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Sovereign Court

I just read this.

If this is true, it's really awesome.

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{fails save, falls into TVTropes abyss} MAXIMILIANNNNNNNNNNN!

Some of those are rather dubious, others I know for a fact to be true.

Sovereign Court

Which are dubious? Almost all of them make sense to me.

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It is dubious to say that Gillmen are based on DC or Marvel's Atlanteans, for instance. (Instead of going directly to the myth of Atlantis.)

Or that the antipaladin is wielding Frostmourne, instead of both those swords just being 'imposing-looking evil swords'.

And so on. Convergent evolution, or a common inspiration, doesn't make one thing a shout-out to another.

Please tell me Mount Soryu and Mount Langley aren't a coincidence.

But it is true that Paizo is awesome.

+1 for Paizo and Pathfinder being the cat's meow!

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