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OK, so I love my new Core Book WAR cover t-shirt....except that, even at XL, it's a bit tight in some unflattering places. And yes, I have a few extra pounds, but most normal XLs fit me pretty well. (It's tight under the armpits, for example, which is not a place I typically have "tighness issues".)

1) I feel strongly that you should have a disclaimer / warning / note on the product's page indicating that the Ts run a little on the smallish side. I would have ordered an XXL right from jump if I'd known these were going to be QUITE this snug.

2) Can I replace my unworn, still-has-that-just-printed-smell-fresh T for the next size bigger?



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If it has not been washed or worn and is still in mint condition, you can send it back and we can exchange it for a different size or refund you for the shirt. Please include the order number, reason for return (ie: doesn't fit) and if you want to exchange it for a new size or if you want a refund (payment method or store credit). You are responsible for additional shipping charges. As a subscriber, if you would like to ship it with the next subscription shipment, just let us know. Well send you an email when we are processing your return.

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Sara Marie, you rule.

I'd kiss you, but I'm hideously deformed. (See what I did there?)


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