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Greetings! My wife and I just finished the complete RotRL Adventure Path today after 2 awesome years (loved it!) and now we have one simple question... What's Next?!

Can we use these characters for anything else, or should we just disassemble them and relish in our victory over Karzoug? We plan to restart with different characters from the base adventure, but I'd love to see Harsk and Kyra continue to greater things.

Thanks for any ideas or thoughts!

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You can take your RotR characters into the Wrath of the Righteous box set and treat it like Adventure 7. See this blog for more information: aited#1

Additionally, there are some home made Adventure 7s you can give a try. I think they can be found on

Otherwise, you can pick up another box set and try a new adventure with a fresh band of heroes

Personally I'd move to Skull and Shackles and start with new characters. It's super fun. Or you could always use Harsk and Kyra with that box and start from scratch with them.

Either way it's a great campaign. Certainly my face of the 3 currently available. Really characterful and with a different emphasis than Runelords.

We've played the Mhar of Leng player-made expansion twice now and enjoyed it both times. It has a feel that is appropriate for the power of the characters.

My one recommendation, if you do that, is to extend some of your characters' checkboxes. For instance, I was playing CD Ezren and added a +5 Int option when we got our skill feat. Why? Cause you're taking the characters beyond the scope of the path for which they were designed, so why not take their abilities beyond that same scope. *shrug*
Note that we only did that for skills, cards, and hand-size feats. Lini did not get to have d4+5 with an animal. ;)

We have not attempted Mike's "Adventure 7, 8, and 9" idea from the blog, mostly because we have not finished Wrath with a normal set of characters yet. Once we do, it would be tempting.

Whatever you do - enjoy!

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