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Does the deck contain new 'fancy' blessings of gorum and sarenrae? I do so love those special fancy blessings. Savoured Sting is a house favourite.

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Oloch's first power seems very good if I'm reading it right.

A character at oloch's location fights some horrorbeastie but fails the check, they then discard to evade before any damage would be taken, yeah? Then oloch greatswords it into little chunks of horrorbeastie meat.

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I also find it hard to resist recharging an ally when their power applies to the check. I know Amiri doesn't really need that extra 1d4 from the Soldier, but using it feels so good. I credit the Farm House with teaching me to look for opportunities to recharge my allies.

Recharging feels so good. Card economy. Yum.

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Channa Ti is serving Beyoncé realness for sure.

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Mike Selinker wrote:
Oh, he's pitiful all right.

Finally a character I can identify with.

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We've started playing through Runelords again and I mixed a couple of the new monk weapons in for our Wu Shen player. The sai and such seem like nice thematic picks for her AND they work with acrobatics. All cool.

But I game one she picked up Boots of Elvenkind which give her another dice on acrobatics checks with just a reveal. This means that since game 1 she's been rocking 2d12 +d4 + 3 when using a basic sai.

I'm thinking its above aboard but feels wrong. Is it just a case of monk weapons coming along long after RotR, or are the boots just non-combat?

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Dave Riley wrote:
The ridiculous power levels of Wrath were fun for a while, but the excitement of having a +9 to your Melee check in AD2 wore off pretty quick, so I'm totally down if MM ratchets that back a bit and gives you different ways to circumvent obstacles and feel powerful without relying too hard on pure numerical superiority.

This why our group didn't do the final optional scenario in Wrath. The amount of time you spending adding stuff up on combat checks was draining. Im having flashbacks to mythic-charge-spending-starbow-fortune's-arrow-leryn-shuffled-in-plenty-of- blessings-adowyn right now.

Not to say the AP wasnt a blast, but turns got loooong.

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These new 3 character sets are so much better. Mechanically and in terms of characterful cards.

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The Cogsnap, Balazar, Tontelizi, Lini superfungnome party may soon be rampaging through a another run of Wrath.

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My Raz is sitting pretty at the moment: She killed Baphomet last night!

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Wrath was my first base set. Those initial scenarios are so hard it got played a few times but then put away in frustration. Fortunately a friend convinced us to play Runelords and it was a much better introduction to the game. The scenarios let me learn to play effectively rather than mushing me into paste.

A fun campaign followed and S&S subsequently bought... I LOVE SKULL AND SHACKLES. Great campaign.

So 2 weeks ago it was decided it was time for Wrath to get dusted off. I still thing those base scenarios are horrific, but through game experience i know deck one will be a smoother ride. Looking forward to it.

It's just fortunate that my friend showed me Runelords last May though. Wrath would still be sat at the back of a cupboard otherwise.