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Silver Crusade

Thanks for your responses guys.

We are pretty much using the PFS rules for what is available for character creation so some of the stuff, like Blood Havoc and Flumefire rage, will not be available.

I have not used the variant multiclass rules yet, I may need to ask the GM if that is an option. It may be worth exploring.

I was toying around with the character over the weekend and with a dip into Oracle and the Crossblooded archetype it did not even have a 3rd level spell known by 7th level. I could use those 3rd level slots to cast lower level spells but it seems like it would be pretty damn boring to play. Especially if fighting enemies with fire resistance/immunities.

Silver Crusade

Hello valued brains trust.

A couple months ago I was reading a post about a healer type build using the Sorcerer Phoenix bloodline multiclassed with Oracle. I am interested in making a character similar to this but cannot really seem to make one I think is ... worthwhile.

The usual popular methods to increase fire damage were used coupled with feats to increase healing like Fey Foundling and Fast Healer.

I know in the post I read the build seemed quite effective, but I cannot seem to find the post I was reading. The oracle level/levels were to gain access to life link I think.

Anyway, has anyone built a character like this before? Was it fun to play?

I am thinking of skipping Oracle completely, half-orc for the +1/2 damage to fire spell favored class bonus and potentially orc bloodline crossblooded archetype.

Silver Crusade

There is this ability:
2: Destructive Spell (Su) By calling on the rage of the Rough Beast, you gain the ability to deal terrific damage with your spells. You can use this ability when casting a spell that deals hit point damage and has a casting time of 1 standard action or less. You can choose to cast the spell as a full-round action to gain a +4 bonus to its save DC. In addition, you treat all 1s rolled on your damage dice for the spell as 2s instead.

It is the second evangalist boon for a follower of Rovagug.

Silver Crusade

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Hello everyone,
I am thinking of running some games for a few friends and I have been looking around for something that sounds fun. Age of worms sounds fun. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a copy? I will be running it within the Pathfinder system and I am sure I can handle converting stuff just fine but I cannot seem to find the document anywhere.

Silver Crusade

That is just ..... really weird.

Silver Crusade

Plus the heal spell heals a variable amount of HP. It varies by caster level. 10 HP per caster level.

Silver Crusade

Here is the ability. I would hide it in a spoiler button thing but it seems the How to format text button is broken?? and I do not know how.

Call Celestial Ally (Sp): At 8th level, a sacred servant can call upon her deity for aid, in the form of a powerful servant. This allows the sacred servant to cast lesser planar ally once per week as a spell-like ability without having to pay the material component cost or the servant (for reasonable tasks). At 12th level, this improves to planar ally and at 16th level, this improves to greater planar ally. The sacred servant’s caster level for this effect is equal to her paladin level. This ability replaces aura of resolve.

Anyway, my issue with this is as a Paladin the creatures that would be called would mostly be Lawful Good?? So just archons? What creatures are worth summoning? I do not have any of the monster books. Specifically the 12th level version that does up to 12 HD (as per Planar Ally). There seems to be a lot of more evil creatures in the range but looking at Planar Ally on d20pfsrd the only Lawful Good one is the Couatl. What other good options are there for this ability?

Silver Crusade

You could also consider a Brown-fur transmuter Arcanist. Still very much a wizard type character with the rare unique ability to cast personal range transmutation spells on allies.

Silver Crusade

I am looking for a PBP game. Co ukd be any module or AP. Have never played by post before.

Silver Crusade

Thanks :)

Silver Crusade

Hey guys, sorry I am new to PBP. I have looked at the guides linked above. SO i just post here and a GM will contact me if they are looking for players? I have a level 2 Wizard (Spellslinger boon), Level 2 Fighter, Level 6 Sorcerer and level 7 Arcanist (Brown Fur) that I could use for PbP. Not sure whether to write little stories here for each of them like I see others have done.

Silver Crusade 2/5

I would love an answer to this also. I just checked and Ultimate Wilderness is not in the campaign clarifications or the Additional resources yet.

Sorry for the necro.

Silver Crusade

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Why don't you just ask your GM?

I mean it may not give you the correct RAW answer but it will give you the one you have to play by, or at least start a discussion that should lead there.

Silver Crusade

Yeah that's pretty much what I thought. I guess I will have to find something else for my magic missile guy to do :(

Silver Crusade

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Furious Spell:
Benefit(s): A furious spell that deals hit point damage adds twice the spell’s original level to the amount of damage dealt by the spell. Spells that affect multiple targets deal the extra damage once to each target, regardless of whether the spell deals its damage all at once or in multiple hits (in the latter case, add the extra damage to the first hit against each target).

I have removed some stuff about casting while raging which is not relevant to my question.

Heighten spell:
Benefit: A heightened spell has a higher spell level than normal (up to a maximum of 9th level). Unlike other metamagic feats, Heighten Spell actually increases the effective level of the spell that it modifies. All effects dependent on spell level (such as saving throw DCs and ability to penetrate a lesser globe of invulnerability) are calculated according to the heightened level.

Heighten spell FAQ:
Heighten Spell: How does this spell combine with other metamagic feats and using higher-level slots for lower-level spells?
Heighten Spell is worded poorly and can be confusing. It lets you use a higher-level spell slot for a spell, treating the spell as if it were naturally a higher level spell than the standard version. Unlike Still Spell, which always adds +1 to the level of the spell slot used for a spell, Heighten Spell lets you decide increase a spell's level anywhere from +1 to +9, using a spell slot that is that many spell levels higher than the normal spell.

The language implies that the heightened spell uses whatever spell level is used to prepare or cast it, but the rules text was inherited from 3.5 and doesn't take into account (1) the normal rule allowing you to prepare a spell with a higher-level spell slot, and (2) combining it with other metamagic feats.

For (1), having Heighten Spell doesn't mean any spell you cast with a higher-level slot is automatically heightened; you still have to make the decision to prepare or cast the spell an normal or heightened.
If you are a non-spontaneous caster (such as a cleric or wizard) who wants to prepare a lower-level spell in a higher-level slot, there is no reason not to use Heighten Spell on that spell (it doesn't cost you any extra time or any other game "currency").
If you are a spontaneous caster, heightening a spell when using a higher-level spell slot still increases the casting time, just like any other use of metamagic, so you have to weigh the benefits of either
• casting it normally using the higher-level slot
• increasing the casting time to cast it as a heightened spell and treat the spell as the level of the spell slot you're using.
Example A 10th-level sorcerer could cast fireball using a 3rd-, 4th-, or 5th-level spell slot, it would only be a standard action casting time, would count as a 3rd-level spell, and have a DC of 13 + Charisma bonus. If she had Heighten Spell and wanted to heighten it using a 4th- or 5th-level spell slot, it would have a full-round action casting time, but would count as a 4th- or 5th-level spell and have a DC of 14 + Cha bonus (for a 4th-level spell) or 15 + Cha bonus (for a 5th-level slot).

For (2), you can't apply Heighten Spell to a spell at no cost: any increase to the effective spell level of the spell must be tracked and paid for by using a higher-level spell slot, above and beyond any other spell level increases from the other metamagic feats.
Example: A 15th-level wizard has Quicken Spell. If he prepares a quickened fireball, that requires a 7th-level spell slot (fireball 3rd level + quicken 4 levels). The spell's DC is still 13 + his Int bonus because it's still just a 3rd-level spell, even though it's in a 7th-level spell slot. If he also has Heighten Spell, the spell is not automatically heightened; it still counts as a 3rd-level spell and has the DC of a 3rd-level spell. If he wants to increase the quickened fireball's effective level with Heighten Spell, he needs to use an even higher level spell slot than the adjusted spell level from the Quicken Spell feat. Increasing the fireball's effective spell level by +1 (from 3rd to 4th) requires using a spell slot +1 level higher (in this case, an 8th-level spell slot instead of a 7th-level slot); increasing the fireball's effective spell level by +2 (from 3rd to 5th) requires using a spell slot +2 levels higher (in this case, a 9th-level spell slot instead of a 7th-level slot).

Another way to look at (2) it is to add Heighten Spell first, then other metamagic feats. Continuing the above example, you'd first heighten the fireball to a 4th-level spell, then quicken it, which requires an 8th-level spell slot (fireball 4th level + quicken 4 levels). Or first heighten the fireball to a 5th-level spell, then quicken it, which requires a 9th-level spell slot (fireball 5th level + quicken 4 levels).

(Heighten Spell is a weak metamagic feat and has limited utility when combined with other metamagic feats.

Question - For the purposes of Furious spell if a spell is heightened what is considered the original level of the spell?

I originally thought the heightened level as that is what heightened seemed to do but then after talking to a couple people I changed my mind. THEN after reading the FAQ, specifically "It lets you use a higher-level spell slot for a spell, treating the spell as if it were naturally a higher level spell than the standard version." and "Another way to look at (2) it is to add Heighten Spell first, then other metamagic feats." I was kinda sorta back to my first interpretation.


Specifically how much damage would a Furious Heightened (5) Magic Missile do?

Silver Crusade

Oh sorry, i should have explained myself better. I agree that the temp HP gained would still be limited by the maximum specified in the rage power BUT i was assuming my character was taking damage each round as well so the max would not necessarily be reached.

Silver Crusade

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Hello all, what is your take on the interaction of these 2 things.


Price +2 bonus

This special ability can only be placed on melee weapons. A lifesurge weapon boosts and sustains the wielder’s life energy while he is in the throes of combat. The wielder gains a bonus on saving throws against necromantic effects—including the ability damage, ability drain, and energy drain powers of the undead—equal to the weapon’s enhancement bonus. In addition, whenever the wielder receives temporary hit points from any source, he adds the weapon’s enhancement bonus to these temporary hit points; this does not stack for temporary hit points from multiple sources, and these points are lost if the lifesurge weapon is not being wielded.

In combat, the weapon’s critical threat range is doubled against undead; this does not stack with the keen special ability or Improved Critical. Whenever a lifesurge weapon confirms a critical hit against an undead creature, it erupts with 1d8 points of positive energy (2d8 for weapons with a critical multiplier of x3, 3d8 if it is x4); the wielder may choose to deal this as damage to an undead target or to absorb half this amount as healing, with the remaining positive energy dissipating.

Regenerative Stance:

Regenerative Stance (Ex): The barbarian can continually replenish her health. At the start of her turn, she regains 1 temporary hit point for every 4 levels she has (up to 5 hit points per round), but this cannot give her more than her maximum temporary hit points from rage. This is a stance rage power. A barbarian must be at least 4th level to select this rage power.

I am unsure. Would you gain the extra temporary hit points from the Lifesurge enchantment each round that your temporary hit points regenerate vie Regenerative Stance?

Silver Crusade

The reason I asked about Alchemist extracts is because I was thinking about using some of their transmutation ones with a Brown Fur Transmuter Arcanist. It seems it might be a fun build to take the BFT Arcanist's ability to cast personal transmutation spells on others and combine it with Mystic Past Life for some access to non Wizard transmutation spells.

Silver Crusade

How do Alchemist extracts like Alchemical Allocation work with Mystic Past Life?

Silver Crusade

How can having an extra arm have no mechanical benefit? What about holding a heavy shield? +2 + enhancement bonus to AC for one feat/discovery seems pretty good to me. Or a light shield and a free hand to hold stuff.

Silver Crusade

I absolutely agree, it does not make sense. Neither does a blanket statement that a Composite Longbow is not a longbow just because something says it is for x. It doesn't even say it is for x and not y, just that it is for x.

This is the advice forum. If you really really want to continue this make a post in the rules forum. I might have time to post there tomorrow afternoon if I see a post there.

Silver Crusade

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Composite longbows are longbows. It's right there in the name. Same way light crossbows and heavy crossbows are crossbows. Light picks and heavy picks are picks. Would you argue that a feat the let you do x with a pick would apply to neither the heavy or light pick as they are not picks?

None of us know the RAI and different people will have different equally correct interpretations of RAW.

As someone said this only really matters for PFS anyway, which I almost exclusively play. I have never experienced anyone ruling that a comp longbow is not a longbow.

Also saying that composite longbows are treated as longbows for feats and proficiencies is not exlusive and does not mean it is ONLY for feats and proficiencies. It may not be logical and it may be unintuitive but thats the written language and anything else is a (insensicle and probably against the RAI) house rule.

Silver Crusade

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What do you think the effects of an Anti-Magic field cast to cover a vampire that had been forced into gaseous form due to HP loss would be?

Silver Crusade

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You do 4d4+8 burning hands at level 1 and are worried if you take WSH you might be seen as cheesy?

I dare say that ship may have already sailed.

Silver Crusade

Ok so I have found the correct Dueling enchant but how on earth do you get it to +17? 1 from Fates Favored and you have a +8 enhancement bonus?????

Silver Crusade

On a side note the most annoying characters I have played with have all been played by the most annoying person I have played with. Irrespective of the character build funnily enough.

Silver Crusade

With the inability of a GM to adapt a scenario to the players at the table most optimised characters will walk over most PFS scenarios.

The Pugwampi summoning character sounds interesting but in my experience a grappling focused character is just as bad. Most PFS opponents just cannot handle that crap and it's GG, unless the player rolls a 1 I guess.

P.S. Please link Pugwampi build. I have been meaning to look into it as a couple people in my group have talked about it and I would like to at least be prepared to be deflated if this shows up at a local table.

Silver Crusade

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For RAI guidence there is the Divine Guardian archetypes Guarding Hands ability that changes it to a move action for himself and his one protected ally but specifically says he cannot do it twice in a round.

As far as not balance goes my 10th level paladin heals himself for and average of 54hp per LoH. If he could do this twice he would be able heal himself for 108 (average) hp per round for up to 7 rounds.

Silver Crusade

But you cannot add sneak attack to splash weapons. Or is that also a class ability of said archetypes? Sorry on my phone so looking stuff up is annoying.

Silver Crusade

Would the Cavaliers Aid Allies and the Halflings Helpful Halfling stack or would they both just increase the base?

Silver Crusade

@zza ni
How do you draw the splash weapons to allow you to throw 5 in a round?

As someone who has an alchemist who uses the hybridization funnel I would love to know how to do this?

Silver Crusade

Thanks heaps guys, determination armor is exactly what i was after.

Silver Crusade

Thanks for the help everyone. Did not think there was much out there but thanks anyway.

Im thinking just buy gloves of first aid and give them to someone else.

Silver Crusade

Wow. I am pretty sure scrolls are fine in PFS although the legality of the effect persisting beyond 1 scenario I am not sure about.

How does a scroll for a spell that requires a focus work? Do you need the focus to read the scroll?

Silver Crusade

Hello brains trust. I have a Paladin (Sacred Servant) that likes to use the Paladin's Sacrifice spell to save his allies if necessary.

Are there any ways to help heal me if I drop below 0HP?

The Aegis is out as I have a different neck item. The Shawl is out as I have a cloak of resistance.

Heroes Defiance and the Reactive healing feat will not work as I just used my immediate action to cast Paladin's Sacrifice.

Are there any other items (hopefully slotless) or dips into other classes that give some ability to heal when dropping below 0? They would most likely need to be something based off of character level as a very small amount of healing is probably not worth the investment.

I know abilities like Diehard are a thing but that is very perilous, being so close to death but still a target.

I do play PFS so a wayfinder upgrade maybe?

Silver Crusade

Sorry I must not understand something, how does the wolf get iterative bite attacks?

Silver Crusade

BadBird wrote:

One Dragon Disciple trick to consider:

Bloodline: Crossblooded Draconic/Elemental(Cold). Trait:Wayang Spellhunter: Fiery Shuriken. Metamagic Feat: Rime Spell. Feat: Opening Volley.

You can cast the spell Fiery Shuriken as a (Cold) spell, attaching Rime spell to it to cause entangled with no save; the round you cast it, you fire shuriken at a couple targets you want to debuff. Then you attack one of those targets; entangled means their AC is down by 2, and Opening Volley means you've got a +4 attack. After that attack, you swift-action fire another shuriken...

That combo looks fun BadBird but how do you get around the full round casting time of the spell in the first round? The whole Sorcerer and metamagic thing.

Silver Crusade

Thank you all. I think that was it as he was turning the fatigued to sickened and was immune to sickened.

Silver Crusade

Hello all. I was once playing a game of PFS with a guy who had a barbarian with quite high DR and I seem to recall that he had a way to double his DR against the first hit he took each round.

Does anyone know how to do this?

I could be remembering it wrong as this was quite a while ago now. I have a character in a home game who is building around being very hard to kill and this would be great for him.

Silver Crusade

Yeah that makes more sense to me. That is how I used to play it but at a few tables I have played at lately the GM interprets it different which makes thing difficult.

Silver Crusade

When does the power take effect?

Agile Feet:
Agile Feet (Su): As a free action, you can gain increased mobility for 1 round. For the next round, you ignore all difficult terrain and do not take any penalties for moving through it

I read it as only functioning the round AFTER you activate it but I think this is silly. How do others play this?

Silver Crusade

I just realised I have been playing Cause Fear wrong all this time. I mean as the Spell says

"The affected creature becomes frightened. If the subject succeeds on a Will save, it is shaken for 1 round. Creatures with 6 or more HD are immune to this effect. Cause fear counters and dispels remove fear."

I would certainly think if you pass your save and become shaken that you have been affected by the spell and well, as the first sentence says, the affected creature becomes frightened. So now whether you pass or fail your save you flee from the caster. Gotta love those OP level 1 spells.

The selective reasoning/rules lawyering and trying to squeeze every ounce of power out of abilities in this game, especially in PFS where it is totally unnecessary due to power levels of characters vs scenarios, is beginning to ruin the game for me.

Silver Crusade

Reread the section on cover.

"When making a melee attack against a target that isn't adjacent to you (such as with a reach weapon), use the rules for determining cover from ranged attacks."

Sorry posting this from my phone so not as thorough as it could be.

Silver Crusade 2/5

Fantastic, was not really looking forward to thus stuff filtering into the campaign.

Silver Crusade 2/5

These feats all give you a Cohort that is your level -3 with some restrictions on what classes they can be. Given that PFS has banned most things like this in the past has this been an oversight? I know the character is your level -3 but this seems like a massive power boost to a party.

You could now all have your improved familiar for a single feat with no need for levels in Wizard etc that can do sooooooooooooooo much more than a familiar.

Am I missing something here?

Silver Crusade 2/5

I wrote that post a few minutes back in response to BigNorseWolf. Forgot to submit it :)

Silver Crusade 2/5

Unless of course that familiar is a tumor familiar with the protector archetype and the armour is enchanted with the Benevolent property so each time it aids you it increases the AC it provides.

Silver Crusade

@ Ckorik regarding FAQ request etc etc

Ahhhhh I see now. I misunderstood what James was trying to say. I got the part about the FAQ request thing, once again sorry about that and will not happen again.

Then I thought he went on to say there is an FAQ request about the Unseen Servant thing, totally missing the point. Hence my response about not being able to find the FAQ as I was looking for an FAQ on the Unseen Servant spell.

Silver Crusade

Thank you. I came to that conclusion as I wrote the post while linking both abilities, I just thought I would put it out there in case there was something I was missing.

Silver Crusade

Sorry for the FAQ request in the title.

James Risner wrote wrote:
Threads are not supposed to have "FAQ request" or similar in the title. There is a FAQ on this.

I have checked the Core Rulebook FAQ page and could not find anything related to unseen servant. Is it more of a general rule about spell effects or something like that?

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