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I was wondering if anyone else who picked up the base set and character add-on at GenCon, has these items showing up for their September subscription. I checked today to see if that had gone away, but it is still there. Is that just a bug right now?

It is. I've seen posts similar to yours in the customer service thread. They'll get it fixed before the run authorization.

Also, to anyone reading this, as best practice check your authorization email. If there is a mistake on it, that is the time to let Paizo know. Once you get your "shipping" email, they can't change your order.

Thanks, Hawk. I guess I will wait for my authorization email.

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Erixian, I am seeing that on mine as well. Plus subscriptions that were cancelled are back and my comic subscription is out of order (they're supposedly shipping #5 before #4). I've posted in the Customer Service board.

Some threads to calm your fears:

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Thanks! I can't search the message boards very well during the day ... it's a bit of warfare between me and content blockers ...

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