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CrystalSeas wrote:

There weren't any new rules in the Beginner Box. They simply streamlined the learning by removing some of the old ones.

It was an awesome intro; I hope Starfinder gets something similar.

Absolutely, 1,000% agreed. Keep it simple. Keep it direct. Make it for kids, but in such a way that adults can use it.

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* throws wallet with credit card and a wad of cash at screen *

Just.....just TAKE it. Take ALL my money.

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Erik Keith wrote:

I have removed the 6 requested items from your sidecart as requested and cancelled your Pathfinder Campaign Setting subscription. Let me know if I can be of further service!

- Erik Keith

Thank you, Erik. Customer Service is ALWAYS there for us, and we appreciate YOU FOLKS for it.

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It's going to be a long, painful year for my wallet with both Mummy and Iron Gods coming out....

But I will, without hesitation, be subscribing to both APs. (I have no fear of mixing my SF with my F.) :)

The wait begins........... :(

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AinvarG wrote:
It will be hard to turn down.

It will be impossible to turn down (for me).

If you do a Kickstarter for it (which I VERY MUCH hope you do), it'll go from "impossible to turn down" to "you may end up with a mildly creepy nerd stalker munching Doritos and staring at you in the dark as you sleep."

:: munch munch ::

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Jason Bulmahn wrote:

It is a bit wibbly wobbly, timey wimey, spacey wacey...

Thats all I'm saying.



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Untimately wrote:

I am thinking of using The Lost City of Barakus, a sandbox-style module from Necromancer Games explicitly designed for levels 1 - 5. It seems like a perfect fit for the Beginner Box! It includes a starting city (along with some city adventures), some wilderness encounters, and a medium sized dungeon. It's out of print physically, but available in PDF on RPGNow (and physically on the secondary market).

I have to agree with you. Spread the Barakus love!

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BenS wrote:

If I could cast Wish or Miracle, I would like to see this product as a springboard for an AP set in an earlier (more "mythic") time period of Golarion. Come to think of it, this could also be a great way to satisfy the itch of those who want epic/mythic adventures. Put it far back enough that it wouldn't interfere w/ modern continuity and/or hesitation at having high-level material in today's Golarion.

Or just a "regular" AP (starting at level 1), but set in the mythic past in one of these great kingdoms of old...that would be epic in and of itself.

Agreed--that would be a nifty 'setting within a setting'.