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GravenImageRD wrote:
Tonya Woldridge wrote:
Morph147 wrote:
Nothing for Pathfinder adventure card game? :(
We will have Pathfinder Adventure Card Society news as part of the Thursday Organized Play seminar.
What about for folks that aren't interested in the Pathfinder ACG organized play? I was really hoping to hear about new content since we haven't gotten anything since the release last year, going to be really bummed if there isn't anything. :(

I'm with you in this one. Was really hoping to see the next adventure path.

Thanks, Hawk. I guess I will wait for my authorization email.

I was wondering if anyone else who picked up the base set and character add-on at GenCon, has these items showing up for their September subscription. I checked today to see if that had gone away, but it is still there. Is that just a bug right now?

Thanks, Hawk. On point as usual.

I had started a topic about this, but it went unanswered. I feel your pain as well. I understand that there are much larger issues with people not having the game at all. I fully understand that the promo issue is not on the same level as the AP issue, but either way it is a little unfortunate to not get everything that we were told we would be getting.

I want Paizo to get everyone the game before they help us out, and I hope that is what they are doing. That being said, I would expect the missing promos to go out with the next shipment of your subscription in September.

Getting all of the plunder makes the card worth running into anyways. I do not mind it at all. Keep in mind that I haven't ever failed the check, because I might be singing a different tune at that point. Also, running into this card in the 6th adventure terrifies me. Most characters will have trouble hitting Constitution/Fortitude 17 OR Wisdom/Survival 18, even with a blessing...

Deekow, I think it really depends on the person. I like my experience to be a little more difficult, actually. That being said, I think that the difficulty may be a little too difficult for the base adventure. I think that no matter the focus of the adventure path, the base experience should ease people into the game and teach them how to play. I think that the first few scenarios are more punishing than they should be to teach players the game. For some people, this will be their first experience with the game, and it might make some people shy away. However, if your first experiences are with RotR, then you might like what you are getting yourself into.

If you have played, how do you feel about it?

I was just making sure that it wasn't only my wife and I that were seeing it. We usually play pretty balanced classes in general, but also like to support each other, and we are still having a difficult time.

On another note, I think that some of the boons and characters have been made in such a way that it allows the general difficulty level to be higher. The gems that allow you to roll a different die and re-rolling a die are some of the things that come to mind.

I actually started a discussion on this already, if you want to join over there... Difficulty

Anyway, I agree with you. I think that this experience has been much more difficult. I think that the banes are just more difficult. If you compare the straight numbers from RotR to S&S, the S&S banes are in general more difficult. Also, since there are ships before some encounters, the difficulty is increased even more.

With mats like this, I have always rolled them up. I don't know exactly how your box is laid out, but I do know that folding a mat over and over again will cause it to wear in that spot, and deform a little. When you roll, you can try to alternate the directions to limit deformation and wear.

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Just curious, those of you who have played S&S, how do you feel about the difficulty? My wife and I have played through the first 4 scenarios, and have found S&S to be far more challenging from the get-go than RotR. We failed two scenarios due to running out of blessings, one of which because our Magus was killed by a Siren Caller. Including that previous death, we have had two characters die. I was wondering if anyone else was having a similar experience.

Also, I was expecting S&S to be more difficult, but the difficult out of the gate surprised me. I was expecting the beginning experience to be similar to RotR to ease people into playing, and ramp up later in the game to account for the gear that you are acquiring. I am not upset with it, though, in fact, I like it a little. I felt that until adventure 6 RotR was a little too easy. Like I said, earlier, I was just a little surprised by it.

This may be the wring place for this, but I was wondering when subscribers should expect the promos that were missing from GenCon. Should we be looking at our next shipment, or do you think that these will go out before then? I know that it is not a big deal not to get the promos since I am enjoying the new AP, but it is a little disappointing to not get everything that we were told we were getting. Thank you!

Zoltán Mészáros wrote:
Mundane61 wrote:
Will we get character sheets soon? Eager to check out all the new characters.
I'm asking the same question almost every single day. Well, the sheets were promised before GenCon, so I hope we don't have to wait for much longer.

I am waiting as well. I am hoping that we have these tomorrow so that I can print everything out at home. I don't want to be trying to figure out where to do it in Indy.

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So I am just going to call a playable Shark Paladin as the promo for WotR. It follows the theme, if you can call it a theme after only one occurrence. Goblins were a larger part of RotR, and pirates a large part of S&S, so a Goblin Pirate. Now, we have sharks being mentioned as a large part of S&S, and the battle between good and evil in WotR, so, basically Shark Paladin. Obviously joking here, but I could see something fun in this same vein.

I wonder if scrolls could be introduced as well. I am not familiar with the RPG, but this seems like a good idea, that could essentially function as a one off spell that gets banished after use. It would free up her spells slot, so that she could never keep a spell, yet could have the Arcane skill. But not having the skill is like using a scroll, so it gets a little confusing. Hmm... I guess we will just have to wait and see, I guess.

I don't think that an errata would be required. I think that you can implement a support card, similar to ships. I think that could add another layer to the game, as I stated earlier. This would just be a card that could be added to any character, and could be completely optional. If you want it, cool, here you go, if not, then don't worry about it. As stated, though, some cards, not even close to all, could have a little different effect based on your character's alignment. I think that this would come most into play in divine spells, but there could be plenty of items and weapons that could have little fun effect, such as add 1d4 to a check your character is making, or increasing the difficulty of a check against X by 2. Ideas like that are pretty fun in my opinion.

I am glad that so many people are giving feedback, however. It is nice to have a discussion like this.

I was thinking about this as well. It might be a character more akin to Harsk, or Ranzak. So it could be that you get a spell, but do not get divine or arcane, or maybe you will get the option to skill into spells, and gain the divine or arcane trait after you take your role card. I am thinking that it will be one or the other, but I would like to be surprise and have a fighter that starts with the arcane or divine trait and a spell. That would be pretty exciting.

So this is just a general question that comes from a different thread. Thinking about it now, I should have copied the link and put it in here... Anyway, I was wondering what people thought about the idea of characters having an alignment. I think that with the current sets, and with futures sets, it could be a very interesting idea. For instance, Divine spells that have different effects, or items that certain alignments can't use as effectively. Just a thought. I know that it means there are more and more boons, or banes for that matter, that you are less interested in revealing from a location, but it might add another layer to the depth of this game. What do you all think?

I have never played with one of these mats, can anyone comment if they actually find it that useful? I am interested. I love the art and the character, but I was wondering how people feel about the mats. Thanks!

A goblin location and scenario would be crazy. I guess that would just be a bonus scenario since it wouldn't show up on any of the adventure cards. Hmm... Color me excited for the possibility.

Thanks, Vic. I was wondering about Mogmurch. Sorry about the confusion, Hawk. I just noticed that it was on the subscription today, though when the order was processed. My local store doesn't really get all of the promos, so I wasn't even aware that it was out.

Okay, so where do I get this promo card? Can anybody help me out with this one?

I don't think that this is a pointless topic at all. It really gives some insight into how people play and how they think.

Sooo, for my wife and I, when we play both of us use the same basic setup. We play with our hands revealed the whole time, so we have our hands against the edge of the table, and I place my deck above my hand, and my discard pile to the right of it, fanned out, so that I can see what I do not have in my deck anymore. We play two characters a piece, so we fold our character sheets into fourths and set them in between our two characters' hands. This way everything is centralized and easily accessible.

As far as our locations go, we place them in a line along one of the remaining edges and the box on the other. The middle of the table is really our play area. I think that the way the rulebook has you set everything up your play areas are on the sides, which doesn't work as well for larger groups in my opinion.

Did it!

Also, on this topic, will the character PDFs be available before GenCon? I am picking S&S up, and assume that I will be playing it at night, so the character sheets will be extremely useful.

Mechalibur wrote:

I'm loving how all the promo cards seem to involve kind of selfish mechanics. Like Ranzak can force others to fight his battles and burn the blessings deck for more turns, while this card lets you steal cards from other players' discard piles.

Makes sense to include mechanics like these as promos. They're fun, but ultimately should be optional :P

I agree completely. I love the selfish mechanics. I will be playing a Ranzak who steals everything and eats up the locations decks. I think that would be a very fun way to play this AP. That is, without seeing all of the other cards that it has to offer.

Greyhawke115 wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:

Well, we don't plan on reprinting them, but we will likely have some of the original printing of some of the promos left at the end of the year. (More than that I cannot say just now!)
I hope this (whatever it is) is easily accessible and announced soon. Not sure if "end of the year" meant end of the season, or end of 2014.

I was wondering about the timing of this as well. I don't know if they mean around Christmas, or very soon, since S&S is coming out.

Character Name: Lini
Role Card: Shapeshifter
Skill Feats: Strength+2, Wisdom+2
Power Feats: +1 Hand Size, Weapons, 1d4+2
Card Feats: Weapon+1, Spell+1, Ally+1
Weapons: Impaler or Thorns
Spells: Aid, Cure, Cure, Detect Magic, Holy Light, Inflict, Inflict
Armors: None
Items: Holy Candle, Masterwork Tools
Allies: Cat, Cat, Crow, Sabertooth Tiger
Blessings: Abadar, Gorum, Lamashtu, Norgorber

Character Name: Seoni
Role Card: Celestial Sorcerer
Skill Feats: Charisma+4
Power Feats: +1 Hand Size, Arcane die+1d6+2 with the Fire or Acid trait
Card Feats: Spell+2, Item+1
Weapons: None
Spells: Frost Ray, Lightning Bolt, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Toxic Cloud
Armors: None
Items: Masterwork Tools, Staff of Minor Healing, Sihedron Medallion, Wand of Enervation
Allies: Acolyte, Acolyte, Father Zantus, Shalelu Andosana
Blessings: Abadar, Calistria, Lamashtu, Sarenrae, Shelyn

Character Name: Valeros
Role Card: Weapon Master
Skill Feats: Strength+3, Charisma+1
Power Feats: +2 Hand Size, 1d4+1, May use Melee in place of Ranged
Card Feats: Ally+2, Blessing+1
Weapons: Bastard Sword+1, Dogslicer+1, Heavy Pick+1, Shock Longbow+1, Warhammer+1
Spells: None
Armors: Elven Chain Shirt, Magic Half-Plate, Shield of Fire Resistance
Items: Belt of Giant Strength, Chime of Unlocking,
Allies: Jakardos Sovark, Soldier, Standard Bearer, Vale Temros
Blessings: Abadar, Gorum, Gorum, Lamashtu

Character Name: Ranzak
Role Card: Kleptomaniac
Skill Feats: Dexterity+3, Wisdom+1
Power Feats: +1 Hand Size, Add 1d4+3, 3,4,5, or 6 explore
Card Feats: Armor+1, Item+2
Weapons: Deathbane Light Crossbow+1, Heavy Crossbow, Returning Throwing Axe+1, Venomous Dagger+2
Spells: Aid
Armors: Hide Armor of Fire Resistance, Snakeskin Tunic
Items: Belt of Incredible Dexterity, Belt of Incredible Dexterity, Crown of Charisma, Sage's Journal, Staff of Minor Healing, Sihedron Medallion
Allies: Poog of Zarongel
Blessings: Erastil, Erastil, Erastil, Norgorber

Hawk, I actually think that there will be three of them. If you look at your subscription, Ranzak and, I believe, three other cards are listed. Also in another post, not sure which right now, Vic said that we will be getting an impressive stack of promos for GenCon. Just something to think about.

isaic16 wrote:
Nefrubyr wrote:
Fotta wrote:
Nefrubyr wrote:

In the base set we soon ran into the damned, elusive Sh-a-dow (you probably have to be a Brit to get this reference).

Scarlet Pimpernel?

Indirectly yes, but filtered through this episode of the nation's favourite sitcom. I couldn't find a clip of the actual sh-a-dow line though.

Also, I forgot to include the nickname of the most annoying barrier, the F***ing *ell.

The Bell... oh lord the Bell. I swear it's been following us...

My wife hates the Bell as well, but I think that her Seoni is having a lot more trouble with collapsing all of the ceilings in the entire adventure path...

Mike Selinker wrote:
It's because our new printer prints the cards differently, so we had room for 15 more cards, which we gleefully consumed.

Nice! I am sure that we will all appreciate this.

Tanis O'Connor wrote:
The dev team has a lot of these, as you might expect. My personal favorite is Norgorber, aka "Ermahgerd! Nergerber!"

Blessing of No Boogers for my group.

I like the Soon™... Seems like too many people at Paizo have been playing Blizzard games. Hehe. I know this feeling though.

Gotcha, gotcha.

I never really thought about that. I might have to look into that a little more, actually. I think that the Elven Archer is the only card that adds the Magic trait. I can't really think of another.

I am well aware that I should use the dagger to get the Magic trait. If I did it in that way, there would be no confusion. I was just using it an example. Hehe.

I was more wondering about cards like Poog who can add to someone else's check, mainly because of characters such as Lini who might be using her power to fight.

Sad. They really need something, other than the Elven Ranger that can the Magic trait to a combat check.

I just figured that I would piggy back this thread since my wife and I were wondering about the magic trait. I believe that we are playing correctly, but just wanted to make sure. When you need the Magic trait to defeat a monster, having the Fire or Acid trait, does not imply that you also have the Magic trait, correct? For instance, if Merisial were to use the Heavy Crossbow and the discard ability from the Poisonous Dagger +2, she would not have the Magic trait on the attack, correct? Or if Valerous uses a Long Sword and also uses Poog to add the Fire trait.

My 'insert' cost me $0.00. I wish I had a picture of this, but I have never taken one to show people, but I can tell you the basics of what I did. So, I use Dragon Shield sleeves. I have said this a few times on the forums. These types of sleeves come in a cardboard box. So I am just recycling these, since I am already buying the card sleeve. So, to the main construction part. If you remove the plastic insert, there are cardboard slats underneath that help hold the insert in place. I removed these and threw the insert away. With the slats, I created 4 lanes for the cards. I used the cardboard boxes from the sleeves to form the dividers between the boons, and to give each lane something to hold it in place. There is a little extra room left over on one of the sides, so I placed a couple of the expansion boxes, the character expansion and the 1st adventure ones work well if you are starting a new box. This holds it all together.

Also, the sleeve boxes are super helpful, since you can put the cards you are not using in them until you get to the adventure number that requires them.

If this is confusing, let me know, and I will try to clarify.

See, Vic, I thought you said 12. I reread, and yup, you said 12. That is a couple more than RotR to be certain. I am a little excited about this now. Are we going to be seeing more and more promo runs like this in the future?

I will also weigh in on this topic, since I think everyone is a little in the same boat.

As far as the cost goes, I would agree that monthly releases is a little tougher on my wallet and free time. As it stands, I think that the bimonthly release schedule was a little slow for my wife and I, but just about right for my game night group, so I think that the issue of scheduling really depends on how you play and how much free time you really have. The monetary issue is there, since this is essentially doubling the investment on people that want to enjoy the content. My wife and I have decided to see just how S&S goes before we really make any decisions on whether or not it is too much for us, based on how much we get to play. Also, I am a sleever, so my wallet is definitely going to feel a little more pain, but I am going to try to get the sleeves I want in bulk ahead of time, so that might help a little.

Starting over is a little bit of an issue, especially after sinking 40+ hours into each one of your characters at the end of each scenario, for some. I can definitely understand that. For me, I want to play as many characters as I can, because I like to see how they perform based on different party compositions. I try not to get too attached to a character, because I know that I will put them to rest and move on. Sad, but true fact. If you are very attached, though, there are plenty of homebrew ideas for what could happen after adventure 6.

Another huge factor in all of this, is that the characters that you can play in each adventure are tailored to the adventure. If you look at the differences between RotR Valeros and S&S Valeros, you can definitely see the differences. S&S Valeros is better at not drowning for one. The same can be said of Ranzak. His character is based on acquiring boons and staying alive. THe characters are designed to perform well in the AP that they are associated to, but if you feel strongly about it, you can still bring your favorite character with you.

I have not really thought a lot about the OP, since I already have a group going through the APs, and with the timing of everything, do not think that I will have time to do both. If the OP and the adventures alternated months, then I would definitely thing about both. For now, the class decks for me, are just that, new characters to play in classes that I already know.

Thanks ryric. That is definitely helpful to me. I sort of assumed most of this, but having everything nicely clarified and summed up is great. Also, 20 in a row, eh? I haven't been since 2009 when I was competing in the NACCs for WoW TCG. Looking to get back to it.

Thank you very much Hawk. I wasn't sure when everything would happen and when I need to change all of the toggles and things like that. One of my concerns is that my wife and I are signed up for an event, but will need to get the class deck required to play, and we might be a little late in getting to the convention hall based on travel time. Oh wells, I guess we just stand in line like everyone else. Hehe.

Okay, so previously I wasn't going to GenCon, so I avoided a lot of the threads about GenCon, but now I am going and am hoping to get all of my questions answered in one place. Here are a few:

1. How do I set my subscription up for pick-up at GenCon? Once it is set up, when and where will I be able to pick up everything.

2. Can I add a class deck pre-order to my sub for August. If so, can I also pick that up at GenCon with everything else?

3. Once everything is set up in this manner, will my card be charged, or will I have to pay for everything at GenCon?

4. I know that most of the events are already full, but might there be openings in events so that people could come in and just play, or is that unlikely?

5. Lastly, who is going?


cartmanbeck wrote:

From my subscription shipment list for the August shipment:

1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Ranzak~
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Mogmurch~
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Goblin Keelhaulin'~
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Goblin Weidling~

We obviously know what Ranzak is at this point. Mogmurch is a goblin character from We Be Goblins, so it's likely that he's an Ally card.

Not sure about the other two... or am I? *muahahaha*

Good call on this one. I hadn't even looked at my sub. Now that I have, wow, there are going to be quite a few promos for us to get our hands on. I think I am not interested in September's promo, though. The Owlbeartross. Now if that isn't a ridiculous flying bear monster who causes your ship bad luck when you kill it, then I might be a little disappointed. Well, if it was a ridiculous flying bear monster ally that Lini could use, then it might make up for it.

I usually run Ranzak through a location by himself. I am not to adventure 3, yet, so the difficulty might not have increased high enough, yet. I find that with 4 weapons in his deck, he usually picks up one, and mine has a DLC+1, and 2 Heavy Crossbows, so he doesn't hurt in combat, especially with Dex+3. His evade is the power than I use the least, actually. Also, I have an armor, Sihedron Medallion, and Arcane Armor, so I am not super afraid of taking a lot of damage.

Ranzak and Merisiel in the same party? They will just be fighting each other over the same cards the whole time. They are very similar characters. They both want the ranged weapon and any useful items they can get.

My wife and I have been playing Ranzak, Valeros, Seoni, and Lini, and are having a ton of fun. Ranzak can support the whole party, for the most part with his ability to acquire almost anything in the early game. You will also encounter Junk Beach and General Store pretty often in the early game, and he can close both of those locations in 1 or 2 turns. Regularly I go through the General Store, including the d6 items, in 1 turn.

Vic Wertz wrote:
The August subscription shipment will contain an impressive stack of promo cards.

When will we be getting a list of the promos coming out with S&S? Should we expect it after PaizoCon?

First World Bard wrote:
Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Reviving this thread to point out a combo I'd noticed. If Merisiel takes her Charisma recharge power, she can also get help from an Acolyte.
While that's true, Merisel is way better off with a Troubadour. He'll add a 1d6 to any noncombat Charisma check OR Dexterity check (which for Merisel includes Acrobatics, Stealth, and Disable).

This is true. Hmm. I may need to try this build at some point. It sounds really strange and fun.

It has been a while since I have started a thread like this, so I thought I might try it again. I am betting that it is not just my group that uses nicknames for certain cards or powers on characters. Here are a few examples...

Masterwork Tools = Mastertwerk Tools. Run into a barrier that you can't beat? That's fine, just twerk it.

Ring of Protection = Bonk Ring. Taking some damage? Nope, bonk.

Lini using her discard power to get a d10 dexterity = Cat form.
Lini using her discard power to get a d10 strength = Bear form.

Lem using his power to add a d4+X = Guitar Solo!

There are others, but I would like to hear more from the community. So, what are your nicknames?

I think that the two boons that Hawk mentioned are a big reason to add it in. The Deathbane Light Crossbow on its own is worth it, since you can take it all the way to adventure 4 and not feel bad about it at all. Ranzak loves it as well. The extra copy of Masterwork Tools also helps a lot for all of the brutish characters that can't roll a dex check to save their lives.

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