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Five years ago, I posted a font made from the runes in the back of RotRL. The original thread is here:

I happened to stumble across this thread (that's what I get for googling myself) and was encouraged that people actually liked the font I made, but disheartened to learn that it had quickly disappeared from the face of the Internet soon after I had posted it.

It was a darker time in the internet, where shared files would go missing after 6 months, and everyone had to beg everyone else to send them a copy.

So, to make amends, here's a link that will hopefully last through the ages. If you like it, I suggest mirroring it yourself. ng

Also included is the source file for FontForge, the software I used to make this font.

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Have you made any changes to it? I've had the Thassilonian font installed for quite a while now.

Christopher Mathieu wrote:
Have you made any changes to it? I've had the Thassilonian font installed for quite a while now.

Nope, it's the same as it was. I'm not sure if anything in the Thassilonian runes have changed since I made this. If you notice anything missing please let me know. :)

So... I was hoping to use this great font to produce something awesome based on THIS post. Unfortunately the font in this thread doesn't seem to have runes for the letters x, y, or z. Also, the rune for the letter a is a Sihedron, which just doesn't make any sense. I quickly threw together THESE four runes in Gimp, but I don't know how to create or change a font. Is there any chance one of you guys can insert these runs into the font in place of the letters A, X, Y, and Z? Also, not sure if it is relevant, but every time I use a space in GIMP with this font, it shows up as an unrecognized symbol, so there may be a problem with the space symbol too.

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Allright, I used an online font builder and THIS is what I came up with. It has all the letters, and seems to work. It isnt quite as precise or pretty as the other font, but it almost seems more real somehow to me, as if someone actually scrawled this on a parchment.

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Well, I made a Thassilonian Rune font some time ago that I posted in the community created stuff thread.

The font can write all letters of the alphabet plus various diacritical accents. So, there is a corresponding rune for each letter of the alphabet as well as its counterpart capitalized.

With this font you can write almost anything in english or other ocidental language.

Some of the runes should be used by typing the diacritical accents on the keyboard. I tried to group the Sin and Virtue Runes in less used keys like @, #, $,%, &, *, etc., to let the text be primarily written with Neutral, Positive and Negative Runes.

Here is a small table that exemplifies the runes (these are not all the runes in the font file)

You can download the font in this LINK.

It's 2020, and these fonts are spectacular. I was looking for something exactly like this. Now I can craft runic messages for our Thassilonian-reading sorcerer to decrypt!

Man how did I miss this all those years ago.

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