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Hi, Awesome Customer Service!

In Order 3355422, the Pathfinder RPG: Monster Codex was included. When I added the Pathfinder RPG subscription a few days ago, I was pretty sure I chose to skip that book and have the subscription start with the Pathfinder Unchained book.

Could I have the Monster Codex removed from my order?

Thank you. Once it's gone I'll resubmit my payment and everything will be good once again in the world.


David Jenks

Paizo Employee Customer Service Dire Care Bear Manager

I've taken Monster Codex out so you are now starting with Unchained (in your sidecart). I noticed PZO3044 Pathfinder Cards: Rules Reference Flash Cards Double Deck were in their own order 3259444 would you like me to put them with order 3355422?

In the sidecart would be better, to help spread out the cost.

Please, and thank you!

Paizo Employee Customer Service Dire Care Bear Manager

They are now in the sidecart and should ship with December's subscription shipment.

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