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Is there a way to call your animal companion to you from a long way away? As in across a city. I don't mean summon it. I mean contact it so I can tell it to come to me. Spells or magic items only.

Well, my question fell to page 2 without a response, so I am bumping my own post. Hopefully someone sees it this time around and can chime in. If it falls to page 2 a second time I will call this a lost cause and accept my fate. And also bring my wolf everywhere no matter what.

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You could use the spell 'carry companion' to bring him along anywhere without having to worry about how people will react. I know it's not what you asked for, but it might help.

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You could use a sending spell along with a speak with animals spell. I think there might be some higher level druid variant to do that differently.

Well, I'm playing as a ranger, so I'm not sure sending plus speak with animal would work. Although sending might work since I could remotely give it the come or heel command. It has scent so it should be able to come find me even with minimal survival ranks. Have to keep that in mind since I would not be concerned about causing a problem with city guards if i had to go that route. And we have a bard to make it right later.

As for Carry Companion, I only have one 2nd lvl spell right now and that's reserved for bark skin. Once I get my next slot next level I will probably leave it open in case this comes up again, but I didn't have that option just yet.

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Silent signal whistle.

"A whistle’s piercing report can be clearly heard (Perception DC 0) up to a quarter-mile away. For each quarter-mile beyond, Perception checks to hear a whistle take a –2 penalty. Silent whistles that only animals and other creatures with keen hearing can hear also exist."

I use this.

If the animal is a rare type not usually found in the city, "call animal" might work, it has a range measured in miles.

Grandlounge, that idea is perfect. I am TOTALLY picking one up in game on general principle now.

BNW, call animal probably works since I most likely have the only wolf in that city. At least I hope so. Of course, I didn't prep it that day and have no idea how good he would be at navigating the city.

I have discovered a few other options that could work in theory, but run up against their own duration. Animal life link and animal mind link would do the job, except the have a duration of 1 minute/level and require I touch the animal companion, which wouldn't have worked in this scenario. Also I can't cast mind link yet.

To be honest, I think I am looking at an impossible situation to resolve, at least based on how I defined it. I still think this is all good info to have.

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