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Any uk deck subscribers out there?

Thinking of doing it (never had my paws on a promo.) Is the postage a killer or does the 20% discount balance it out?

To figure it out, you could put an already released product of the same dimensions and weight into your shopping cart. Go through the checkout process up until you can select shipping options. The same shipping charges should apply to your subscription product.

So, for example, if you wanted to know what your subscription to the class decks would cost, put the Fighter Class Deck into your cart and start checking out. When you see the shipping costs, it will cost you the same to ship you 1 class deck as your subscription.

For this month, since the 2 Goblin decks are releasing at the same time, put 2 copies of the Fighter Class Deck into your cart and check the shipping cost to see what this month would cost you.

Also, that doesn't factor in customs or anything. I have no info about those.

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Also note that you can skip the base set, and start your subscription with the character add-on deck and still get all the promos. That way you don't have to pay for shipping on the base set, which I've heard tends to be quite large.

Good advice, chaps! Thanks.

I did it briefly. Trouble was that periodically you'd end up with multiple things in one delivery and suddenly get stung for customs (£10+)

In the end it just wasn't worth it - went back to buying from the FLGS. Missed out on a few promos, but much safer on balance

Ah customs! Of course!

I do it. But I'm very lazy, so it's largely easy. My main objection isn't the price, which stings a little, but the effort of paying customs

EDIT: customs only on the base sets - everything else comes in under the limit

Yeah, I suppose that, as Jim mentions, it would only be a problem if I were getting a few things at once or base sets. Currently I'm thinking of kicking in with mummy's mask deck 2.

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Assuming policies haven't changed, you can subscribe to Mummy's Mask and start with the Character Add-on Deck. It ships at the same time as the Base Set (which you will not get), and that way you'll get all the promos for that month. Then just buy the Base Set locally and let the subscription continue to get adventure decks 2-6. That way you'll get all the Mummy's Mask promos.

To be specific I had the "from the Character Add-on Deck" subscription for S&S, but because of the delays, it got shipped together with Adventure 2, which was how stuff got lumped together.

I don't know how it works if you also have a Class Deck subscription- my guess would be that these would be likely to get combined?

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The Class Deck line is taking a 6 month hiatus during the release of Mummy's Mask (ish), so you should still only be getting one thing at a time even if you have both. The ish is because a class deck will be releasing alongside the base set for MM, but there will be no class decks alongside ADs 2-6 (or the month afterwards).

As for things being combined, paizo does not split up packages to help you avoid customs, but they will split up packages if that ends up being the cheapest way to ship them to you. For overseas shipments, splitting up packages will likely never be cheaper than not splitting them up.

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Yeah, but he said that the Add-on deck got shipped with AD2, and if that's enough to push things over the minimum, then something like that could happen again.

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If you really want to avoid getting two decks in the same shipment, please note that the last Class Deck before the hiatus should ship alongside the MM Character Add-On Deck.

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