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I'm making a 12th level wizard as a backup for a curse of the crimson throne campaign. My first time making a wizard but I've played a little bit of a sorcerer til level 7.

My group is a half-orc barbarian, bad touch cleric and a swashbuckler.

I'm leaning towards taking a conjuration specialty but I'm not sure about opposition schools - there's so much information to read.

I'd like to have a lot of battlefield control as well as buffing spells. Currently I'm an alchemist and I've given my 2 front liners a lot of infusion extracts and they have been made much stronger with those buffs.

Any recommendations for specialty schools and 2 opposition schools and why those schools?


Enchantment and Necromancy are good opposition schools. Enchantment is heavily slanted towards mind-affecting save-or-suck spells that target Will, and 1/5th of all monsters are immune to mind-affecting spells. Necromancy is heavily slanted towards debufs and targeting Fort, and most monsters have Fort as a good save. There's nothing in either of those schools you absolutely must have, and if there's something you are really wanting it only costs an extra slot to memorize it.

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You could also consider a Brown-fur transmuter Arcanist. Still very much a wizard type character with the rare unique ability to cast personal range transmutation spells on allies.

By 12th level you can take opposition research as a feat and remove one of those lost schools. Lose enchantment as many enemies are immune to the spells. If you really want to keep enchantment, dump evocation. Necromancy has some powerful and useful spells at that level, but I suppose after enchantment and evocation, I'd dump that.

The problem with dropping evocation is that it's got too many staple spells in it. It's the home of all your force spells, a number of battlefield control spells, and the energy damage spells. And though the blast spells are underwhelming, they tend to target Reflex. That makes the AoE blasts good carriers for metmagic feats.

Necromancy has some powerful stuff, sure, but there aren't any must-haves. Except maybe enervation. And, as you point out, you can always do Opposition Research to get it back. Or just burn the extra slot to memorize it.

Lest we forget Magic Jar

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