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I'd like to put the contents of sidecart Order #2744343 into NEXT month's subscription (October, rather than September).

Is that possible? Do you need me to do anything to complete that?

How can I help you help me? :)

Thank you for your advice and help,


Dark Archive Customer Service Representative

Hello David,

Our system automatically generates subscription orders and empties sidecarts once each month. We do not have a tool to prevent items in your sidecart from spawning into your subscription order.

There are two work-arounds to this however. First, we could cancel the items from your sidecart and you can reorder them once your September subscription has been generated. Or after your September subscription order is generated, you can contact us to put these items back into your sidecart. Just let us know what you would prefer.

~Justin Riddler
Customer Service

Cool--thank you for the help!

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