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take the Monster Tactician Archetype

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i want Smurfs

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str : 7
dex : 16
cos : 14
int : 19
wis : 10
cha: 7

form lv4 put everything on INT

Witch : Ley Line

Spontaneous casting by INT (and you get a +2 INT for disciple)

Magic Missile is the way!
Is not a matter of damage ... it always hit and give you the free trip. And you can cast many of them!

Against NPC is very good... but against monsters is hard... so i don't think it worth to waste too many feat...

Magical lineage + toppling spells is enough to stop almost every fight against NP (without magic shield) in one round, with jus a level 1 spell!

Can i suggest you a trick that seems missed from the "Scaled Fist" Archetype?

With high CHA you can qualify for the eldritch heritage feats chain!

And some bloodline, like Orcs are very nice! (+6 to STR and enlarge self for free... to take another +6 to STR!)

Tons of options!
I think it will be good to write something about.

Use enemies that force them to "think differently".
Flight monsters, invisible, uncorporeal, undead, magical, iwth resistance and immunities, teleport etc..

Have you rolled 3x d12 for those stats??

There's no any kind of advantage to multiclass a wizard if you don't want to take a prestige class (such arcane trickster).
Wizard can do only 1 thing... SPELLS!
And they are the best class to do this... if you loose some caster level you loose your strenght!

Btw with those stats you can do a decent Mystic Theurge wit Oracle levels.
And your party don't have a healer... so think about that....

Take half-orc with sacred tatoo
use double axe

then eldritch heritage Orc, and improved and greater

Make a strong build not dex

Use fortune and kick ass!

Take a level of Sashbuckler

With swash grace, parry and response etc... you will be a better melee... and use dex to hit and on damge

Why not

2x paladin
2x Scaled Fist
1x Sorc

then DDisciple X

smite, lay on hand, divine grace, 2x monk feat (dragon style!)

You lost spellcaster levels... but i think that ddisciple is more a melee monter that use some buff than a real spellcaster

Hero lab don't allow me to choose a bloodline with eldritch heritage if i already got one from class....

If you got a bloodline (with sorcerer or bloodrager...) you cant take eldritch heritage... of another bloodline!

Thanks to all

But i d'not think that bad is the way...

he have performance, to buff and support others... his spell list is limited, and have some problems with "action economy".

My builds can spell combact... so cast spells and full'attack in a round. or can cast 2x spells with the theurge ability!

My fisrt build was a magus + warpriest that can use fervor to quick buff spells... but it was too MAD so i switch to Oracle and made a CHA base character.

Round 1 : mirror image + divine power
Round 2 : frostbite and full attack (6 attacks with 32 str. Frostbite damage, better if rimed, a lot of damage with spell strike... and grow large with abyssal bloodline).

A bard can't do this in just 2 rounds...

there is an alternative racial trait of the half-elf that let you gain a spelcaster level in each your spellcasting classes if you multiclass.
With thath + magical knack he can cast like a 16lv magus and a 17lv oracle.

For buff : first round you can cast 2x spells... like divine power (+ fate's favored) and haste!
Or shield + shield of faith to boost CA

13 BAB is bad i know... but with 32 strenght + enanched weapon and buff it's pretty easy to hit enemies, and he got 3x natural attacs... so i can make his 3 sword attacs + claw + gore.
I take "multiattack" feat.
Don't think to take many metamagic feats... he use spells for buff and heal, and damage by spellstrike/combact

at lv 20 he cast lv5 magus spells and lv 7 oracle. something like 55+ spells at day!

Hi all, i've tried to make a character that can cast spells both arcane and divine and fight good with a long sword, like Final fantasy (or bravely second) Red Mage!

I mixed some classes and archetype, and i got a very strong build (but only playable at high levels).
He can fight and make a lot of damage (32 str + spell combact/strike) buff himself, cure, debuff, resurrect, make elemental damage... it's an al purpose character!

LV 20 half-elf

STR 22
CON 16
INT 10
CHA 18

5 levels of magus - eldritch scion (abysasal bloodline, to grow large)
4 levels of oracle - lunar mystery (cha to AC and Reflex)

1 (10) levels of mystich theurge

10 Levels of Evangelist (theurge algigned)

Also : Eldritch heritage (and improved) Abyssal (+6 str)
Deific Obedience/diverse obedience Shelin (to gain a smite evil ability, good hope SLA and ah always holy-shock weapon).

In Spirit form and mystical focus he gain 32 STR!
3x attacks + 2x claws + gore.
And spell combact of course!

The bad... at level 20 (with a light armor of +4) he only have 19 AC, but he can cast many protective spells from arcane and divine schools.
And he can cast 2 spells in a round thank to the theurge lv10 ability!

with the right traits, at level 20 he cast like a 16lv magus AND a 17lv oracle! Not bad!
He gains Arcana and Revelation (take more with extra feats)

I take the fate's favored bonus and divine fervor + divine power... very strong!

He got alot of class skills, but non many skill points... btw he have +4 to every untrained skills thanks to the Evangelist bonus.
Spirit form is +4 str and an extra gore attack.

What do you think?
I know... i single clss focused magus/oracle will be stronger, but i think that this can be a very fun character concept, and at high level it can be very usefoul.

This work!

Herolab allow me to take 3 levels of phalanx fighter and then go magus and use his ability with a polearm

I take Spire Defender archetipe... i gains prficency with Fauchard... thats' an amazing weapon to use... 18-20 crit (15-20 with magus weapon enchant "keen") , reach and trip! And gain dodge and combact expertise without loosing nothing!

Of course.. you loose 3 magus level and caster level... but it's a nice build for a heavy hitting tanking magus!

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Have a Cleric!

I've played a kensai/bladebound magus with dervish dance and it was a monster!

Just max up dex and int and hit everything with shocking garsp and your keen scimitar for 15-20 critical spell!

Just buy a kilt and spend money to enchant it (or brace of armor). you dont'need to spend money in swords!

Elves are a nice race to play for it (but don't dump costitution!)

You can also take 3 free magus Arcana with elves, so you can compensate for the lost of the 3rd.

I'don't see any real reasons to take vanilla magus... for me bladebound is the real magus!

5 levels of ninja, then red mantis assassin... both need high CHA, for ki powers and for spells. Both have Sneak Attack.
Focus on high dex and cha build!!

Use the Preacher Archetype! Is good and he fits perfect with living grimoire concept.

You lose teamwork feats but gain some usefoul abilities

Judgement with "instant jugment" feat are far away better than normal judgment... it's like have it all activated together.

You start with justice or destruction... if some one cast a spell on you "instant switch" on protection, if a dragon use energy breath against you "instant switch" on energy reduction. AC boost and DR are also good choice.
You always have the right judgment when needed with this feat!

Also :

Paladin 2
Figther 2
Bardo (or sorc) 1
DD x

i'always play DD as ha melee character and only use spell to buff

In Italian translation Sailor Moon was the "paladin of Justice", so i think that paladin will be a nice choice :)

Salve a tutti!

Mi rendo conto che la discussione sia un po' datata ma...

ci sarebbe nessuno interessato a giocare a Pathfinder Society su roll20 a distanza??

Si potrebbe mettere su una campagna...

Con gli stranieri a me risulta difficile, non tanto per la lingua quanto per gli orari!

Giocare con altri italiani invece, magari dopo cena, sarebbe molto più semplice (e divertente!)

It's a great party, they can make everything!

I'run RotRL with a party of only combact classes and just a Bard as spellcaster and they play great.

From 5 module till the end a full spellcaster can help alot but bard+inquisitor+hunter with the right feats and spells can do a great game!

Wizard is the answer

Imbicatus wrote:
Well, one thing you can make great use of as an inquisitor is taking friendly fire maneuvers as one of your teamwork feats. You still have solo tactics, so you have what amounts to improved precise shot. You still absolutely need normal precise shot, especially since your companion will almost always be in melee with what you are trying to shoot.

But "Dead Eye Bowman" trait can be a nice replacement??


is this a viable starting feat selection?

1 trait "Dead Eye Bowman"
1 Point Blank Shot
1 Human - Rapid Shot
3 Deific Obedience Erastil
5 Deadly Aim

I know... it sucks compared to a ranger, fighter or zen archer... but he have a good animal companion (tiger) and can cast some spells. Also with animal focus he can boost DEX and other stats.

no precise shot can hurt... but with that trait and some good teamwork feats maybe i don't miss it too much...

what goods teamwork feats works well with a ranged inquisitor + animal companion??

Thank You!!!

And what do you say if i take the Evagelist PC?

I will lose just a inquisitor level but i gain great boons if i warship erastil!

Prayer once a day (i use fate favored trait), 2nd animal companion with Twin Fangs and WIS TO HIT (+DEX) and to damage with a bow!

Also Evangelist give other nice stuff.

What will be a good feats progression (i use human) for make a good ranged inquisitor?

I try this pc for a path finder society game!

Hi and sorry for my bad english!

I' tried to make a sacred huntsmaster inquisitor!

I want him to use a longbow and make him something like a hunter.

Inquisitors can make a lot of thing but they don't get many feats... and a longbow user need alot of them!

With just 3 levels of zen archer i will get:

2x bonus feats
point-blank master
weapon focus longbow
flurry with longbow
Wis to hit
Wis to AC
Better safes
More class Skills
No need to buy armors
Manouvre Training
Improved Unarmed Strike (so a nice way to hit if cought in melee)


But i'lose :

3 spell levels (i'should wait until level 7 to cast 2lv inquisitors spells :\ )
3 AC levels (but i'can take boon companion)

Have all inquisitor features delayed for 3x levels.


Better multiclass zen archer or go straight inquisitor??


BigNorseWolf wrote:
Woodoodoo wrote:

Waiiit a minute, you can stack the two different rages?

Not at the same time but since they are technically rage and bloodrage you have both independant class features, urban bloodrager gives you back your 10 foot movement increase, and you have two pools of rage rounds, which is really good if you just dipped one of the barbarians.


You can't multiclass an hybrid class with one of it's original classes!

Bloodrager is Sorcerer + Barbarian, so you can't take level in those 2 classes

Azten that's good... but i want high cha for qualify for eldritch heritage!

Darksol all the classes i used for the build (except 2lv of fighter) have high Will Safe, + 4 from divine grace is 14 will at lv 20.
Way better of most melee characters.
Also armor class is good! You can use full plate (and cast divine spells) you got natural armor and some defensive spells (like shield of faith)... i think is a better AC than most other melee.
Also he have combact expertice.
Skill point sucks... but with human +1sp per level and lore warde i got all sp for qualify for my PC

He have the same weakness of a paladin, less immunity and smite damage, but much more strenghe, AC, and versatility (wings, spells, feats)

Quasi quasi...


(Raging/Buffed Eidolon!)

I need Racial Heritage Kobold for SCALED DISCIPLE!

Tail Terror is just a "plus" but if you say that i actually need a tail to use it (and that seems legit...) i'skip it... and take my other 6 natural attacks...

I've some "confusion" about use natural + manifactured weapons...

can i make 4 iterative attack with a one-hand sword, then use my other hand for a claw attack and wings + gore + bite??

Ok.. so sword is not a good idea...

Better only natural attack...

1 Bite (DD)

2 Claws (DD)

1 Gore (Rage Power)

2 Wings (DD + feat)

1 Tail (Terror Tail feat)

7 attacks! And only tail is secondary!

All with 44/50 STR

I' Think he talked about the new Magaambyan Arcanist ARCHETYPE not PC

i gain the natural attack when in "human" form too...

2 claws, bite, gore, tail and 2 wings

With multiattack feat the penality for secondary attacks are not bad...

25+ damage "only from strenght" + Power attack and other buff

And i can take a sword to make a full round attack with 4 iterative attack + 6 naturals.. 10 attacks! Al natural will be secondary (just -2 to hit)

Full plate + natural armor from DD is not so bad! I can take feats to improve them, or shield wings to add shield bonus to AC (but lose the wings attacks).
Also have Combact Expertise for free.

I made some test and lv20 i have 35CA without magic items or spells (he can cast shield of faith too) and 300+ HP
I' think this is a nice tank!

can't change the title ;__;

Nehiter with Racial heritage Kobold?

That took away one of my attacks...

But it free one space from other useful feats...

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Hi all!

I've made some experiment with Hero Lab for try a strong Dragon Disciple build!
I Want to use the "scaled disciple" feat because i like the idea of a divine dragon, and you can cast divine spells in full plate, so you can dump DEX.

I've some target that i want to achieve with this build:

- Strong melee character with high HP and Armor class with some magic buff;

- Tons of natural attack (7 + 4 iterative attack if use a sword)

- Eldritch Heritage line feats

- Good CMB (expecially with Trip)

So a feat starving build!
I've tried to mix many usefoul classes to make it real...

But let's talk about the build... step by step!

Race : Human (Ulfen) With the "focused study" alternative racial trait. You "lose" the bonus feat... but you gain 3! 2 of them will be required for stronger feats later and i choose "Use Magical Devices" for 3rd.

STR 17 +2 racial = 19
COS 16
CHA 16

All your bonus will go to strength (but you need 17 CHAR at high levels to take Greater Heldritch heritage)

Feat : Racial Heritage (Kobold)
Human Feat : Skill Focus (Survival)
The "core". Smite Evil, full armor proficency, high BAB. The 2 feats are prerequisite for this build.

LV 2 - Fighter (Lore Warden)
Bonus feat : "Tail terror".
Fighter is exencial for this build! It give you 2 bonus feat, and with lore warden you gain a 3rd!
It also give you all INT skills as class skills and 4 skill point.
This build have low INT so free skill points will be good!
Use them to knowledge Arcana and Linguistic for DD prerequisites.
Tail terror is you first (weak) natural attack. I'll use the tail attachment that give TRIP for combact maneuvre

LV 3 - ORACLE (Lame, Battle)
Feat : Scaled Disciple
Oracle Revelation : Surprising Charge
I choose "lame" cause later... you can rage.
I' choose Battle for low level usefoul buff spells and Surprising Charge is nice, expecially when you will flies. If used wisely it can be something like a "pounce" for your full attack fury!

But if you have some better advices on Mistery and Revelations please tell me!

LV 4 - Paladin
Divine Grace! Now your safe will shine! (Except for Reflex... your main weak).

LV 5 - Fighter (Lore Warden)
Feat : Eldritch Heritage (Orc)
Bonus feat : Combact Expertise (free from Lore Warden)
Bonus Feat : improved Trip (for boost your tail ability)

LV 6 and 7 - Dragon Disciple
That's the goal of the build.
Take Power Attack as Bonus feat, and Multiattack if you want to use a weapon other then you claws, theet and tail

LV 8 - Ulfen Guard
Rage Power - Fiend totem, lesser

Surprise! yes, another Prestige Class, and now you will be a LG Smiting RAGING Divine Dragon!
And you gain a gore attack 5 natural attacks!


No more surprise.
Take all the Eldritch Heritage (Orc) feats, and the one that give you 2x wings attacks.

At LV 17 you can grow large and have something like 50STRG, 7 natural attacks and 4 iterative!

You only have 4levels of oracles spells... but there are tons of "luck" bonus buffs, and yo ucan take the Fate Favored traits to boost.

Last 4 levels can be taken in paladin, for more Smite or Oracle for more spells.
Holy Servants will give you both, but need more prerequisite.

Sentinel is also good if you take Deific Obdience. Iomedae and Apsu are both nice.

LV 20 you got :

A beast with 50str, 20 CON, 17 CHA, 35 AC, super Fortitude and Will save (but low Reflex). Almost 300HP

10 attacks.

Breath Weapon, Wings, Smite Evil and Rage.

Some Nice Buff spells.

What do you think? Any suggestions?


I've tried this build yesterday:

Druid 3 (mhenir savant, air domain)
Sorcerer 4 (Empyreal Wildblooded)
MT 1
Evangelist 10 (Aligned MT)
Sorcerer 2

You can focus just to boost your WIS (and put the rest in COn or DEX like a normal full spellcaster).

Focus on Conjuration, the best school and both druid and sorcerer have good spells of this school.

At LV 20 you can cast lv8 sorcerer spells and lv7 druid spells.
With a very hight WIS (24 in my builds with the true form of evangelist) your spell dc will be good.

Of course you will always be weaker than a single class caster but you will be full of spells and full of choices.
Also druid spell list is very versatile... mybe not too strong but you can focus on learn only the best sorcerer spells that druid don't have.

I'see her in this way...

4lv bard GEISHA + Archeologist

2lv Ninja

Then... Arcane Trickster 10!

She is a maid, she is a ninja.. she is both and IMHO a usefoul and strong character to... (use tons of charm spells)

Hexcrafter Bladebound Elf Magus will be a nice "emo" charatcter.
Half-elves drow blood are nice too

And you can make that i lose his lover and her soul is coucht on the blackblade forever... and he cut himself with it... so EMO!

how could you became a dragon disciple if you're not a arcane spontaneous spellcaster?

Oracle is divine, Bloodrager become a spellcaster only at lv4!

Also, don't you think it's better to take the fighter archetype that give you the Mutagen? it's a great way to take a +4 to STR!

And there are some deific (or demoniac) obediences that boost your strenght too. take a look

I suggest you to build a ranged inquisitor, is more optimized, more easy to cast spells in battle and btw you're not a good tank.

if you want to make a melee inquisitor, take a weapon with more damage dices (like the erathbreaker) and the vital strike feats.
With 2/3 bab you don't make many attack per round but with vital strike + bane you will do alot of damages!

If u go ranged try the "sacred huntmaster" prestige class


the more I think the more it seems weak to me u_u

but wath about some spell that flat foot the enemies?

Or Hold person... Deep Slumber... and more..?


1 LV sneakbite
1 LV warlock
3 LV Wizard
X LV Arcane Trikster?

i'think it was:

1d6 + "1 more d6" every four levels...

1d6 + 1 is very bad...

i mean normal invisibility...

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