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Really hoping this might also include more options and rules for ground/aquatic/atmospheric vehicles.

They often do.

Sad about Rosenbaum. Did he say anything about the rumor of an animated adaptation of season 10?

Be interesting if Conroy will team with Burt Ward in some way. I also heard a rumor that tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum will take part. Which will be weird, since Smallville did Crisis in Season 10.

Other reveals. A lot of franchises I'm not excited about.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Finally, some good news from SDCC. Underwhelmed otherwise.

500cr to negate is worth it.
The campaign though, access to new gear after character creation will be limited. I was hoping for something affordable that would reduce the penalties of daylight.

I'm contemplating playing a Drow character. Is there any eyewear that would reduce/negate the light penalty?

Endgame shows late 40s/early 50s. And a house in the suburbs. Which doesn't fit with any events prior to the end of AC Season 2 or the one-shot. There is no reason why Cap couldn't have arrived after the one-shot. After she had earned being director of SHIELD on her own.

The biggest issue there is the part where from 1948(?) to 2023 Steve Rogers managed to not be Steve Rogers. Not once did he stand up against injustice. Be it Soviets or a movie theater bully.

And that despite ceasing to be the man Peggy loved, she stayed with him for over 60 years.

Its annoying - they finally acknowledge the TV shows in the movies (Edwin Jarvis), only now the TV shows are proclaiming they are separate.

AOS is no longer connected (because of scheduling). And Ghost Rider - despite being the same actor - will not be connected.

Dawnstar might be awkward if you want comic accuracy - one of her species was dating Wynn a couple seasons back. The bumpy forehead blonde didn't look much like an Anasazi.

There is still the Superman rumor - though that was potentially replacing Supergirl.

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Oh yeah!

Nate has his moments, but agreed, he is very bland. It seemed, with his position in the credits that they were transitioning him out.

Of course, rumor has it that Legends has one season left - and it still will probably be a typical Legends short season. So odds are they won't make any major changes now.

So I just noticed, Zari's brother was renamed. Amon "Orisis" Tomaz replaced with Behrad Tomaz.

I also recently noted that the show currently has 11 leads, and about half of them are actually DC Superheroes. I'm hoping next year we can jettison Ava, Gary, Mona, and Charlie as full timers (or completely in the case of Gary and Mona) and maybe add some more comic-based characters.

DeathQuaker wrote:
I don't remember, what did Mick do that warranted that?

Betrayed the team to the Legion of Doom, necessitating them breaking time.

"When a Legend goes dark, we put them down"

That would have prevented the pointless "broke time" cliffhanger. Kill Mick, no need to break time.

Too bad Flash can't fight Captain Cold or Trickster more often. Or anymore.

I suspect that the multiverse claims are a lie.

But at the same time, there is a multiverse, because how else can we do a live-action remake of the Spiderverse story that has already been told about a half dozen times - including two TV shows and one movie.

MMCJawa wrote:
DeathQuaker wrote:

That article itself is interesting. Looks like Marvel TV products may continue to be homed at Hulu (which Disney owns part of) in spite of the new Disney+ service. I got really annoyed with Hulu when it became subscription only when their original marketing suggested it was never going to be like that, but on reflection, I actually prefer what Marvel TV does over Marvel film. Yes, of course I've gotten deeply invested in the films too (although I feel a need for a long break after Endgame), but at a brush, I feel like the TV format lets us get to know the characters better and get more detailed comic-book like stories, serial format and all. Maybe after I cancel my Netflix subscription, I'll pick up Hulu instead. Besides I should be subscribing to the streaming service showing Agent Carter.

It also definitely sounds like once Netflix's two year grace period with the IP is up, Marvel TV has more plans for the Defenders characters.

Cloak and Dagger shows up next day and is well worth the watch. Runaways has been more hit and miss IMHO. I am excited for the Ghost Rider show that will be coming there.

I also find, at least on the horror movie front, the movie selection is a bit better, as far as non-original movies go.

I'd be more excited it Ghost Rider was canon. Seriously, you cast the same guy that played the part in the MCU (Agents of SHIELD) but its not gonna be connected? Why? Why bother?

DeathQuaker wrote:

I missed some of the exposition, but my impression was part of the problem was being buried in the ice... The physical weight of it, not just the temperature. There was too much of it to break free easily without causing a bigger disaster or damaging the ship, and they were trying to conserve power until they came up with an unorthodox solution. The issue of the cold was secondary, because they were initially using minimal life support.

The slow melt caused by turning the heat back on let the break free safely (although I don't know if it would really work like that either, but it's enough I'm willing to handwave.

I really hope we're done with Gary and his frickin nipple. Mona not having an romantic subplot to be creepy about was tolerable. some of the teamwork theming felt like a retread of stuff they've already done. Brandon Routh is doing well evil.

Routh was a decent villain on Chuck as well.

Thomas Seitz wrote:

Yeah Ralph's detective skills have gone up in recent weeks. Too bad he's not as fast as Batman.

Also it's just weird that Cicada's dagger plays such a huge role at the end...

He's a better detective than DCW Batman - aka Arrowman, Inmate ####, Oliver Queen.

Can someone explain how being buried 300' deep in snow, in the ice Age - ON EARTH - is colder than near absolute zero?

If a ship can function in deep space, then it can't get too cold for its engines to function.


I knew EULA's were evil.

DQ, I wholly agree with your assessment of Mona.

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It looks like they can only afford 8/9s of the cast every week as is.

As for why in-universe, wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.

Like the Flash?

I'm down!

I'm only to the first break.

I see Iris read the script, because she somehow knows that Thawne will be on death row in 30 years.
Also, Barry could have... 'corner of Fox and Infantino, April 23rd, 2049 at 8:03pm.'

And if Thawne "invented his own Speed Force" then what was the point of him siphoning Barry's power in season 1? I didn't know that a diesel engine could run on ethanol.

And what is the deal with the cast this season? Legends has $1.98 for special effects each week. Flash has to have one actor take a vacation every week.

And the writers have decided that effectively giving birth to a child, and raising that child, makes the child---
your little brother?

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
I'm happy Nate used his powers. I just wish there was more room in the budget for stuff like that.


They teased me with that "White Lightning". For a brief moment, I was hoping it might be the famous thief with pheromone powers, reinterpreted.

My point was: when is the last time Zari, Ray, or Nate used their powers/tech?

Ray: is this the same man who had an affair with Felicity Smoak and left his company to her?

Zari: Wasn't she introduced as lesbian? I'm confused.

Remember when Storm King was wildly playing with the sun and moon? Up, down, up, down. An awful lot of power was being unleashed around the world in a matter of a few seconds. Including in any places where there might be portals.

The fondue also reminded me of a EG fan short where Sunset Shimmer asks about these little sugar puffs called 'marshmallows'. Very disturbing.

If the Time Bureau works for the government, and employs former costumed heroes, why exactly didn't they 'Suicide Squad' Mayor "Green Arrow" Queen?

Also, I heard a rumor that beyond Hellblazer, there are actual metahumans on the team. With actual powers or meta-tech. More than a Red Laser Gun that sometimes sets things on fire.

Dash tends to be like that. I didn't think it was out of character.

SK was being pretty crazy with the stolen power in the brief time he had it. It could easily have flowed through the portal.

I missed it, did Spike have wings? The fact it was at the old playset, and not the new one, made me assume that the school wasn't built yet - and that was the start of s8.

Also, Sunset is not to blame, Starswirl is.

The new EG movie was awesome! And tells us that the EG s2 takes place concurrent with FiM s8.

The guy bringing LaLa back. I IMDB'd him, and its interesting.

Regarding who he is: he is credited as:
But his MO sure reminds me of Baron Sin Gaaz.

But the actor! He the Other One. The Doctor's brother. The one that could die.

(For those that don't speak me) Elias Taylor from V and V: the Final Battle. The scene I just referenced, his scene at the end of the first night, that was one of the most powerful moments in the mini-series. And watching him grow as the story continued, Wow!
I'm glad to see Michael Wright in something again. So now I'm hoping he is playing that villain, and he'll be back for season 3.

I also notice that his neck is bent. A scene where he is leaving the room, after talking to Gordon, he's practically looking down.

Some excellent writing on his part though. This was a great follow up to the series' answer to Best of Both Worlds.

Seth has terrible posture. And it really shows when you wear epaulets.

So what is the point of a serum to stop Cicada that can only be used if Cicada gives affirmative consent first?

Flash: Cicada, we can cure y-
Cicada: *steals Flashes power, then kills him*
Flash: ukk--

I finally finished s2. I'm undecided on whether I preferred s1 or s2, I enjoyed both. I didn't like the cop out on Jigsaw - and some of the dialogue was written as if he actually had a messed up face, and not a couple scars.

Someone noted, that the Netflix deal prohibits the shows going elsewhere for 2 years after they wrap on Netflix. So Defenders season 2 could be in the works right now and be released in late August. And it could use any character that was in s1, or any character known to exist in the world of Defenders s1. So, all the Netflix MCU characters, including Frank.

This person also speculated that the Netflix shows will probably go to Hulu - since Disney will probably own that platform soon.

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All 5 DCW shows, along with the rest of the usual suspects got renewed for fall.

Well that's a change. They had previously said that there would be a season 10 and a movie for the finale.

Apparently, they want to drop G4 since its falling in the ratings, and move on quicker.

They got rid of him. And we are supposed to pretend the writers didn't have adult him say he never came back from boarding school on his parents' wishes - or assume he's pinning blame on them for his teen angst.

What is bothering me about the flash forwards. If there is no time travel component, then whatever happens in those scenes has no bearing on the actual story - except to show how Oliver is gone in the future and Star City falls apart. So, after Olie dies in the Crisis, everything he's been working for for the entire season has been for nothing. Why did we waste (7x23)+9=170 hours?


That may relate to season2, since the trailer showed a ponified SciTwi and Sunset.

Another new short: Rarity's Biggest Fan

Jennifer was standing near the hood. Outside a hospital. No possible reason she might be in a parking lot at a hospital that doesn't involve criminal intent. I think that self-absorbed [censored - person] got off easy with an easily covered by insurance issue.

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Not officially. We know they are working on Black Widow, Eternals, Shang-Chi, and Doctor Strange 2 was just made official.

Black Panther 2 is also coming, but I have not heard it as officially in pre-production.

I'm also going on record as wanting a Charlie Cox, Tom Holland, Vincent D'onofrio movie.

They had at least a dozen vehicles. Why didn't they have one or more advanced scouts? Who's purpose it is to block off cross streets.

The scout(s) spot an "accident", report it, and the caravan re-reoutes.

And I agree, why didn't any of the 20+ cops get back in their armored vehicle, for safety if not to run her over?

I was over Diaz after he meets, and subjugates to his will the SUPERMOB(tm) - a criminal organization so superpowerful and secret that no one could even prove they exist.
That plot, and many others that followed, make Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers look sophisticated and nuanced.

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