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Wow Gustavo thank you so much for this. I have been meaning to update these lists for some time. You are a champ sir. Also, the 3d Eye of Avarice map... wow. Love it. Things like this really bring the game to life for people. Great work sir. Very much appreciated.

I have a friend who is looking for an official ruling on exactly this issue. Is there anything posted on this from anyone at Paizo?

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Here is what I am thinking so far....

The Butcher - Wields a giant cleaver and chops his victims into separate pieces, and chooses one cut from each victim which he wrapes in butcher's paper and delivers to the police, often before the body is discovered.

The Surgeon - Uses a number of tools in his murders, apparently opening up and removing organs from his victims while they are still alive. Often seems to use drugs to render his victims unable to resist him.

The Fist - He beats his victims to death with his bare hands.

The Fishmonger - Kills using a gaffhook and a very sharp knife. Guts and cleans his victims and leaves a fish at the scene of every murder.

The Leech - Suspends his victims upside down and drains all of their blood slowly through a small incision in their neck. Not even a drop of blood is found at the scene of any of his murders.

The Dollmaker - Dresses up victims in doll clothes and makeup and poses them.

The Headsman - Collects the heads of his victims.

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I swear I saw a thread at one point that put forward an idea I want to pursue with my guys. The idea was that the Brotherhood of the Seven are composed of 7 different murderous bastards who all dedicate themselves to the Skinsaw Cult. Each murderer has his own modus operandi, however thanks to Xanesha's influence all of them have been carving the Sihedron into their victims recently. Can anyone help me find any posts relating to this idea, or if you have ideas of your own related to this, toss em out there please! After I flesh out my murderous menagerie Ill post more info about them here.

By the way Hythlodeus, you may want to take a look at the maps in there for the Stone Giant Attack. I was particularly proud of the one I made for Scarnetti Manor (blatant bragging I know...), but some of the others I made were not my best work. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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It has been about a year so I figured it was time to update the map list. At some point one of us needs to do the same for all the awesome non-map info in this thread. New pastebin {url=http://pastebin.com/6n9Z5FYH]HERE[/url]

General Sandpoint Maps:



Murder Most Foul

  • Sandpoint Lumbermill Exterior. by Terry Dyer
  • Sandpoint Lumbermill Interior by Evil Lincoln (This one could use a rework. Does not match description in module.)
  • Sandpoint Lumbermill Interior and Exterior combined
  • Sandpoint Sawmill by Hero339

    The Thing in the Atic

  • Habe’s Sanitarium by ThreeLite
  • Alternate Habe’s by TalesfromtheTabletop (not sure of Paizo Username)
  • Habe's Sanitarium by Hero339
  • Habe's 2nd Floor by Hero339
  • Habe's 3rd Floor by Hero339
  • Habe's Basement by Hero339

    Walking Scarecrows

  • Farmlands 1 By Tintagel
  • Farmlands 2 By Tintagel
  • Farmlands 3 By Tintagel
  • Farmhouse By Tintagel
  • Farmlands Day by Hero339
  • Farmlands Night by Hero339
  • Hambley Farm 2nd Floor Night by Hero339
  • Hambley Farm 2nd Floor Day by Hero339
  • Hambley Farm 1st Floor and Barn Night by Hero339
  • hambley farm 1st Floor and Barn Day by Hero339


  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings 1st Floor w/ surroundings by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings 1st Floor by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings 2nd Floor by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings Attic by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings Basement by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings Caverns by Tintagel

    Chasing the Skinsaw

  • Foxglove Townhouse by DigitalMystic
  • Alternate Townhouse Map by Peet

    The Seven’s Sawmill

  • The Seven’s Sawmill by ThreeLite
  • The Sevens Sawmill and Foxglove Townhouse by Dom C
  • The Undermill by GustavoMalek
  • Ground Floor by GustavoMalek
  • Seccond Floor by GustavoMalek
  • Third Floor by GustavoMalek
  • Fourth Floor/Workshop by GustavoMalek
  • Rookery by GustavoMalek

    Shadows of Time

  • Shadow Clock Tower and Roof by Dom C
  • Shadow Clock Roof by Tinalles
  • Shadow Clock Tower and Roof by barry lyndon

    Many of these links are from THIS thread. I have linked the super high resolution versions. You may need to resize them to make them work for you, or you can download the lower res versions in the thread above.

  • Paradise Barge - The Deck, First Floor , Second Floor by Hythlodeus

    In the Hooks Shaddow

  • The Graul Homestead Ground Floor by BWatford
  • The Graul Homestead Upstairs and Basement by BWatford
  • The Graul Homestead Barn and Field by BWatford
  • Graul Homestead by Threelite

    Retaking Rannick

  • Hook Mountain Exterior and Caves by Digital Mystic
  • Fort Rannick 1st Floor by BWatford
  • Fort Rannick 1st Floor North by Riding Bull
  • Fort Rannick 1st Floor South by Riding Bull
  • Fort Rannick 2nd Floor by BWatford
  • Fort Rannick 2nd Floor by Riding Bull
  • Below Fort Rannick by BWatford
  • Below Fort Rannick by BWatford
  • Below Fort Rannick by Riding Bull
  • Fort Rannick (116x88 Split into 4 parts, each 58x44) by threelite
  • Fort Rannick: 3 levels except the outside (grid size 70x70) by Philly

  • Alternative version of Fort Rannick: 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, 4th floor, 5th floor by Peet

    Down Comes the Rain

  • Saving the School Children (Just add boat) by Digital Mystic
  • Turtleback Ferry Chapel/Black Maga by Digital Mystic
  • Turtleback Ferry Chapel/Black Maga by Tinalles
  • Turtleback Ferry Chapel/Black Maga /w Grid by Tinalles
  • Turtleback Ferry Chapel/Black Maga by Miikka Autere
  • Top of Dam Ogre Fight by Digital Mystic
  • Top of Dam Ogre Fight by Hythlodeus
  • Skulls Crossing Western Caves by BWatford
  • Skulls Crossing Skulls Watch by BWatford
  • Skulls Crossing Grazulls Domain by BWatford
  • Ferry crafted from the shell of giant turtle by GustavoMalek
  • Skull's Crossing - Encounter with the Ogre Demolition Crew - 20x20 by GustavoMalek
  • Skull's Crossing: Skull's Watch - 20x20 by GustavoMalek
  • Skull's Crossing: Grazuul's Domain - 20x19 by GustavoMalek

    The Haunted Heart

  • Mysterious Derelict (25x25 units, 70 pixels per unit) by threelite
  • Heart of Sadness by Digital Mystic
  • Heart of Sadness by Miikka Autere

    Harrowing the Hook

  • Hook Mountain Clanhold pt1 by BWatford
  • Hook Mountain Clanhold pt2 by BWatford
  • Hook Mountain Clanhold by Miikka Autere
  • Hook Mountain Clanhold - full map (72px - 106x68) by GustavoMalek
  • Hook Mountain Clanhold - divided in 2 parts of 53x68 each (better resolution) by GustavoMalek

    Stones over Sandpoint

  • Sandpoint North Gate by Digital Mystic
  • Sandpoint East Bridge by Digital Mystic
  • Sandpoint Garrison and Town Hall by Digital Mystic
  • Sandpoint Scarnetti Manor by Digital Mystic
  • Mill Pond - 32x30 by threelite
  • Two Knights Brewery - Beer or Death - 25x25 by threelite

    Journey to Jorgenfist

  • Ogre Cattle Rustlers - 35x35 by threelite
  • Storval by Digital Mystic

    Into the Valley of the Black Tower

  • Longtooth’s Lair by Digital Mystic
  • Wyvern/Deathweb Caves by Digital Mystic
  • Jorgenfist by Digital Mystic
  • Black Tower 1 by Digital Mystic
  • Black Tower 2 by Digital Mystic
  • Jorgenfist - One huge image, 78x96 by threelite
  • Jorgenfist - Split into 4, 39x48 each image by threelite
  • River Caves - 45x29 by threelite
  • Longtooth's Cave - 44x13 by threelite
  • Watchpost - 30x30 by threelite
  • The Black Tower - 16x31 by threelite

    Under Jorgenfist

  • Under Jorgenfist by Digital Mystic
  • The Pit and Caverns - Split into 4 for Roll20 upload limit. 46x34 each, 92x68 total by threelite

    The Ancient Library

  • The Ancient Library by Digital Mystic
  • Jorgenfist Library - 61x37 by threelite

    The Scribbler's Rhyme

  • Sandpoint Scribler's Lair Entrance by Digital Mystic
  • Lamashtu's Shrine by threelite

    Seeking Runeforge

  • The Scriblers Lair by Digital Mystic
  • The Dragon's Lair - 59x22, did 2 maps; one showing the hidden ramp and another without by threelite
  • The Dragon's Lair by Digital Mystic
  • The Sihedron Circle - 29x20 by threelite
  • The Sihedron Circle by Digital Mystic
  • Frozen Cathedral - 34x19 by threelite
  • Frozen Cathedral by Digital Mystic
  • Xin's Stairway - 29x23 by threelite
  • Xin's Stairway by Digital Mystic

    Runeforge and the Abjurant Halls

  • Runeforge - 52x33 by threelite
  • Runeforge by Digital Mystic
  • Ravenous Crypts - 30x22 by threelite
  • Ravenous Crypts by Digital Mystic
  • The Vault of Greed - 50x34 by threelite
  • The Vault of Greed - by Digital Mystic
  • Iron Cages of Lust - 69x44 by threelite
  • Iron Cages of Lust by Digital Mystic
  • Shimmering Veils of Pride - 49x33 by threelite
  • Shimmering Veils of Pride by Digital Mystic
  • Festering Maze of Sloth - 39x27 by threelite
  • Festering Maze of Sloth Drained - 39x27 by threelite
  • Festering Maze of Sloth by Digital Mystic
  • Halls of Wrath - 80x129 (rotated so that north is up) by threelite
  • Halls of Wrath by Digital Mystic
  • Halls of Wrath by Riding Bull

    Whispers in the Wood

  • Vekker's Cabin - 33x41 by threelite
  • Vekker's Cabin Environs - 31x37 by threelite

    On the World's Roof

  • Giant Sentinels - 56x40 by threelite


  • Lair of the Hidden Beast - 28x20 by threelite
  • Ghlorofaex's Lair - 101x64 by threelite
  • Heptaric Locus - Half Size, extend to 100x74 by threelite
  • Krak Naratha, 40x60 by Zhyth
  • Giant Encampment, 40x40 by Zhyth
  • Abominable Dome, 50x50 by Zhyth
  • Spolarium, 30x40 by Zhyth
  • Temple of the Sihedron, 30x30 by Zhyth
  • Shahlaria, 50x40 by Zhyth

    The Pinnacle of Avarice

  • The Pinnacle of Avarice by Philly
  • The Pinnacle of Avarice - 92x98 by threelite

    The Eye of Avarice

  • The Eye of Avarice (34x23) by villadelfia
  • The Eye of Avarice (33x23) by threelite

  • Amazing! I love it Wrmusall!

    Hythlodeus wrote:
    my group is on their way to skull's crossing. so I did my map for C6 Ogre Demolition Crew today and though I'd share the gridless Version with you.

    Wonderful work Hythlodeus! Love it! The other version we had was actually the very first map I remember making for RotRL. It was awe-full! Glad to see such and improved version. Thank you!

    You may have to repost your links Stepchild. The format needed is available by clicking the button that says SHOW next to "How to format your text" at the bottom of the post box.

    Also... I have this one that I found somewhere for the Black Arrows

    Link Here

    Perhaps you could do a flattened image of the Magnimar Crest?

    Link Here

    I have been meaning to do one myself but haven't had the time.

    I like Cinchbugs maps.

    With and Without titles.

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    So! Ive been on the hunt for a while for some missing items that disappeared from the interwebs a while back. The wonderfully skilled Cinchbug created a whole bunch of amazing pictures and 3d maps for the boards many moons ago. Sadly the site those maps were hosted on fell off the internet at some point and most of those were lost. Well... I managed to track them down and they were nice enough to re-share them!

    HERE is the gallery I set up on Imgur .

    Check out those 3d models of the Misgivings! Pure awesome!

    This is amazing! This should TOTALLY be in the community created thread up top!

    I just wanted to take a moment to say wow Tinalles. I LOVE this. Great work! I will totally be using this in my game at some point soon.

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    Oops! I totally forgot to do my overlay. Here it is with my typical style of overlay. Ill do another with a full grid I suppose.

    Edit :

    Ok in doing the grid overlay I figured out what the issue was. There were a small border cut off of the left and right side of the map for some reason. I replaced it with white filler... hardly noticeable... but it should line up right now. Not sure How I managed to mess it up in exactly that way but... here are the fixed maps.

    Sandpoint Cathedral w/ Grid by Digital Mystic

    Sandpoint Cathedral with Overlay no grid by Digital Mystic

    Aaron this is indeed the same adventure that was published in the Wayfinder. This is where they got it.

    look in the coumminity created thread. There are TONS of high res awesome maps for this.

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    Allright! After much effort, I present Sandpoint Cathedral!

    Sandpoint Cathedral by Digitalmystic

    I also have a brief write up here that I am working on which describes the chapels and will eventually cover the northern area too. Most of it matches the write up done by Cynge. If anyone notices anything I left out or messed up please let me know and I will try to fix it. Any input is appreciated!

    No, sadly, I don't. I am not very good at keeping up with writing journals. :(

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    I ran my most recent run through with one of the members playing Nualia's slightly older half brother from Magnimar. He was raised by his father, but neither of them knew about Nualia until she was abandoned to be raised by the local Sandpoint Church. They checked on her once, and she seemed happy and well cared for, so he left her there knowing that his adventuring lifestyle would be bad for a young girl like her. Not long after, their father passed away, and the PC was left to care for himself, eventually becoming an investigator in the Magnimar watch.

    So, needless to say, after finding out about her journals, he was dead set on saving her.

    When they got to Nualia, she was holed up in her room with her Yeth Hound, and Bruthazmus was outside, using a statue as cover while firing his bow at the party. What followed was an all out cluster flop that had the whole group spread out over her room and the hall way with the trap in it. Three players went down out of five, two were brought back up, and then two more went down. Everyone was at deaths door, and Nualia was barely wounded because her half brother was attempting every social skill he had trying to convince, cajole, or intimidate her into giving up her evil ways. Finally, he tells her that he loves her and trusts her and he turns his back to her to save his last remaining friend from her yeth hound. I roll a secret final diplomacy check for him. Then I describe how she lets out a rage filled roar, raises her bastard sword and stands there for a moment, her shadow played out on the wall where he can see... then she brings it down on the yeth hounds skull killing it. He rolled like a modified 35. She then backed away from him as he tried to hug her, waving her sword around, foaming at the mouth, and glancing around with wild eyes like a trapped animal. Then she swings her sword in a wide one handed arc... and CHOPS OFF HER OWN DEMON ARM. Then she passed out, leaving him with the party healer surrounded by the unconscious bodies of their 3 friends and his sister and three of them are bleeding out with a combined 5 hit points between them and perma death. That's how close that fight ended up.

    The rest of the redemption has not happened yet. We took a break on the game so that I could play for a while, but we will be picking it up again soon in a month or two. Still not sure how I want to play it, but I think it might involve Habbe's :)

    Wow Platinum! This is great! I can see how much hard work went into this. Amazing. Thank you so much.

    Have Amiko send them down to the shore to collect some giant crabs. Minor fight. Then have junker goblins attack them with crazy junk weapons on the way back because they wanted the tasty tasty crabs. One can wear a bucket on his head and wield a mop that had a bunch of broken glass stuck in it. Much fun!

    The board can also be a method for spreading info. Perhaps one of the postings is Mayor Deverin offering a reward for any information leading to the capture of the people who burned down the mills.

    James Jacobs wrote:

    I've got a LOT of ideas about the Sandpoint Cathedral, more than I've currently got the time or energy to type out here.

    I totally understand. You are a busy dude and this is a minor question. If, however, you find more time and / or energy perhaps you could answer some of these rather superficial questions.

    1. Is the Cathedral common stone like Granite... or more rare like Marble... or a mixture?

    2. What color is the stone that primarily makes up the building? Grey? White?

    3. Are the different shrines customized structurally, or just with decorations? I mean... Would the floors and walls be colored appropriately for the god with symbols inlaid into the floor, or would the whole building be uniform in design, with decorations like stained glass windows and wall hangings being the primary way that each shrine is customized to its god.

    Thank you for the answers you have already given. I eagerly await the day that you are able to return to Sandpoint and flesh out the area even more. I am sure there are some great adventures waiting to be had there.

    I am about to begin work on a tactical map for the interior of the Sandpoint Cathedral. James could you describe for me any details of how you envision it? Marble or Granite floors, and what color? Friezes? Tile-work? Murals? Stained Glass? Statues? Lots of open space? Any wood work? Any detail would be appreciated. I will be working off of layout done by Cinchbug and Cynge in the community created thread over on the Runelords forum. If you think something should be adjusted, please say so. Have a pleasant day and thanks for all that you do.

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    I am just now beginning work on a Cathedral Battle Map. It may take some time to finish, but I will post it as soon as it is ready.

    Lemonadedeath, I managed to find a spot where someone else had uploaded Cinchbugs old map. Not exactly a battlemap, but still it is good to know that it isn't lost to the sands of time with many of his other maps.

    Cathedral Interior by Cinchbug

    And here is a slightly updated and more detailed basic map in PDF form

    Sandpoint Cathedral Map by Cynge

    its all from City of Monuments. I have never seen a module set down there.

    Well D.D.U. there isn't a whole lot. It is a multi level facility under the Pediment Building. The uppermost wings are temporary guard barracks and holding cells. The lower you go, the worse things get. Air gets hotter and fouler, and prisoners get more murderous and insane. The lowest three levels were filled with the worst sorts of people. Demon worshipers, cannibals, the incurably possessed... you get the picture. Those levels were sealed off 4 years ago after a prison break in the hope that the escapees would just kill each other. That didn't happen. Now it is an evil little kingdom ruled by Sir Aeryn Darvengian (CE male Chelaxian rogue 4/ wizard 3/ Arcane Trickster 4) who worships the demon Socothbenoth and does generally terrible things.

    You know... I was wondering exactly the same thing there Stepchild. It may be that the chopper was not the cause of this particular death... hard to know for sure.

    I think it is safe to say tho, that the authorities would chalk it up to the chopper, and his name would be on any "official" list in game.

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    Ok. Here you go Mrakvampire. Updated with better looking water and overlay squares for better sizing. Came out to roughly 53 pix per 5ft square.

    Scarnetti Manor Updated
    Town Square
    North Gate
    East bridge and River

    Stepchild, I have an obscure chopper victim for you. In the Magnimar, City of Monuments sourcebook, they talk about Boskard Pug, son of Morgamer Pug, owner and proprietor of Pugs Contraptions. He is disappeared while delivering a clockwork nightinggale to Ethram Valdemar in Sandpoint during the height of the choppers murder spree. (Page 37 of the above sourcebook). Perhaps he should be added to the list.

    Mrakvampire, I am reviewing my maps of sandpoint, doing some updates to them, and adding an overlay for easier scaling in VTTs. So far I can say that the east bridge map is about 53 pix per square. I will post my updated maps very soon I hope.

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    Joey Virtue wrote:
    SoylentG wrote:

    Cross-posted from Nynphaiel's advice request thread:

    I've just started running RotRL for the first time, and one of the thing that I find crucial is having all the information for Sandpoint at my fingertips. As much as love the design work that went into the Anniversary edition, it's not the best laid-out for quick reference. I went through the Sandpoint info, and put together the following cheat-sheets:

    Sandpoint NPCs - This is an alphabetical list of NPCs (by first name), with summaries of the details presented in the Anniversary edition. All the stats were pulled from the Community templates for HeroLab. 16 pages.

    Sandpoint Resources - A shorter (2 page) summary of the resources available to PCs in Sandpoint: Local experts listed by their area of expertise, Mentors listed by class, and Goods & Services.

    Sandpoint Info - Another short (3 page) document with lists of some of the more pertinent info for Sandpoint: Who makes up the Sandpoint Mercantile League and other significant families in town, a list of the Chopper's notable victims*, a list of the local Goblin tribes (and their heroes and territories), and a list of the gods with shrines in the Cathedral.

    Feel free to use these lists: I probably got even more out of making them up than you will reading them, because I had to read over the Sandpoint material multiple times to get everything down. It gave me a much better understanding of the ties between the characters, and what role they play in the AP.

    * I included Das Korvut's wife and child from the excellent Chopper's Isle adventure in the list of Chopper's victims.

    Does anyone still have these files when I try to open the drop box it says they are not there thank you

    Sadly I believe those items are lost to the sands of time.

    However... Yossirian has an AMAZING guide to Sandpoint you can get HERE which has most of that info in various ways. I highly recommend it.

    TomParker wrote:

    On the maps of the Sihedron Circle that have been created, are you treating the source map as 1 square equals 5', or 10'. In my copy (the Anniversary Edition) the block of three maps only has a legend on In The Mouth Of The Skull, which says 1 square = 10'. There is no separate legend for the circle.

    The heads on the map are drawn as 2 x 2; it seems unlikely that a 10' head is 20' x 20'. So are you all treating the circle as 1 square = 5'? If it's 10', that circle is massive.

    I think I made those maps. Ill check them in a bit when I get home and see what the deal is. I think those were some of the first maps I made after my great catastrophic HDD failure so I may still have the source files. If so, I will fix the maps and re-post later.

    I actually had my guys catch Mr. T on the street between the Garrison and the Town Hall (which I had handily crafted a map for already... posted above).

    So a blog I frequent does a weekly deal where they do a write up fleshing out a set of worshipers for an otherwise obscure or underused god. This week he wrote about Alazhra and inspired me to do a write up of my own. I enjoyed what I produced so much that I decided I might post it here and see if you guys enjoy it too.

    The Black Sisters of Mahl Bathahn

    The Black Sisters are an amazingly large coven of Night Hags, operating together in service of Alazhra within the Shadow Caverns of Nidal. It is unknown exactly how many Night Hags live in the massive city structure of Mahl Bathan, but the number is conservatively estimated to be in the hundreds. Mahl Bathan itself is a sprawling temple complex within a massive cavern, surrounded by the insanely twisted living quarters of their Derro servants. Together they live in a symbiotic relationship of amazing stability, considering the evil nature of the creatures involved. Together, the Black Sisters, and the Pale Shadows (as the Derro refer to themselves), tend to the Fields of Night, a stunningly massive complex of gardens, dedicated to growing one of the rarest plants in all of the underdark, the Mindcap Mushroom. Treasured for its unique alchemical properties, as well as its mind rendingly powerful hallucinogenic qualities, the Mindcap is tremendously rare because it can only grow on a living sentient creature. As such, the Fields of Night are not filled with soil, but rather with the sedated bodies of hundreds of thousands of slaves and captives. The Pale Shadows use their alchemical skills, bolstered by the dark magic of the Black Sisters, to maintain the bodies of their captives for years. The Black Sisters, however, are not interested in the Mindcaps because they are focused on harvesting something much more valuable from the Fields of Night, the dreams and nightmares of the sleeping beings.

    The history of The Black Sisterhood is truly ancient, dating back to the Age of Darkness. Freed from countless ages of imprisonment, Zon Kuthon had returned to the world, and his followers were beginning to carve out the mighty kingdom that would in time become Nidal. And yet, the wilderness was dark, and filled with all sorts of terrifying creatures, and no place more-so than the sinister Uskwood. Deep in its center, a coven of three night hags had taken up residence in a small cave near an icy pool. All three were devout worshipers of Alazhra, and the eldest among them was a powerful cleric of the dark goddess. For a century they dwelled in the damp cave, picking off travelers, and learning how to strip their dreams, nightmares, and even occasionally their souls, to be used as currency in the lower planes. However, victims were difficult to find in these dark times, and the Hags were hesitant to travel far from their cave, for fear that they would run into Nidalese Soldiers and they were unwilling to attract the attention of the torturous clergy of Zon Kuthon who invariably accompany Nidalese forces. One dark night, however, a band of Derro scouts searching for a new path out of the darklands climbed up from the depths of the caverns the Hags called home. The Sisters fell upon them and captured them all, but to their dismay they found their minds already twisted and somewhat immune to their dark harvesting methods. The Derro managed to strike a bargain with the Sisterhood, agreeing to share the bounty of slaves and captives they planned to take from the surface, if the Hags would in turn allow them safe passage while denying any others who would seek to use this path; and agreement which served the hags needs quite well.

    In the ensuing decades the Derro exploited their access to the surface world to take thousands of captives back to the darklands to be test subjects in their twisted experiments. One Derro, however, took a particular interest in the hags captives, whom they maintained in a state of constant nightmarish sleep until they died. This Derro was obsessed with Hallucinations and Fungi, and in particular the rare Mindcap Mushroom. He entreated the hags to allow him to experiment with the sleeping bodies, and in return he developed methods for feeding, maintaining, and otherwise extending the lifespan of their sleeping captives. In return he was allowed to develop methods for growing and harvesting Mindcaps from their bodies. Together they were able to gather an extraordinary amount of their valuable commodities; dreams and souls for the hags, and Mindcap Mushrooms for the Derro. With the influx of wealth came the ability to expand, and so they did. They retreated back down into the area just above the darklands, to a massive cavern system more appropriate for their needs. More derro were recruited and put to work, and likewise, more Night Hags were birthed by the sisters who took the unprecedented step of raising the daughters themselves in order to steer them towards the worship of Alazhra.

    Over centuries, and then millennia, the city of Mahl Bathan grew in the lightless depths of the Shadow Caverns like an abscess in the earth. A great history of wars, betrayals, plots, pacts, and demonic deals of the darkest sort passed unseen beneath the feet of mortal men as the world above slowly brightened and grew and changed throughout the two score centuries. Today Mal Bathon sits in a state of some stability, firmly allied with the Umbral Dragon Visceroth who oversees the slave trade through the Shadow Caverns in the name of Nidal. This, combined with the great number of Derro, Shadows, and Daemons they have bound to their service, the Black Sisters are a force to be feared by those who know of them. And among the slaves of the Darklands, there are few fates more feared than to be delivered into the Black Sisters dark embrace to become fodder in the Fields of the Night.

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    So it looks like Hero339 released more of his amazing maps on Deviant Art . If any of you guys have accounts over there you should drop him a quick note saying how much you appreciate what he has done. I know I will. So without further ado... here they are.

    Sandpoint Sawmill

    Farmlands Day

    Farmlands Night

    Hambley Farm 2nd Floor Night

    Hambley Farm 2nd Floor Day

    Hambley Farm 1st Floor and Barn Night

    hambley farm 1st Floor and Barn Day

    Habe's Sanitarium

    Habe's 2nd Floor

    Habe's 3rd Floor

    Habe's Basement

    It looks like he added a second entrance to the basement in case you want the necromancer to escape to harry the players later. Nice Touch!

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    Ahhh thank you! I should add those maps to my list HERE . If you are looking for more RotRL maps you should check that post. It gathers up all the maps posted earlier in the thread. I suppose I missed Dom C's maps because they were in their own thread. There are likewise a few more maps later in the thread but they are primarily from later in the adventure. There are a few I made for places in Sandpoint such as Savah's Armory, and the Sandpoint Theater. There are also many excellent resources such as NPC lists, and handouts, and whatnot.

    Your comment inspired me to go back and look at the original printing and wow... it is different. I used the map printed in the Anniversary Edition, which also had some issues. The old map, however, wow. That was awful! Not only do the stairs not lineup, the layout just doesn't make any sense! Yikes! I hope this one works for you tho.

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    The stairs in the AP are all wrong. There are walls where there should not be. Check the layout in THIS map I made to see how it should look. The map is the first map I made IIRC, so don't judge it too harshly :)

    Well, I don't play PFS at all, but as I understand it, the rules governing PFS are mostly concerned with actual game mechanics. What I wrote here is mostly concerned with motivation and other character type stuff. In PFS this might change the way you might act, or react in given situations, but in no way would it change or challenge the actual rules governing PFS. It should be totally PFS legal is what I am saying.

    It should primarily effect just how you act. What you say and do. It should be fun to play, if PFS gives you much opportunity to actually role play.

    Hey! I earned a complement from F. Wesley Schneider! Yay!!!!!

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    A friend and I were recently discussing Paladins, and he mentioned to me his extreme dislike of Paladins of Ragathiel. He recounted several tales of people who used the supposed tenants of the Empyreal lord of Vengeance as an excuse for players to use Paladin powers to enact “murder-hobo” behaviors. He stated, “Vengeance is NOT a Lawful Good act.” I love a good paradox so I gave it some thought. What would a Lawful Good Paladin of Vengeance actually be like? Well, the Lawful Good part is a great place to start. Lawful… there would have to be a code involved. Without a doubt. A very strict and rigid one I think. And Good, with a capital G. This isn’t just a vague idea. We arent talking about ends justifying means here. We are talking about True Good. Ragathiel is also carries Chivalry and Duty in his portfolio. Good, Chivalry, Duty, put these together and you come up with terms like service, selflessness, devotion, protection, bravery, honesty, justice. The story of Ragathiel also brings us an interesting bit of information about his struggle against the anger in his heart (a gift, perhaps, from his father Dis) and how its mastery is central to his being. So lets see here; we need a code of conduct that allows Vengeance while upholding the ideals of selflessness, protection of the weak, honesty, and justice. I imagine something like this.

    1. A life for a life. One death does not justify a hundred acts of Vengeance. The path of the sword is one of balance, and every act of Vengeance may beget another. A paladin of Ragathiel seeks to balance the scales, not fill them to overflowing.

    2. Torture is not Vengeance. There is more than enough suffering in the world. You shall not add to it in Ragathiels name. A clean death can be an act of just Vengeance, but a torturous one is almost always an act of evil.

    3. No Vengeance but Ragathiel's. Once a Paladin of Ragathiel has agreed to take vengeance for someone, the matter is finished. The wronged party must move on with their life as soon as the Paladin agrees to enact the Vengeance. They are not to witness the deed itself. They are not to seek further Vengeance against the friends or family of the target.

    4. The Silence of the Grave. The matter is never to be spoken of again. You are never to speak of the Vengeance you request with anyone. Ever. You may only make a silent sacrifice to Ragathiel one a year in remembrance. Otherwise you are to act as if your loved one died a natural death. Mourn them, but do so with no anger.

    5. No Vengeance for yourself. The paladin may never entreat himself for Vengeance. He takes Vengeance for others, at their request, and only if they are worthy and willing to follow the rules set out for them.

    6. Do not suffer a Demon to Live. Demons are Anathema. All demons are assumed to be worthy of Vengeance. The paladin is called to destroy Demon-kind wherever they find them, or spend their life attempting to do as much damage as possible. This is not an requirement to suicide recklessly. It will likely be that a Paladin may do the most damage by raising an army, or training to become powerful enough to slay the beast.

    I imagine my paladin as a grizzled old war-dog. He has seen pain and death meted out by the ton. Long ago he had any fire burned out of him. He sits and listens as people entreat him to enact his god’s Vengeance for them. He asks pointed questions, gauges responses, he judges without heat or anger those who have had their lives torn apart. Most are unworthy; not because they are bad, or because their stories are not terrible, but because they are unwilling to release their hatred and put their Vengeance wholly into the hands of Ragathiel. Occasionally, he finds a case that is right for him, where his actions may serve to heal a person in need, and not just end a life that is deserving of such. On these days he takes up his blade and ends a life so that another may begin again. He walks the way of the sword, knowing that in time he will meet his end that way, and that he will deserve it a thousand times over. Until that day he is the Sin Eater. He is the hand of Vengeance. He is a Paladin of Ragathiel, and you had better pray that you do not deserve his attention.

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    Here you go . All three of the maps Cinchbug made.

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    Ok so no maps today, but I have been hard at work building some handouts for the Catacombs of Wrath. I worked up a Thassilonian Font (available HERE ) which I used to produce several pages of the Prayerbook of Lamashtu . I also made a Translated version . The last page of each is, naturally just a joke. Not sure if I will leave it in for my guys or not. I also wrote up a a book that fills in some back story on Malfeshnekor.

    Full disclosure, all of this is not original to me. I did some minor fleshing out of work done by a Reddit user named IAMASTOCKBROKER . Most of the credit goes to him without a doubt.

    Ok lets see.... quick point by point to his outline.

    Great Renown? not for being a "Hero of (insert name of podunk backwoods small town here)." When your name is on the lips of people all over Magnimar... then PERHAPS...

    Fairness and Generosity? So... you want to start giving out gold to citizens in this small town. Ok. That is a start. A small start. I would say it would take YEARS of giving on that small level to get you the fairness and generosity bonus. Talk to me when you have paid for a second Cathedral, or settled a major trade dispute that threatened to engulf the area in war or some such. Quit thinking small. These followers will have to be drawn from a much larger area than just Sandpoint. When your name is spoken with high regard all over the region, THEN you are in the right ballpark for these bonuses.

    Special Power - There is already a Sandpoint Mercantile League. If you try to take it over, or set up a competing interest, then you will set yourself at odds with at LEAST Five MAJOR Magnimarian noble families, and frankly you don't have the juice to even HOPE to come out on top of that scrum. Also, do you expect to put this plan in action and still adventure? Because this alone is the work of an entire lifetime... day and night.

    A workshop in Sandpoint is not a base of operations. Do you mean a factory? You will need living spaces for your followers, storage, etc. You are talking a place bigger than the Glassworks for sure. it will likely be the biggest building in Sandpoint other than the cathedral... or perhaps the theater. This will NOT be cheap, especially once you look at the cost of stocking it with tools and equipment for whatever you want them to do. Several Thousands of gold at least.

    Wizard Cohort... ok. You want a 5th level guy following you around and crafting wands... but also being part of combat. Remember... a 5th lv. wizard has on average like what... 15 - 20 HP on average? One 7th lv fireball and your guy is embers. And he is expected to just craft stuff for you? That is what you want from him? I am sure he wants more than just to be your craftsman. he wants to learn from you, study at your feet. You had better take time to make it worth his while or he wont stay with you. He is a person with wants and needs of his own, not just some extra spell slots for you to tap.

    Now... I see that all the followers have PC levels. Thats a big No. Almost all your followers should be NPC classes. Warrior, Adept, Commoner, Expert. Also, as stated above you should have fewer of them because there is no way you have ALL the conceivable bonuses.

    The section you list as Profit Margins does not take into account ANY overhead. In the arrangement outlined hear you get ALL the fruits of their labors, and provide them with little more than a building to work in. You need room and board. They will expect you to teach them and help them grow as casters. They are people who follow you NOT because "hey I took a feat!" but because of personal reasons. Many probably expect it is the best way to learn more magic, or advance their faith or whatever. Some expect there will be a good payday at the end of it. Some just perhaps want the safety of being aligned with a power player. But ultimately they all expect something in return. THESE ARE NOT JUST NUMBERS IN A SPREAD SHEET THEY ARE PEOPLE!

    you expect them ALL to have hedge magician? you don't get to choose your followers! You don't get to build them! It doesn't work that way.

    Free spell casting services - so you want them to spend all day every day crafting magic items for you, AND to be available to cast spells for pay... and you get the gold for that? This is unreasonable and just basic power-gaming.

    All in all, once he realizes that there is more responsibility in the leadership feat than payout, he will abandon the idea.

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    Allright, I used an online font builder and THIS is what I came up with. It has all the letters, and seems to work. It isnt quite as precise or pretty as the other font, but it almost seems more real somehow to me, as if someone actually scrawled this on a parchment.

    So... I was hoping to use this great font to produce something awesome based on THIS post. Unfortunately the font in this thread doesn't seem to have runes for the letters x, y, or z. Also, the rune for the letter a is a Sihedron, which just doesn't make any sense. I quickly threw together THESE four runes in Gimp, but I don't know how to create or change a font. Is there any chance one of you guys can insert these runs into the font in place of the letters A, X, Y, and Z? Also, not sure if it is relevant, but every time I use a space in GIMP with this font, it shows up as an unrecognized symbol, so there may be a problem with the space symbol too.

    Well I started looking at things for these maps you are asking for. First up I looked at Krag Naratha, and noticed something kind of surprising to me. This map would be HUUUUUGE. Every square on that map is a 10ft square... not 5. The scale of this place is just totally off the charts. I would recommend just using an open ground battle map for that. Perhaps one of the flip mats, or just any flat open battle map you can find.

    Ill take a look at the Giant encampment next.

    Sorry Maelwynn, not sure I will have time to take care of those for you in time.

    But, I am not empty handed entirely. Here is something I slapped together for my game later today.

    Smuggler Grotto North of Sandpoint at the end of the cave from the Glassworks Basement. I think Mr. T will escape to here for a dramatic beach front fight with the PCs. Perhaps there will be some extra Gobos lying in wait to help the Longshanks. Who knows?

    Cant wait to read this. Running RotRL .... again. Anything Thassilonain is great for flavoring my campaign.

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