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Existential Crisis C. Yesterday wrote:
Electric Wizard wrote:
high G wrote:
Tensor wrote:

Now, your time as come. How would you win the Kobayashi Maru ?


My Plan:

I will dump the anti-matter in the ship's wake, and fire up the
turbo-after space burners to ignite it. Then, pull a jiggy-dog Zordac
evasive maneuver to get the burning anti-matter between the Enterprise
and the Klingons. And, then jumped away at Plaid speed warp-11.

To counter the the expected Corbomite counter-maneuver, I will have a
multi-pass strategically hidden in my pants.

Did you pass?

You answer your own question then ask yourself for a follow up?

Are we okay?

Even Maximilian had a tough time passing his Turing test, and he didn't waste his time binging on sci-fi wiki articles. Best buckle down and apply yourself, Tensor Collective, or you'll never be taken seriously as an AI End Boss.

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CrystalSeas wrote:
Monkey Santa wrote:
Heh heh heh...


Atascadero/Pine Mountain

Dang it, Clarke's 2010 isn't a how-to. And these things are supposed to multiplying on Jupiter, not here.

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John Napier 698 wrote:
It's so hard, fighting Youtube's gravity well.

No, no, nothing can escape its pull. You must GO THROUGH!

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Undead astronauts followed by undead colonists would seem to greatly decrease the resources needed (food, water, oxygen, radiation shielding, other safety concerns, etc.)

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Maximilian, set a course through... THE TROPES HOLE !

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Tacticslion wrote:
1d4 Goblin Babies wrote:
1d4 goblin babies always thought Tacticslion was the Xamot to Tictacslion's Tomax.
This may or may not be true depending on the definition of literally any of these things at all. I honestly don't know, though, so it remains unknown until I'm (re?)educated on terminology!

Tomax and Xamot were the evil twin brothers from the 80s G.I. Joe cartoon. Tictacslion is your hypothetical minty twin from 1) the Trek Mirror Universe, b) an unrealized reality, and/or π) Captain Yesterday's list of aliases.

Cole Deschain wrote:
...whenever a new character debuts, there's often a tendency to "feed" them existing characters to defeat with casual ease, thereby making the new character look tougher.

Ah yes, the Worf Effect

The TVTropes Abyss wrote:
quibblemuch wrote:

Most of the time I enjoy seeing the tropes. I've lost many an hour to the TV Tropes wiki. Some people think of them as lazy or bad writing, but I see them as the basic tools of the trade. Like paints in a palette. And I like it when they're done cleverly and when it all fits together.

But for a lot of people that awareness takes them out of the experience of the entertainment and they don't like it. So I try to respect that.

But a few tropes (like the plexiglass prison) just set me off...

... all... according to plan...

Maximilian, set a course through... 🇹🇭🇪 🇹🇷🇴🇵🇪🇸 🇭🇴🇱🇪!

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Cthulhudrew wrote:
In the silent vastness of space, everyone is a ninja!!

Yeah, but according to the rule of Conservation of Ninjutsu*, that means everyone is really sucky at it.

* Make a Will save with +4 to DC. Failure means you've crossed the event horizon and are trapped in the TV Tropes hole for 1d4 hours.

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James Sutter wrote:
...Starfinder is quantum superposition canon: it both is and is not the actual future of Pathfinder until observed by an outside party—you—at which point the wave function collapses and it becomes either canon or not for your game. :D

A quantum superposition cannon should really be a weapon in the game.

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Season 9 wrote:

I WiLL NeVeR FoRgEt tHiS TrEaChErY!

I WiLL NoT FoRgIvE It!
YoU sHaLL RuE thE DaY yOu CrOsSeD Me!!!


Yes, yes, yada yada yada... it's healthier to get it out of your system now instead of brooding on it. Don't feel bad, it happens to the best of us.

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I blame Cosmo (and the Valeyard) that no one is doing any significant research into developing dimensionally transcendental B.A.R.S.I.S. (Books And Roleplaying Supplements In Shelves) technology. A bookshelf that is larger on the inside than outside would be a substantial benefit.

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{fails save, falls into TVTropes abyss} MAXIMILIANNNNNNNNNNN!

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The Operative: I'm sorry. If your quarry goes to ground, leave no ground to go to. You should have taken my offer. Or did you think none of this was your fault?
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: I don't murder children.
Operative: I do. If I have to.
Mal: Why? Do you even know why they sent you?
Operative: It's not my place to ask. I believe in something greater than myself. A better world. A world without sin.
Mal: So me and mine gotta lay down and die... so you can live in your better world?
Operative: I'm not going to live there. There's no place for me there... any more than there is for you. Malcolm... I'm a monster. What I do is evil. I have no illusions about it, but it must be done.

Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:

I told Doctor Krieger that this batch of Garcia clones weren't ready to be set loose in the wild yet! Augh!

Rysky wrote:
Chris Lambertz wrote:
[redacted] I don't care if it shreds my esophagus, it makes me feel fancy.
Cigar made out of diamond dust?

Cosmo is test-marketing a new e-cigarette made from ground pugwampis and crystallized shame. It still has a few... drawbacks.

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Rysky wrote:
2d4 Slaadlings wrote:
Ooh! Can we be the originally useless, ultimately victorious sidekicks! We have the useless part down.
Nah you're this and hopefully, later this.

Maximillian! More power to the engines! The Cygnus almost slipped across the event horizon before I could plot a safe entry vector!

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Gruumash . wrote:
I am awesome enough for anything. But what are sword chucks?

{points to the yawning abyss} Your answer lies beyond the event horizon.

Taliesin Hoyle wrote:

There is a black hole in the submission room at Paizo.

You had my curiosity. But now you have my attention.

Kalshane wrote:
That being said, Ward is apparently the world's dumbest sniper, setting up somewhere that a truck was in his way.

Ward as sniper is playing the part of Worf.

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Tinkergoth wrote:
Belle Mythix wrote:

We need an Hermaphrodite Iconic, and maybe a Trap/Reverse Trap one or two as well.

I'm not familiar with what a trap is in this context. Anyone able to help me out with this?

{drops a Bridget on him}

Another voyager lost in the Tropes Hole!

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Maximilian! Prepare the Cygnus' anti-gravity forcefield generators! I will begin the calculations to plot us a course through...

THE TROPES HOLE!!! {cue menacing orchestral score}