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Really enjoying it. Def up there with S&S for me. Really flavourful.

Arkham is SO good.

Party 1 (only MM characters, playing fully through the campaign) Estra, Simoun, Drelm, Amhotep

Party 2 (we want to play but the next deck isn't out yet so let's use whoever) Darago, CD Lem, Arushalae, CD Seelah

So excited. I'm really hoping this is in my local game store tomorrow.

I think the big thing to take from this thread is that Mavaro is going to get a lot of play. He's such a cool character.

The flying squirrel.



Her name is Biscuits.

Swipe is da bomb. Also helps that weedy, underground caster acquire that beefy weapon for your melee or ranged character.

Transmogrify is great for that hybrid character like seltiyel or Crowe. In fact Raheli has recently been blitzing baddies with a combination of transmogrify and her hair

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Does the deck contain new 'fancy' blessings of gorum and sarenrae? I do so love those special fancy blessings. Savoured Sting is a house favourite.

Also: owning a greatsword from the start of a campaign? Nice.

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Oloch's first power seems very good if I'm reading it right.

A character at oloch's location fights some horrorbeastie but fails the check, they then discard to evade before any damage would be taken, yeah? Then oloch greatswords it into little chunks of horrorbeastie meat.

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I also find it hard to resist recharging an ally when their power applies to the check. I know Amiri doesn't really need that extra 1d4 from the Soldier, but using it feels so good. I credit the Farm House with teaching me to look for opportunities to recharge my allies.

Recharging feels so good. Card economy. Yum.

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Channa Ti is serving Beyoncé realness for sure.

I don't like using blessings to explore. Allies? Fine. detect magic and its fellows? Even better. But I hate losing the dice a blessing will give me.

If I do use a blessing to explore then it'll be early game and I'll be fairly confident I can get it back in my deck somehow.

In fact, to avoid the quandary of using a blessing to explore I'll often opt for characters with low numbers of blessings in their starting decks

Actually, to this end, it's possible to run a 'double Daji' version of Feiya. And she works sooooo well!

The cohort card for Daji DOES give the arcane skill. My guess is you saw the promo card Daji which is an ally.

Mundane61 wrote:

I recall talk of a genie.

For realsies? Ooooooh...

Oh! Well... yes please.

James McKendrew wrote:
Zadim is disturbingly fighty.

So what makes him different from other fighty types?

Keith Richmond wrote:
Those who made the Gen Con ACG Seminar may have the information missing from this thread. We talked a lot about the characters in Mummy's Mask :)

So by my, very unskilled, reckoning:

Mystery person

Are the base guys

Someone fighty/armour clad?

Ooh a Ratfolk character!

Eliandra Giltessan wrote:

Zadim is a slayer and thus very fighty, though he also has a scout. I think Drelm is a city guardsman in addition to being a cleric, so he may be fighty as well.

Also, Mavaro is the only actual character on the character add on deck art. The others are adversaries in Mummy's Mask.

I noticed Drelm is on the art for the 'Corrosion' spell.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
There are a few. Spectre offers a Combat 11 OR Wisdom/Divine 7 check to defeat, and requires the Magic trait to be defeated.

Good call I guess those alternatives to combat checks often don't have the magic trait.


We are looking at the Witch Deck and struggling to think when you'd really use the charm bracelet.

"Recharge this card to add the magic trait to your check"

So early on ghosts and the like are an issue, but these witches are going to be using attack spells 99% of the time, so the magic trait is there already. But non combat checks that need that magic trait? I can't think of any.

Maybe it'll be a Mummy's Mask thing...?

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

from your hand

Nice catch! thanks.

And I think every time my party play RotR from now on it'll be the Tupdex, no matter the characters.

Hello all,

Tup has got himself the Emerald Codex. He burys it to draw 3 divine spells for use during the scenario. At the end of the scenario he has some of them left and follows the instructions to banish them.

Does his 'draw a spell' power kick in?

Or, because it's the end of scenario, do I tell that power to shut up and go away?

I'm guessing the former, but it seems... naughty

Houstonian wrote:

EDIT: Since people and Animals can only be Allies as a Loot type, then Cohorts serve as Allies only.

A card is only of the type it says it is. If it doesn't say it's an ally, it isn't an ally. Wrath rule book is your friend. It should clear it all up for you.

James McKendrew wrote:

Also there is a hat which is an ally, so I suggest that you don't make grand sweeping assumptions about what a card is based on their story-based qualities.

I forgot about Balazar's funky headpiece!

Houstonian wrote:
ryric: I think a Cohorts might be Ally.

They aren't allies. Allies are a boon, cohorts are a support card. They are a separate type of card entirely. For example if you were instructed to 'discard an ally', you couldn't discard a cohort.

I understand the confusion though- the majority of them are people or animals. The only one I can think of that isn't is Arashulae's Gift. It's a cohort that represents Arashulae's boosting of another party member's stats.

Two power feats and Zibini's scouting is really rocking.

Thanks, guys!


So if I have a character who can replace a listed skill on a check with another skill (varril, stealthy Ekkie and the like) does it change what type of check it is?

Eg if varril uses his fancy power on a strength check to enable him to use his divine skill, does it change that strength check to a divine check? I'm asking mainly for the sake of playing blessings on that check

Yeah, I suppose that, as Jim mentions, it would only be a problem if I were getting a few things at once or base sets. Currently I'm thinking of kicking in with mummy's mask deck 2.

Ah customs! Of course!

Good advice, chaps! Thanks.

Any uk deck subscribers out there?

Thinking of doing it (never had my paws on a promo.) Is the postage a killer or does the 20% discount balance it out?

Blessing of the Gobs...

Hahaha! :)

Personally I'd move to Skull and Shackles and start with new characters. It's super fun. Or you could always use Harsk and Kyra with that box and start from scratch with them.

Either way it's a great campaign. Certainly my face of the 3 currently available. Really characterful and with a different emphasis than Runelords.

Wand of Force Missile is a card everyone ditches, right? :)

I'm really interested to see how the kineticist class works in the card game. From what I understand about the RPG (ie pretty much nothing) constitution is a big stat for them. And they take damage to bump up their blasts. They sound funky.

We are currently using him in Ruelords along with Wu Shen, Radillo and Ramexes. His banish power means he's been fantastic and getting hold of spells for the other two casters. Radillo in particular now has all the spells she wanted at this point in the campaign.

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Mike Selinker wrote:
Oh, he's pitiful all right.

Finally a character I can identify with.

So the final art for the Goblin decks is up. Anyone know anything about yellow skinned, sad looking goblins with red eyes? Poor chap looks so pitiful!

Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
I was wondering something similar about Besmara's Tricorn. It adds to wisdom checks, full stop. So my Maznar has it and can reveal it to add a d8 on all his divine spell checks. It felt like it only meant non-combat checks, but Wisdom combat checks definitely existed before S&S. Of course, I don't think anyone in the S&S box uses Wisdom for combat. So I'm unsure of intent.

Wisdom but also survival. Super hot against ships.

It adds to constitution/fort too though, yeah? And constitution is a pretty big stat in S&S.

I'm guessing Lini from the char add on would get the most use of it, but it's an item that we've always held on to in every party we've played through. Love that hat

Zhayne wrote:
My first reaction to this was 'there's a way to make the Boots of Elvenkind useful?'


I'd previously ranked them with Eyes of the Eagle.

Ah Skizzerz I was JUST looking at the later weapons and thinking the same thing!

It's not the only early game combat monster we have either - I'm using Ramexes who acquired a great axe in game 3. NICE!

Thanks for your comments, chaps!

Simplest thing might be to remove the boots. Thematically the weapons work really nicely for Wu Shen, which is why I peppered them in as a nice surprise for the player in question. It would be a shame to take that away. Maybe we'll see how we get on for a few games.

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We've started playing through Runelords again and I mixed a couple of the new monk weapons in for our Wu Shen player. The sai and such seem like nice thematic picks for her AND they work with acrobatics. All cool.

But I game one she picked up Boots of Elvenkind which give her another dice on acrobatics checks with just a reveal. This means that since game 1 she's been rocking 2d12 +d4 + 3 when using a basic sai.

I'm thinking its above aboard but feels wrong. Is it just a case of monk weapons coming along long after RotR, or are the boots just non-combat?

I was surprised when I discovered 'milani' was pronounced 'meh-Law-nee'

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Dave Riley wrote:
The ridiculous power levels of Wrath were fun for a while, but the excitement of having a +9 to your Melee check in AD2 wore off pretty quick, so I'm totally down if MM ratchets that back a bit and gives you different ways to circumvent obstacles and feel powerful without relying too hard on pure numerical superiority.

This why our group didn't do the final optional scenario in Wrath. The amount of time you spending adding stuff up on combat checks was draining. Im having flashbacks to mythic-charge-spending-starbow-fortune's-arrow-leryn-shuffled-in-plenty-of- blessings-adowyn right now.

Not to say the AP wasnt a blast, but turns got loooong.

Character Name: Amiri
Role Card: Unstoppable Force
Skill Feats: Str +3, Con +2, Wis +1
Power Feats: +1 Hand Size, Heavy Armors, 'Bury a card to add a d10 then you may draw a card.' 'When you defeat a barrier you may.. (Or top 3 cards). You may put examined boons... (Then you may explore).' 'When you aquire a boon, you may recharge to explore'
Card Feats: Weapon +3, Armor +2, Ally +1, Blessing +2
Weapons: Frost Giant's Sword +1, Aiger's Kiss, Improvised Greatclub, Improvised Monster, Flaming Falcata +3, Shock Greatsword +2, Wounding Spear-Axe +1, Greatclub +1
Armors: Metal Spikes, Hellknight Armor, Wolfhide Armor, Buccaneer's Breastplate
Items: Ring of Rat Fangs, Orange War Paint, Astrolabe
Allies: Snow Leopard, Lady Agasta Smythee, Old Salt
Blessings: Cayden Cailen, Norgorber x2, Abadar, Milani
Your Ship: Filthy Lucre

Character Name: Zarlova
Role Card: Scholar
Skill Feats: Con +1, Int +2, Wis +3
Power Feats: + 1 hand size, 'When you aquire... examine top (or bottom) card... if its a spell (or blessing...'. 'For your check to aquire... (or a blessing)(or any boon) you may use knowledge'. 'When you play a blessing of Nethys you may recharge it.'
Card Feats: Spell +3, Armor +1, Item +1, Ally +1, Blessing +2
Spells: Divine Fortune, Wall of Fire, Quickened Ray, Recast, Vengeful Storm, Tsunami, Holy Light, Divine Blaze
Armors: Besmaran Vestments x 2
Items: Token of Remembrance, Besmara's Tricorne, Crystal of Healing Hands
Allies: Exalted, Fox, Acolyte
Blessings: Kelizandri, Achaekek, Nethys, Pharasma, Hshurha, Abadar, Gorum
Your Ship: Filthy Lucre

Character Name: Athnul
Role Card: Keen Strike Monk
Skill Feats: Str + 1, Con + 2, Wis +3
Power Feats: +1 hand size, 'For your combat... (plus the card's adv deck number)... (you may add the magic trait)...(You may also add another d8 and the mental trait).' 'You gain the skill Divine: Wis +1.' 'When you attempt a check against...you may use your Fortitude skill...'
Card Feats: Spell +2, Item +2, Ally +2, Blessing +2
Spells: Major Cure, Animate Water
Items: Svingili's Eye, Amulet of Firey Fists, Ring of Regeneration, Amulet of Furious Fists, Farglass, Blood Periapt.
Allies: Albatross, Old Salt, Pteranodon, Corlan, Dindreann, Imp, Ambrose 'Fishguts' Kroop
Blessings: Pharasma, Gorum, Geryon, Abadar, Kelizandri, Achaekek, Milani, Asmodeus
Your Ship: Filthy Lucre

Character Name: Ezren
Role Card: Evoker
Skill Feats: Dex +1, Int +4, Wis +1
Power Feats: +3 hand size, ' Add 1 to your check to recharge a card.' 'Add 2 to your arcane...(or Acid and Cold)(or Electricity and Fire).'
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Spell +3, Armor +1, Item +2, Ally +1
Weapons: Flaming Musket +2, Blasting Pistol +2
Spells: Charm Animal, Freezing Sphere, Control Weather, Tsunami, Detect Magic x2, Life Leech, Black Spot, Lightning Bolt, Recast, World Wave
Armors: Eel Skin Armor
Items: Gloves of Dueling, Sapphire of Intelligence, Pearl of Magic, Impossible Bottle.
Allies: Alise Grogblud, Tessa Fairwind, Haneilius Fitch
Your Ship: Filthy Lucre

He's cool.

And so is Deliverance.

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