. Why don't you put them up for download for example on

Also do you know the one page dungeon contest?

Thanks for the kind words. Dyson Logos does amazing work with his maps. I know about the one page dungeon contest. I may enter when I get a chance.

I'll post updates soon.

The PM is away FT. Thanks for your consideration!

Amazing stuff Man of Fire! Thanks again.

Yes, those little adventures were amazing! You did some great job, mate.
With a bit of work eveyrone can create a full scale campaign for levels 1 to 5 with this stuff.

Thanks for sharing your job!

I'm glad you like them. :)

Awesome adventures! Much higher quality than I expected. Perfect for writing a 5-level campaign with and I believe they all fit in the beginner box map (blank side)

Tim, do you have a suggested "order" to run them in? I noticed that some of them give level ranges (2nd-3rd level, etc) but some don't.

The only one that doesn't have a range level is the Ruins of Raven's Watch is can be played as a follow up to Black Fang's dungeon.

The rest are in no order of play, with maybe the exception of maybe Black Fang's Demise which you could use as a conclusion to your quest to slay Black Fang.

Tim id like the adventures but can't figure out how to pm you lol.

Sovereign Court

The OP has not posted on the forums since November 2014.

I have sent a PM but do not expect a reply.

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