Conjure deadfall (conjuration spell) question

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The spell Conjure Deadfall creates a spiked block above someones head that then falls on them and does damage. Can someone explain why this would allow spell resistance? It is a big block that falls on you.

What happens if it does not go through their SR? does it go through them, vanish when it touches them or bounce of their head? I really do not know why a solid block has SR.

Any help?

1. Because the conjured metal cube is composed of magic? It does disappear after the spell resolves, after all.

2. The creature would shrug it off, same as any other magical attack that didn't pierce SR. Or it hits them and shatters into a pile of metal shards which then disappear. Or it vanishes in a puff of ether. This doesn't really matter mechanically, but it's a fun place to immerse.

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