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Callous Jack wrote:
aeglos wrote:
do you call it Tea or Infusion if it does not contain herbs instead of tea leaves ?
I thought infusion was the same, except with MUCH more herbs and MUCH more steeping.

The only accepted weed or else in a drink is barley!

Callous Jack wrote:
Wow, 120+ posts since Friday...



hey, at least the house still open and booze never gets old (most of the time...)

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Got a bit dusty in here, huh?

Callous Jack wrote:
Hungry Jack wrote:
Your family is the most important thing to our family. So make tonight’s meal special – make it a Hungry Jack® night! Your family will thank you for it, and so will ours.
Does this cover illegitimate children too?

Lille' shiny Bastard Jacks!

Long time no see, fellahs!

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We need a "-" button :)

The Vomit Guy tread is always handbbllleeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEERG!

'Jacks "love" poodles... the 'Jack way

Does your office smells of Gary and Chris?

Testing testing uno dos tres.....


Hah, still got it.

All this cake talking got me all hungry!

*Feeds the pony*

not much time to post lately.... too much beer to drink... too little time... hic!

Jack Hammer wrote:

Farts are natural.

Nature is beautiful.

Therefore, farts are beautiful!

amen to that

*waves hand behind rear end*

Hungry Jack wrote:
Jack B. Kwikk, Esq. wrote:
Hungry Jack wrote:
Hungry Jack®! YUM!
You better have your trademarks in order. I'm a lawyer you know.
Hungry Jack® also knows a very good recipe for Lawyer Pot Pie.

does that include ponies?

Sm**fs taste great with beer....then again EVERYTHING taste great with beer!

Callous Jack wrote:

We got a mention by Gary in the thread complaining about thread length. Woo!

Gary Teter wrote:

The Angry Jack Cult: 323,438 words (September 2008)

W00t! Thou ain't lound enough, gotta fat this up!

Where is this "complain" posted?

Callous Jack. wrote:
Crimson Jack wrote:
Hey guys, I brought nachos, salsa and guacamole!
Where's the beer?

Beer, whut beer... I didn't saw any!


Exqueeze me...

We can alway get sum moar!

Sebastian wrote:

That sounds nasty.

Also: Losers.


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Dave Gross wrote:
Let this be a lesson to all not to bring Hugo into a classy joint.

Awww... c'mon, I'll make it up to you by bringing a classy bottle of tequila for you next year. So classy that the worm will speak french! ;)

Join the Jacks, METAL POWER MAN!!!

Or just o Jack and cut in line!

Exqueeze me!


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True story: I proudly claim that I have embarassed Mr Dave Gross having him ask to the guy at the counter of a fancy-pantsy liquor/beer/wine store for a PBR... The guy had real trouble recallig what's a PBR and when he remembered and told Dave what it was -and that they don't sell it, of course, Dave went all red and told me grinning: Don't ever embarrass me like that again...


*pops open a frosty PBR*

testing testing, one two three SMURF!

Yup, still got it.

Gettin' crowded again huh? Glad and sad, now I have to share my beer.... or go get moar!

Cultist of Jack wrote:

Punts the poodle

Ah, just like old times.

Where's the beer and the

Callous Jack. wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
My memory is a funny thing. I can remember some things from years ago, but ask me about the day before and it's a big blank...
It's all the drugs and booze...

cheers to that!

I heard the liquid on that brain jar is actual beer, so he MAY be THE Callous Jack!


DOn't mind me, just rearranging the furniture...

this pklace is getting dusty... not that it was all that clean before anyways...

and poodles

he's around, maybe in rehab.

He's around, maybe in rehab

Callous Jack wrote:
CourtFool wrote:

Arise, my pet!

Here is your second chance. I need someplace else to troll other than the civil religious discussion thread.

Come back to the Jack thread.

You tell'im boss!

*throws an beer bottle (empty of course) at the tank's target*

Cockapoo wrote:
Crimson Jester wrote:
I kind of miss Court fool. He was entertaining at the least.
I'm hoping he'll return soon. YAP!

The poodle lord and Mr Callous Jack are missing...maybe they eloped?

Snooki is a woman? O.o

and maybe some frosty PBRs...

Its been almost 2 months since the boss's last appearance... I hope he's OK...

what he said!

and monocles


This thread always makes me hungry

robot, what robot?

Drooly Toddler wrote:
*rolls on his back and shoves his feet in his mouth*


everyone in here is already why do they keep posting?

This thread is full of ban fail!

Are we having Hippie BBQ again?

I'll go get the Tabasco to diminish the flowery taste...

this thread has gone mostly undefiled!

Jack Hammer wrote:
Frat Jack wrote:
We should invite the Dumb Hippie to the untitled thread, they should treat him right over there...
That's a her. I think........ It's hard to tell with them long hairs.

a her? o my...

*washes eyes with paint thinner*

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