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The spell Conjure Deadfall creates a spiked block above someones head that then falls on them and does damage. Can someone explain why this would allow spell resistance? It is a big block that falls on you.

What happens if it does not go through their SR? does it go through them, vanish when it touches them or bounce of their head? I really do not know why a solid block has SR.

Any help?

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What kind of action is it to use a bottle of shadows? If I walk into a room with it open and just turn it upside down to get a shadow out, it that a standard action?

Bottle of Shadows

Aura faint conjuration; CL 5th; Weight —
Slot none; Price 7,000 gp

This bottle is crafted from the darkest ebony. When opened and held upright, faint whispers can be heard emanating from the bottle's mouth. The bottle initially has 4 charges. When turned upside down, the bottle summons a shadow to do the bidding of the user, draining 1 charge each round of service. As a standard action, the bearer may dismiss the summoned shadow. If the shadow kills a humanoid creature of at least 4 HD, the bottle gains 1 charge. The bottle is automatically restored to 4 charges at sundown.

Craft Wondrous Item, animate dead; Cost 3,500 gp

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I recall a wondrous item that allowed you to wear more than 2 rings (not the hand of glory).

You could switch between rings to gain the benefits of different rings, but you still could not have more than 2 rings active at one time.

Can anyone recall the name of this item?

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What would happen if a character with the oracle mystery lifesense had an enemy sneaking up on them while they were asleep?

Lifesense (Su): You notice and locate living creatures within 30 feet, just as if you possessed the blindsight ability. You must be at least 11th level to select this revelation.

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Is there currently any RSS feed to be notified when certain publishers add a new product to the store? I have a few favorites and would like to know when they put something up for pre-order or for sale.

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A weapon with called on it can be teleported back to the User when it id with in 100 feet as a swift action.

Returning will return as a free action at the beginning of the users next turn.

To me called is better as I can throw my weapon and call it back as a swift action and then throw it again if my bab allows.

Am I missing something? Both are +1.

In Jade regent, it says that the Oni breed with other races in an attempt to influence them. This has given me an evil idea to have in my campaign. The only problem is I would have no idea how to do so.

While adding class levels to an NPC is easy, how can I create a 1/2 Kitsune 1/2 Oni for the race?

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I need to choose a language for a viking type character other than common. Can anyone suggest a language for a character who thinks he is Thor?

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Does the Tanglewood bomb affect huge creatures? I believe the Tanglewood bag does not.

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I am thinking of building a cleric to torment my DM (a hobby of mine). I am looking at making him a Viking type character that resembles Thor.

Can anyone think of a way to get the strength domain, Weather domain and warhammer?

The only thing I can think of is to not take a deity to get both domains, and then burn a feat for the weapon. It's fine if I have to do this, but I would prefer to have a deity.

I am using part of the Wikipedia article that says he is associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, destruction, fertility, healing, and the protection of mankind.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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I thought there was a pair of items that allowed two PC's to communicate with each other from a distance. Using the srd I cant seem to locate them. I thought they were APG.

Does anyone else remember a set of these?

Basically the party scout would go on ahead and then mentally comunicate back to the person with the othe pair of the item.

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I have a player who wants to craft his own armor(joy).

When you make a mithril chain shirt, is the 4,000 gp cost for the mithril halved because the player is making it or is the 4K cost just for the rarity of the material? This is for Kingmaker.

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Are there rules on purchasing pre-generated spellbooks. The spell they are really interested is Haste. The thought is that buying a spellbook possibly with just that spell or a that and a few others would be cheaper than purchasing a scroll of haste as they can get half the cost back when they sell it with the book.

Here is the math I was thinking.

Spellbook 15GP
Writing the spell 90 GP
haste scroll 375

total 480 GP

It is possible that the spellbook had copied spells as well, which is cheaper than usinghte haste scroll.

What would the cost be for buying pre-generated spellbooks and would you allow it instead of purchasing the scrolls? Also, if allowed, would you role a percentile to see if there is a book like that available?

Any advice would be great!

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I have a player that is interested in the the grease spell in a Kingmaker campaign.

Would casting grease on a forest floor have the same effect as a stone or tile floor? Logic says no but the Raw seems to say yes.

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I was reading through Rivers Run Red and saw that a 100% completed city grid equals about 9000 people. If a house is only a prereq for some other buildings and unrest -1, where does everyone live? Did I miss something?

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I am working up a rewrite of my barbarian using the Brawler rage powers in the APG but I wanted to make sure I really understood how everything works.

While raging, I currently do 2D4+20 with a crit range of 15-20 with my Falchion (power attack with a 2 handed weapon included).

Most of the questions revolve around the barbarian’s alternate class features in the APG Brawler and Brawler Greater.

Brawler lets you have the Improved unarmed strike feat while raging. If you already have the feat you do 1D6 instead of 1D3.

Brawler Greater gives TWF while raging.

Question #1: With improved unarmed strike, can I still use power attack as a two handed weapon? I am thinking of the double fisted downward bash to the top of the head. If this is possible, would this be on a “I moved more than a 5 foot step so I going to bash him with my one hit” or would it effect all hits as part of his full attack? I assume that it would not work with the Brawler Greater rage power as that basically gives you TWF. I don’t see a double fisted bash when using the TWF feat.

Question #2: Monks Robes. This gives you the damage of a lv 5 monk (1D8). How does that work with the Brawler rage power or the Improved unarmed strike feat? I assume that even with the monks robe, I would need the Improved unarmed strike feat so that I do not provoke AOO and the damage is lethal. HOWEVER, the brawler rage power gives me Improved unarmed strike while raging. How would this work together. Would I just be spending 13K to do 1D8 instead of 1D6 and an extra +1 to ac? Improved unarmed strike is still important if I want to hit without AOO when not raging, though.

Question #3: Elemental rage. The elemental rage lesser power lets me add 1D6 (elemental damage) to the unarmed strike (once per rage)? The normal elemental rage I can do an additional 1D6 every hit while raging? So using the Brawler and Monks robes, I could do 1D8 + 2D6 for one hit, and 1D8+1D6 for all the other hits (I did not add in strength and power attack damage) while raging, correct?

Question #4 Amulet of the mighty fist – wow. Did this change from the WOTC version? So using this item, I could add another (third) 1D6 element damage other than the two from the Elemental rage powers? How would this work with the furious weapon ability from the APG (melee weapon gets a +2 enhancement bonus while raging). Wouldn’t that be cheating to get the +2 bonus on an Amulet of Mighty fist +1? I suppose it evens out as it can only be used when raging.

Question 5: Would the amulet of the mighty fist make the attacks magic for DR? Doubt it.

Question 6: How do brass knuckles help a monk? It makes unarmed attacks lethal, but monks do that anyways. Could they be made magic and then add bonuses to them? How would that work with the amulet of mighty fists?

Are there any other options (Pathfinder only) that I have not considered?

I know I have asked a lot of questions so any help that I get is greatly appreciated.

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First I will start by stating that I do not have the pdf or the beta hardcopy by me at the moment (im at work).

My party monk has the tripping feet. If I remember correctly, tripping in pathfinder was nerfed.

If a monk with 5 flurry of blow attacks decided to make a trip attempt, he would only get one attack as tripping is a standard action (it is right?). Also, standing up no longer provokes an AOO under pathfinder (or is this wrong).

So my question is, is there a real benefit to a monk tripping as opposed to just whacking on a baddy 5 times instead?

I appologize in advance for not having the rule on me when posting this.

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I have a monk in my group who has an official movement speed of ridiculous. The monk, who has spring attack, was 15 feet away from a monster with a 10 foot reach. He went right up to the monster, did his one attack and used spring attack to go back to the same square he started from, 15 feet away from it.

I understand spring attack allows you to avoid the AOO of moving out of the threatened square, but does it get rid of the AOO from entering the 10 foot monsters reach as well?

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I appologize if this has been discussed already, but I could not find anything with the search.

How would the haunts work with channel negative energy. I have a dread necromancer about to enter foxglove manor.

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A player in my game brought up that in srd, tripping with a weapon does not provoke an AoO. I did not see this mentioned in PRPG. Is this ruling gone in PRPG? Does tripping always provike AoO unless you use improve trip?

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I did not see it so I thought I would ask. Is the wizards spellbook tax still in alpha 3? IE: 100GP per page per spell level. I hate that tax!

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Did I miss the description for favored enemy somewhere in the ranger class? I am tired so I might have.

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No one in my group ever hides (including the thief) and I want to make sure I play this right. Say I made a hide roll before going into the room and rolled a total of 43. I then enter the room and no one spots me. I then sneak attack a person. Am I visible to everyone now or do they need to make spot checks? Thanks for the help.

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I have what will seem like a noob question but I am having one of this duh moments. It states that the tatzlwyrm can rake when it pounces. Is rake a 1D4 + strength? what is the to hit on that? If it is listed then I am blind and appologize. Thanks for any help.