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Oh! Well... yes please.


We are looking at the Witch Deck and struggling to think when you'd really use the charm bracelet.

"Recharge this card to add the magic trait to your check"

So early on ghosts and the like are an issue, but these witches are going to be using attack spells 99% of the time, so the magic trait is there already. But non combat checks that need that magic trait? I can't think of any.

Maybe it'll be a Mummy's Mask thing...?

Hello all,

Tup has got himself the Emerald Codex. He burys it to draw 3 divine spells for use during the scenario. At the end of the scenario he has some of them left and follows the instructions to banish them.

Does his 'draw a spell' power kick in?

Or, because it's the end of scenario, do I tell that power to shut up and go away?

I'm guessing the former, but it seems... naughty


So if I have a character who can replace a listed skill on a check with another skill (varril, stealthy Ekkie and the like) does it change what type of check it is?

Eg if varril uses his fancy power on a strength check to enable him to use his divine skill, does it change that strength check to a divine check? I'm asking mainly for the sake of playing blessings on that check

Any uk deck subscribers out there?

Thinking of doing it (never had my paws on a promo.) Is the postage a killer or does the 20% discount balance it out?

So the final art for the Goblin decks is up. Anyone know anything about yellow skinned, sad looking goblins with red eyes? Poor chap looks so pitiful!

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We've started playing through Runelords again and I mixed a couple of the new monk weapons in for our Wu Shen player. The sai and such seem like nice thematic picks for her AND they work with acrobatics. All cool.

But I game one she picked up Boots of Elvenkind which give her another dice on acrobatics checks with just a reveal. This means that since game 1 she's been rocking 2d12 +d4 + 3 when using a basic sai.

I'm thinking its above aboard but feels wrong. Is it just a case of monk weapons coming along long after RotR, or are the boots just non-combat?

He's cool.

And so is Deliverance.

Quick q for those steeped in Golarion lore...

What race is the blue lady?


I'm playing Raz in Wrath (and having a grand old time with her), but just need to clarify the deal with lances.

If she has to deal with a creature that's been summoned on someone else's turn (arboreal blight gets pulled etc), can she get the lance'so bonus d8 for revealing a mount even though it's not her exploration?

I'm guessing yes, but just want the be sure.