RotRL Map Images without Room References?

Rise of the Runelords

Evening all,

Started running RotRL Anniversary edition a couple of weeks ago, and after tomorrow's session I should be taking the group into the Glassworks and onwards.

For the initial encounters at the Swallowtail Festival, I was able to run without a map, but as we head into more interesting terrain, I was hoping to have the maps available as a reference.

Unfortunately, all the images in the book have the room references on, shockingly enough, and I'd rather not make those details available to the PCs.

Does anyone happen to have a set of images of the maps where those have been edited out?


look in the coumminity created thread. There are TONS of high res awesome maps for this.

Thought the anniversary edition had the dynamic maps or whatever they're called, like the newer APs. Wh he re you can turn the grid and lables off. Other than that, I'm pretty sure if you pull the image from the pdf they come sans lables due to the layering.

Yes, the pdf package for the AE includes an interactive map document which lets you turn map tags off and on. (It also lets you turn grid lines off - not sure exactly why you'd want that but hey, what do I know?) Digital Mystic is also correct in that there are a large number of maps available in the Community Created sticky thread. I'd recommend getting the pdf and exploring the Community work - you're sure to find something to your liking. The Community thread is strongly recommended for all kinds of content beyond just maps. The volume and quality of work generated by the community is simply staggering.

Didn't realise the PDF had extra bells and whistles - I've been using a hard copy of the book, rather than an electronic copy. I'll take a look at that map pack.

I was going to look in the Community Created thread, but at over 1,200 posts across nearly eight years, it was a touch intimidating. Still, I guess I have a week to get there.

Thanks for your help.

Latrecis - if you play on roll20, or other vtts, it helps to tak me the grid off as Paizo's grids are regularly off. Not just a little here or there, but the squares aren't the same size, nor square, so you can't actually resize it enough to get things to line up. Some people it isn't a big deal for, but for me personally it was a deal breaker.

Not sure if it ever got better. Iron Gods is the newest AP I picked up that has problems unless I turn the grid off.

Ahh, that makes sense. We play in the same room (with dice and miniatures and other dinosaur... er, old school stuff.) I do use roll20 but in the simplest way - just to display maps and such on a big screen tv. When it comes to a fight, we sketch out the relevant map on a dry erase board.

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