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A weapon with called on it can be teleported back to the User when it id with in 100 feet as a swift action.

Returning will return as a free action at the beginning of the users next turn.

To me called is better as I can throw my weapon and call it back as a swift action and then throw it again if my bab allows.

Am I missing something? Both are +1.

You only get one swift action per turn, so after the second throw you don't get it back.

However check the Blinkback Belt (i think thats the name) from UE. Teleports a thrown weapon back automatically right after it was thrown.

I think there are trade offs. Yes, with called you could do the extra attack as you said (I believe, I don't know of a reason why not, but could be wrong) but, if something is stopping you from taking a swift action, or if you want to use that swift action for something else, returning would be better I think. Just a matter of choice I think.

Quatar made a good point. I didn't even think of the fact you couldn't get it back after that second attack till the next round. Then you'd be stuck with something just like returning, ie. only coming once a round, but you'd be using a swift action instead of it happening automatically. Quatar made a good point.

Blinkback belt requires Quickdraw to make effective use of it.

Multiple weapons with the property of Returning do not.

Still, Multiple weapons with returning is a far more expensive route than spending a feat on Quickdraw and getting a Blinkback belt.

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Well, Quickdraw is a staple of throwing builds, that would most benefit from the Blinkback Belt.

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I have a cleric and am only lv 5. I don't have quick draw. I am playing a character who believes he is the god Thor.

I guess I now have 3 options to get his warhammer to return after he throws it.

I'm also looking at the dwarfbond hammer and asking that it be tweaked to Thorbond hammer as that is perfect for him.

That would be 4 options (but he needs to be 7th level to create it)

Derekjr: Aside from the cost why do you need to be 7th level? Must be a Dwarf of at least 7th level is just a prerequisite which can be bypassed by adding +5 to the DC.

- Gauss

Called comes to where you are. Returning returns to where you were when you threw it. If you plan to do a lot of moving called may be better. If you plan to stand in place and full attack returning is okay, but you can't make more than two thrown weapon attacks without quickdraw anyways so the blinkback belt is the way to go.

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So what would the total check be?


5 base
7 caster level
5 not meeting requirements

Sounds about right Derekjr. A level 5 crafter should be able to do that by taking 10. (5+3trained+0int = 8, take 10 = 18). Note: a level 5 character wouldnt have the money if the GM is following WBL. :)

- Gauss

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I don't have the money :)

Thanks to all for the help!


There's also the little matter of a returning weapon only returning if it was thrown as an attack, while a called weapon can be brought back at any time as long as it's still in range.

A minor distinction, until you go up against somebody with Greater Disarm.

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