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I had a feeling it was something like that. Thank you for the quick answer.

I am going to help my wife make a barbarian character for our first second edition campaign. I found out that you get the rage resistance at level 9. But I don't see any mention of when you get the Specialization, I thought maybe it would be a class feat, but I didn't spot it among the feats. So how do you unlock these abilities? I'm sure I must have missed something obvious.

I have been an Adventure Path Subscriber for a while now, and have been receiving the books just fine. However I seem to be missing the PDFs for Mummy's Mask #3 even though I have gotten the physical book.

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There's a concept from Fate that might work. A failed check can mean that they succeed but at a cost, something bad also happens. They could end up spending a lot longer than planned to find the clue, giving the enemy extra time to get away or to prepare. Or they could get a false clue that leads them on a dangerous detour but that eventually gets them back on track. Or they could take a wound, maybe they accidentally triggered a trap, or even alerted some hooligans to their presence.

5e at least doesn't allow swapping other actions to get extra bonus actions either. Don't know about 4e.

Sir Thugsalot wrote:

Yet another instance of you creating new feats and items whose appe:/arance immediately shuts down ubiquitous totally-makes-sense options that players have been using for over a decade, namely "downgrading" a move-action into a swift, because it absolutely makes sense, and everybody and their kid sister's uncle does it.

But cometh the GM to say: "You must now wear this really fruity ladies garment that eats your chest slot to do that incredibly common thing you used to do all the time for free...once, but try not do anything even slightly cool or it won't work."

Not sure about why a GM would have to point to that item when the PRD says this:

PRD wrote:

Swift Actions

A swift action consumes a very small amount of time, but represents a larger expenditure of effort than a free action. You can perform one swift action per turn without affecting your ability to perform other actions. In that regard, a swift action is like a free action. You can, however, perform only one single swift action per turn, regardless of what other actions you take. You can take a swift action anytime you would normally be allowed to take a free action. Swift actions usually involve spellcasting, activating a feat, or the activation of magic items.

It seems clear that the rules say you only get one.

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Heh, this reminds me of the good old days of playing Ultima Online. We would capture or summon undead mages and have them there casting hostile spells on us to train magical resistance.

Tangent aside I think it might be a hard sell, but it could be used as a interesting trap for someone's dungeon or lair. I don't think I would set a hard and fast price on it, it seems to me to be something that should take some good effort and RP from the players to find and negotiate a sale on. Maybe there's not even a gold sum, but instead a trade or even some sort of boon as a reward.

Dwarven druid for sure, grab heavy armour prof, wear a +1 wild Stone Plate and wildshape into an earth elemental for extra toughness. At level 12 you will also get dr 5.

And if you are going low on hp you can just slip into the floor and swim away.

Level 1: Long limbed Elf base 35, Fleet feat for +5, and Inquisitor with the Travel domain for another +10. Total speed 50. (Not sure about traits, reactionary/warrior of old for initiative bonus I think. Are there any that affects running or such?)
Level 2: Bloodrager +10 speed, Total speed 60.
Level 3+: Zen Archer with FCB in speed for 15 levels. And fleet again. Total speed 65 at 3rd.

5th: 80 ft. (+5 from Fleet, +10 from 3rd Monk level)
7th: 90 ft. (+5 from Fleet, +5 from 5th FCB monk)
8th: 100 ft. (+10 from 6th Monk level)
9th: 105 ft. (+5 from Fleet)
11th: 120 ft. (+5 from Fleet, +10 from 9th Monk level)
12th: 125 ft. (+5 from 10th Monk FCB)
13th: 130 ft. (+5 from Fleet)
14th: 140 ft. (+10 from 13th Monk level)
15th: 145 ft. (+5 from Fleet)
17th: 165 ft. (+5 from Fleet, +5 from 15th Monk FCB, +10 from 15th Monk level)
19th: 170 ft. (+5 from Fleet)
20th: 180 ft. (+10 from 18th Monk level)

Does this look right?

Mostly looking for things that can be kept going indefinitely, but cool to hear about other things as well... might end up with a seriously fast character.

Wasn't really looking for transformation as a way of doing it. And the cricket would work but feels a little cheesy especially for an NPC.

Pure monk is a viable option, but it seems to me that some dipping would improve it?

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Was reading the post about traits for movement speed and it made me think, how could I make a character with the highest land speed (the earlier the better).

Travel domain gives +10.
Barbarian gives +10.
Fleet gives +5 and can be taken several times.
Monk gives scaling one by level.
Elves get a racial FCB of +1 per level of Barb or Monk (would you say they'd stack? So barb 1 / monk 4 gets +5?)
Flame spirit Sharman gets +10 for 2 levels as it's a hex.

Always on bonuses over temp (spells okay but they only last a limited time).

What order would be best to pick things up to ensure the highest move speed at each level? Any way to either VMC or such to get multiple of these and and limit dips somewhat?

For combat ability I was thinking this could work as an archer using hit and bolt tactics, especially 'shoot on the run' to be able to keep opponents at bay. Though combat ability comes ad a secondary to speed.

Ideal level range would be 5-7, but would love to see how it could get even better at higher levels.

Also found Impossible Speed for Mythicals gives +30, but likely won't be used.

Um, this is a 6 year old post.

Greebo does get temporarily turned into a human on a few occasions so Anthropomorphic Animal or similar spell would be very appropriate. Nanny Ogg has an aura of being 'one of us' so any sort of charm effects would also be thematic.

One thing with Druids is that they are basically bad wizards at level 1 (especially if they choose to not have an animal companion), but once they hit level 4 and start to get wildshape they really start to come into their own as a very versatile class.

Need to see ahead in a forest? Sure someone could climb that tree but the druid can turn into a bird and scout.
Need to carry gear past guards? Load the druid up with stuff and watch it all meld together into a dog or a horse, who'd expert that the contraband is part of the horse and not hidden in that haystack in the cart?

There's tons of fun and creative ways to use wildshape, and your a full caster on top of that with a very diverse selection of spells. It just takes some levels to really become awesome.

Thanks for the replies. Those stats are perfect, I might tweak gear and spells a bit as you said.

Does anyone have a stat block for a level 20 lich?

Highest I've manage to find is this one who's a level 17, it's close... I could advance it a few more levels... but I also don't like that it's got aristocrat levels as well.

So if anyone does have one laying around, I'd love to see it, thanks.

That doesn't sound unreasonable to me, though you might want to run a session without the players that are dragging their feet so that everyone else don't end up waiting forever.

Scrapper wrote:
Would gathering information/supplies/personal development be exceptions?

Yes, at least in my games.

Slavers, maybe ones transporting some newly captured slaves, they might even look pleadingly at the PCs. It could lead to an interesting moral dilemma, it might be legal in the area, leading to lawful vs chaotic and good... should the players intervene, a chaotic act, to help the poor slaves, a good act.

You could also look at their feats, monsters tend to have several non optimal feast that you could swap out to make them better casters.

Reign of Winter has lots of Dragons in the 4th book, and one in book 2, another as a random encounter in book 3, one in book 5, and another in book 6. (Not all of them true dragons)

There's an item with similar effects that you can look at first. Ring of Regeneration, it doesn't have the blindness on it but that could easily be added as a drawback.

You could use the spell 'carry companion' to bring him along anywhere without having to worry about how people will react. I know it's not what you asked for, but it might help.

The Giant Tapia Steppe Warriors attacks with their bows seem off to me. Bab 11 + 2 (dex) + 2 (mod) + 1 (weapon focus) - 1 (large) = 15 right? But they are listed at 12 or something. They do get penalties for riding if their mount double moves but not always. And the listed damage is too low to have deadly aim factored in isn't it? What am I missing?

Okay, here's my list of clues so far:

Bordello Matron (Valorie)

  • Has adopted a girl (Lisa) from the Orphanage, she's been working as a floor cleaner.
  • The Rich Merchant (Alejandro) took an interest in the girl (Lisa) while delivering some jewelry and has been a regular patron of hers since.
  • Lisa hides wheneven Alejandro shows up, and sometimes when other's do as well.
  • Lisa will hide when the PC's show up.
  • Valorie will have some jewelry with Alejandro's makers mark on it.
  • Valorie's neck has been broken by someone very strong.
  • Carefully written records about everything's that been going on can be found under Valorie's bed.
  • Alejandro's name and Lisa's can be found in the record with a check.
  • Talking to the employees at the Bordello will reveal that a well dressed man was the last person to be seen with the Matron. (They'll be able to describe his clothes well enough that someone with knowledge about nobles might figure out the employer of the well dressed man).
  • The employees will, with a successful check, money will lower the DC, reveal that Lisa has been visited by Alejandro. (They don't have a description)
  • Successful check will allow talking to Lisa, she will describe Alejandro.
  • Lisa might also mention nightmares about a bad lady and a large blue skinned man.

Drunken Father (Jack Smith)

  • He's got thin red line around his throat. A check will reveal that he's been garroted by someone strong.
  • A check will reveal that he's got marks on his hands from hitting his children.
  • A check will allow speaking with the older boy who reveals that he and his sister was hit by their father.
  • A search will turn up a doll that has a mark from the orphanage.
  • Confronting the boy about the doll will make him talk about how they're from the orphanage and that their 'father' took them in to have them keep his house clean and neat while he worked / drank.
  • A high check will make the little sister talk about how she's recently had dreams of a bad lady and a blue man.

Rich Merchant (Alejandro Brightwood), Silver Smith

  • Possesses a handkerchief that has the mark of a noble lady of the city. (The Lady was there with the Butler at one point to order some new Silverware, she misplaced it)
  • Nobles name is in his records, though a few weeks old, a check might be required.
  • He's been castrated and them murdered, more brutally than the others. (Showing the Bulter's anger and disgust)
  • A quickly scribed note can be found with his name on it, and Lisa's name as well. (Butler lost it)
  • The Butler's employer has his maker's mark on her silverware.

Teenage Boy (Morgan Porter)

  • Stabbed in the heart in his bed, the dagger still in his chest.
  • A bloody shirt is left on top of him. (The lover attempted to stop the bleeding, not intending to kill him.)
  • As soon as someone starts to seriously investigate his lover shows up and confesses.

Thanks again for all the tips, happy to hear what people think and if anyone has more suggestions that I can slide in here I'd love to hear them.

No, his employer has said that he wishes someone would do something, but she is not in the know about what is going on.

bitter lily wrote:

The wonderful article that PK the Dragon quotes from has another important principle:

The Alexandrian wrote:
For any conclusion you want the PCs to make, include at least three clues.

Based on the title for the thread, I assume you understand that, and want help coming up with clues.

** spoiler omitted **

Helping you out is fun! If I come up with anything else, I'll be back.

Exactly, I am trying to find specific clues that I can place at each scene and that will do one of three things:

1. Point to the actual murderer. (The Butler in 1, 2 and 3)
2. Point to the motive for the murders. (The reason the Butler murdered 1, 2 and 3 and it should ideally at least make a chaotic good / neutral character think that the city is better off without these people)
3. Subtly point towards something bigger going on and link back to the orphanage as the real place they need to investigate.

Sorry if I missed information about the Butler, he has worked for a lesser Noble for a long time. The nobles children have been actually targeted by the Oni and the Butler is looking for the people that has taken them. In his search he comes across these deplorable people that are harming children (though not his employers) and chooses to take the law into his own hands since he has no faith that they will be punished.

Thanks for the idea about the toys and the teens working for the drunk that could work.

Thanks for the feedback so far.
1. No we don't need to spoiler the whole thread.
2. They are level 5 with access to 3rd level wizard and cleric magic. They might think to ask for speak with dead. (The cleric is an NPC)
3. They will be asked to investigate these murders because there seems to be something strange going on. The fourth should immediately stand out as different because it is a murder of passion so it will be very sloppy with no attempt to hide evidence.
4. I have foreshadowed all of these people to some extent;
* The PCs been to the brothel (the celebrate Monk followed the matron while she ushered some men in from the street).
* They have run into the Butler in the street and noticed that he looked somewhat different from most other servants in that he carried himself more like a brawler than a manservant.
* They noticed that their tiefling friend argued with the Oni in disguise outside the orphanage. And they have discovered that things are different there now after he took over.
* They spotted the drunken father backhand one of his kids and confronted him about it.
* They saw the rich merchant in the market, and it looked like he was getting pickpocketed by some street urchins.

They are already suspicious of the Oni (not yet knowing he is one but thinking he's up to no good) and the Butler because he seems out of place.

The murders have not happened yet, the PCs are about to leave town to deal with a Wyvern and they will be summoned the next morning after they return to be a special investigative team. Or at least that's my though process so far.

If you are here Thomir or Kavas players then please stop reading now.

Plot so far:
The PCs have been working a bit for the city officials, one of their NPC friends is a teifling who is an orphan who still (secretly) supports the orphanage she grew up in.

They recently returned to the city after another quest and their NPC friend was spotted arguing with a man outside the orphanage.

They also came across another man, a strange buttler type who made them suspicious.

The man at the orphanage is actually a Oni who's there with a night hag trying to locate one of her items. They are slowly slaying children at the orphanage and in the city in their search.

The buttler is an old thug who has taken it upon himself to try to solve the disappearance of his employers children (taken by the Oni).

In his search he comes across several people who have hurt / exploited children in some ways, and kills them.

Now the PCs will be hired by the city officials to investigate these murders.

Victims are;
1. A drunkard who has been beating his children. (Butler killed him in his home)
2. A rich merchant who has a taste for young partners. (Butler killed him brutally in his home)
3. A brothel matron who has been recruiting girls from the orphanage. (Butler lured her out and killed her somewhere quiet)
4. A teenager killed by his lover in a rage. (This one is a red herring, and to add a bit of realism in that not all murders are connected)

Now what I need help with is coming up with some clues that will point the PCs to both the Oni, orphanage, the butler and his motives. If your clue requires some other murder victim as well that would be fine too. However the PCs should ideally think it's the butler first, then start to understand and maybe sympathise with them before starting to see some underlying wrongness what's going on and start to look towards the orphanage and the Oni in disguise.

Nine Lives is an amazing defensive spell to grab once per day.

I have a CN druid, she's was born a crown princess in the mountains, however she did not feel at home with her duties or her status. She found the underground constricting and depressing.

So she ran away, seeking freedom amidst the forests and it's animals, she rebelled against the traditions and laws of her people for her own personal freedom and happiness.

She joined adventures because the forests she lived in was threatened (RoW adventure path) and she is still traveling with them to protect nature from eternal winter.

Maybe allow a sense motive check for her to notice. And if your PCs make use of meta knowledge like that then I'd say that it's not unfair for a skilled NPC to do the same (though ideally neither should, I would be happy to let the PCs do that sense motive check if they don't use meta).

You can get fly as a domain spell (eagle for one has it). Restoration might be tougher to acquire.

Call lighting and it's upgrade + air elemental or any other form with a high fly speed makes you able to snipe or kite enemies with little risk to self. It is very slow going, but can be great to draw enemies out or to help funnel them to your party.

A druid can be some of the most annoying artillery in the game, not amazing damage but who'd expert that the lighting raining down on you comes from the bird hundreds of feet above.

There is a mechanic that has been mentioned a few times that you might not be aware of that adds to the versatility of prepared casters and especially the divine ones.

When preparing spells for the day, a cleric can leave some of her spell slots open. Later during that day, she can repeat the preparation process as often as she likes. During these extra sessions of preparation, she can fill these unused spell slots. She cannot, however, abandon a previously prepared spell to replace it with another one or fill a slot that is empty because she has cast a spell in the meantime. Like the first session of the day, this preparation takes at least 15 minutes, and it takes longer if she prepares more than one-quarter of his spells.

This references Cleric but it works for all prepared casters.

What I do with my druid is that I prepare good spells in most of the slots and leave about one open slot per spell level. If I start to run low on some spells I can take 15 minutes to replenish or if I find I really need a spell I can slot that in. It is usually not hard to find the 15 minutes to prep new spells.

Also keep in mind that you can prepare lower level spells in higher level slots. It is the end of the day and you really need that lesser restoration right now? No problem I have an open level 6 slot that I can put it in.

Another great versatility that Druids have with their spells is the ability to convert any prepared spell into a summon natures ally, if you prepared wood themed spells and find yourself underground, no problem that previously useless spell can now summon some extra meatshields against the BBEG.

This also means you will never need to prepare the summon spells as any other prepared spell doubles as one.~

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I have a question. At the end of part two the party gets another boon from Baba Yaga, they get: 'Each PC can choose to gain either DR 5/— or
spell resistance equal to 12 + his character level.'

Would the DR from this boon stack with other sources of DR? Like the Barbarian's DR or the Druids DR from elemental form and such?`Rules as written I know that DR does not stack, but these boons are somewhat outside of the rules to begin with, so should they stack with other things? (The Natural armor bonus from the first boon said it did stack for example.)

A shapeshifting focused, based of a mix of Ranger and Druid.

I present the: Untamed.

Any feedback on it?

I have a melee druid, she uses extended Barkskin to keep it up all the time and greater magic fang. She usually stays in huge air elemental form with the Eagle domain so she has imp. evasion. She aslo has vital strike, grasping strike and imp. vital strike.

She will sometimes cast a spell at the start of combat while everyone gets set up then swoop in and around the enemy to setup flank for the rogue and vital strike for 6d6+static damage (10 for her + 1d6 fire damage from her amulet of mighty fist).

She doesn't do the most damage, but is usually on par with the Paladin (when she doesn't smite) but she is a huge factor for setting up flanks and sneak attacks. And on top of that she can pump out some great spells when need be.


One of my players was looking at this spell, and was talking about using it. He says that he could set it to Evil and any evil aligned creatures would be affected.

Though to me it seems that you would have to be more specific since the spell says specific I would think that means one of the nine alignments.

What is the right interpretation? How specific is specific?

This is where a pen and paper game can really differentiate itself from a computer game. Some examples of things I have done and may do;
* PCs defeated all the guardians and disabled a field that trapped a BBEG before resting, she gathered a few forces around her and made the boss fight significantly tougher (an intelligent person would get reinforcement if most of their forces had been wiped out).
* The PCs clear out a tower where a young dragon has made his lair using lots of fire spells to take out the frost trolls but stop before reaching the top, the dragon hires a cleric to protect him (resist energy) and the group encounter a group of 'engineers' at the base of the tower in the process of trapping the front door (other traps have also been set up in the tower).
* Tbe PCs are exploring a dungeon, find a group of bandits and deals with them. They leave one alive whom they interrogate, they learn that the real threat is a snake creature and lets the bandit go before going back to town to rest. The snake creature will kill a key prisoner that would have been useful to the PCs investigations (but not critical) and will likely shift some of the guards around.

If you take a rest before the BBEG is dealt with that gives them just a little bit more time to be ready when you arrive. In game terms that means you will need to still expend some resources before you can face them or that you will need more to deal with the BBEG encounter itself.

This group looks almost exactly like one I'm running for;
Dwarf Druid
Human Paladin
Elf Ranger
Human Witch

They do very well (they also have a npc URouge / Shadow Dancer) they have run into some problems (missing conditional removal and ways to deal with a Will'o'Wisp) but they found ways to overcome and that can be more fun than having the right tool for everything.

He might need an exotic saddle for the cat.

Druids are prohibited from wearing metal armour, maybe he has been wearing something like that and when it's finally removed he discovers his magical abilities. A dream or vision or just the extreme sensation that the metal is constricting or smothering him would be a good in character hint.

From what I can remember of the MTG lore a planeswalker usually manifests their magical abilities before they spark and planewalks for the first time.

Chandra for example was considered a pyromancer before she discovered her spark.

Spells triggering in their sleep could be a useful variant of the get out of trouble trope.

Oh and a bit obvious maybe but have you asked the player how he imagines the characters first manifestation of magic going? They might already have an idea about how they'd like it to go.

I rather like druids for the pack mule role. Huge quadruped with a sizable strength boost that also stacks with most of the things mentioned here. And has a lot of the buffs on their spell list makes a great self sufficient mule.

Reign of Winter: Frozen Star also has a large scale battle scenario, the party takes on small battles while others fight around them.

Can give you more info if wanted but wanted to leave it spoiler free.

I think the way I would handle it, or like to have it handled if I was him is to try to tailor parts of the combat to his abilities.

If he's a ranged attacker then have enemy spellcasters / archers flying above or other harder to reach areas so that he has to take them out before they harm the party too much while they deal with the regular encounter.

If he's a stealthy character have an alternate route for him, or a thing that he needs to reach and deal with (trap / hostages about to be lowered into lava ect).

Of course not every encounter needs or should be tailored this way but maybe 1/3 or so. Muliple weaker enemies can give the rest a chance to deal with some of them and yet let him slaughter and be awesome.

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thorin001 wrote:
Skeld wrote:

I make these kinds of rolls for my players. I also make Disable Device and Sense Motive checks for them, oftentimes. There are some saves I'll roll for them too,,such as the Fort save versus disease they get when they're hit by a diseased creature attack. In fact, I keep a post-it note on the inside of my screen that has all their saves, Perception, Sense Moytive, and Disable modifiers so that I don't even have to ask for them.

Some checks/rolls are, by the very act of rolling and seeing the number that appears, can be metagamey.


Why do you even have players then?

By that sentiment, to you a player only rolls Perception, Sense Motive and Disable Device, some Saves and nothing else since that's what he says he rolls for them...

What about spells, attacks, roleplaying? No players do any of those? Asking why he needs players seems like a silly question.

graystone wrote:

Under expanded skill uses in the Unchained book it lists:

"Slaughter and butcher an animal" as falling under Profession [Butcher, cook, or shepherd] at a DC 15.

Shouldn't hunter be added to that list too? Or um, that might not be considered a Profession? I do see Trapper under there... so um, they should be able to butcher an animal I'd think.

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