Kingmakers population - where do they live?


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I was reading through Rivers Run Red and saw that a 100% completed city grid equals about 9000 people. If a house is only a prereq for some other buildings and unrest -1, where does everyone live? Did I miss something?

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When you build a "house" you aren't just building one house. It's representative of building a neighbourhood, or suburb, a block of houses or whatever. The buildings you build aren't literally a one-for-one representation any more than your city is actually built on a perfectly level square grid.

The same is true of farms, when you build a farm it's more accurate to say you build "farmlands", so that multiple farming families can move in and start making a living.

i assume a farm hex, includes numerous buidlings scattered about various communities within the hex, each hex adding 250 people

popn no. isnt massively important

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I figured it was this way but thought I would ask as my players will.


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