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I've already received notice that the orders are combined and pending.

Thank you.

I'm really looking forward to the Armory book, but that's been true of all of the Starfinder books.

I appreciate your assistance and helpful attitude.

As it is after work here on the east coast, I'll toast your name with the first of the new pitcher of margaritas!

Have a good weekend.



I will check settings, but these should both be covered by gift certificates/store credit.

Absolutely they can be combined.

I went over to account settings and re-entered credit card information and delivery address, though they did not change.
Subscriptions seem to be set to credit card, but I want to use store credit/gift certificates first.

Is this enough or do I need to do anything else?



Order 5294370 is my subscription order for Starfinder Armory.

Order 4944596 is an order of minis and such my wife and I made after I mixed a pitcher of margaritas and we browsed the under $5 section.

It was my intent that the second order would ship on its own and not delay the subscription order, but (possibly due to the margaritas) I'm not sure if I set it up that way.

Could you check for me?

I -really- don't want anything to slow the shipping of Armory (and the access to it's pdf).

Thank you for your assistance.

Niel deAlteriis

(recipe for coconut margaritas: margarita mix and Malibu Red (coconut rum and coconut tequila)- just use whatever mix ratio the mixer specifies, but only add the Red)

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If you are asking for dream settings, I would love to see setting books for Sterling E. Lanier's Hiero books.
Post apocalyptic, mutated races, psi-powers, and mutations.
Menacing groups opposing all life, lost civilizations, mutant beavers, Morse, hopping steeds, and more.
Sort of a combo of Gamma World and Conan, with a strong Thundar the Barbarian vibe.

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Burning Archipelago: coloninized by Sarenites, so likely Common
Aballon: Common, Shortwave
Castrovel: Castrovellian
Absolom Station: Common
Akiton: Akitonian
Vericies: Vercite
Idari: Kasatha
Diaspora: Sarcesian for the ‘dominant natives’, Common for the pirates, dwarven for the Dwarves
Eox: Eoxian
Triaxus: Triaxian
Bretheda: Brethedan
Apostate: Drow
Aucturn: Aklo

This is mostly from the list of languages (page 41 of the core rulebook) as well as the descriptions of the worlds from Core and Pact Worlds.

According to the Alien Archive, the Anacites of Aballon speak Common and 'Shortwave'(telepathy for techno constructs).

Shaudius wrote:

According to the Pact Worlds advertisement at the back of Dead Suns 4, the following are the six new races coming next months in Pact Worlds:

"play as a member of one of six new alien races: shapechanging astrazoans, rolling bantrids, undead borais, plantlike khizars, robotic SROs, or winged strix."

This might be another answer.

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Thanks for the info.
I can the appeal to running a Salvager character.
(Icon- younger nephew on the reality show, slowly growing his own name, constantly having to tell fans "Yes, the Captain's a @#$% in real life, too.")

Now, we're going to need Circus ships, traveling between the starts, delivering 'The Greatest Show On Any Planet!'
Loaded with family acts, aliens, animals- wild, domesticated, and trained, to wonder and amaze!, crooked carny games, and runaways, working on their player character background stories.

An overview of the playable races and the various cultures would be appreciated.

Will we see things like the Traveller Scouts or the merchant family ships from fiction?

In other words, a few words on organizations integral to the setting would be cool.

Damniel Registered Interstellar Freight and Transport

or any other D name

Our Vesk soldier is absolutely destroying his melee foes.
He is an armor storm, but the combo of battleglove and melee striker has been devastating his targets.
We are on early levels though.

The description of pulse gauntlets sound like you could still use your hand for carrying/using items but do good damage.

Pretty much the question.

The only natural attack I see is from the vesk racial ability and it says as the unarmed strike but not archaic.

I'd guess venom spur is a simple weapon and that without the operative special it would use Str to hit and damage, but I'd like to add a venom spur to a high dex character.

Did anyone see something I'm missing?

As far as I can tell, it requires a GM to tell you what information you can acquire on a secure data module.

I would expect that a module with any large amount of data on the criminal organizations would be unavailable on the open market, though an individual with the right resources (such as a criminal or law enforcement background) could make one.

A record of famous athletes would likely be available for purchase at the library or bookstore equivalent.

My character, a priest of Triune, has a professional skill 'Drift Historian' and a module of 'Drift Lore' as starting equipment.
He purchased a directory of Absalom Station after our first session, which includes a vid comm directory and station layout map, but no secure information.

I expect he will continue to purchase modules on information such as ship data (once the team acquires one), weapon and armor designs (to build weapons and armor), and whatever information interests him.

As another question, since secure data modules are purchased without referencing the tier of the computer, how separate are they?
Are they able to be copied so I can share them with other PCs?

Multi classing is an option.
While Mystic works off wisdom and Envoy goes to charisma, so you could go even with the 2 stats.
Caster level would suffer, but you would have both sets of options for your actions.
BAB would be a bit lower and you would likely slow your progress to the 3rd class level when weapon specialization kicks in, but since you're not focusing on hitting in combat that shouldn't limit your focus.

Don't overlook skills as a major contribution.

Healing and knowledge's look like they can make a big difference and the Envoy's skill expertise has several which look good for a support character.
Multi-classing in Pathfinder has built in drawbacks, but in Starfinder?
Perhaps not so much.

We'll have to see with more experience in the system.

Signal jammer?

edit: never mind- a signal jammer might take away your ability to use a wireless ability, but not your class feature.

Here's some thoughts on things that could modify how you would defend your system.

Drift beacons in your system can promote you to near space status, but does their location in the system matter?

If you ask the priests of Triune to only put the beacons on the outskirts of the system, does that mean that incoming invasion fleets must arrive near the beacons or can they target anywhere in the system regardless of the beacon's location?

If you can 'park' in Drift space (and we know it is possible to stop your journey there, is it possible an empire could station small drift ships (or even stations) with long range sensors 'in' their system to warn of invaders?

Divine will.

Triune is the god of the Drift, would He allow large fleets to do invasions or allow a planet to limit their number of beacons?


"Will this system be attacked today?" might be common.
(Note to self: go back and look at Starfinder divinations to see if this is possible.)

One of the Beyond the Pact Worlds reminds me of Harry Harrison's Death World.

One of the Beyond the Pact Worlds reminds me of Harry Harrison's Death World.

Warning: Not a serious question.

A scholar who chooses Life Science must declare a specialization.

Among the choices are biology and xenobiology.

In a spacefaring, multi species universe, what makes bio into xeno?

We are given bioengineering, botany, ecology, genetics, and zoology as other choices, but not xeno- versions of them.

Secondary question: If I wanted the theme bonus in my Life Science specialty to apply to the craft food and drink aspect of the skill, what should I be specializing in?
I'm thinking biology/xenobiology.

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If you want to ask questions about the lasso, start with 'What is the range?"
All we know is that it works 'like using a net'.
A net has an effective range of 10'.
Maybe 10', maybe dependent on the length of the rope.

While it's not designed for this exactly, in a home game you might talk your GM into allowing you to use this (also mentioned by avr)

Tattoo, Reservoir
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th Slot none; Price 10,000 gp


Once per day as a standard action, the bearer can transfer into the tattoo an ongoing single-target spell (of up to 3rd level). The spell must be one the bearer cast on itself. While stored in the tattoo, the spell’s effects are suppressed, and the spell’s duration is similarly suspended. As a standard action, the bearer can bring the spell back into effect on itself. Spells stored in reservoir tattoos are lost when the bearer next prepares spells.


Inscribe Magical Tattoo; Cost 5,000 gp

As your Revelation uses a spell to explain what happens when you shift, you could make the argument to your GM that the tattoo would store it, but it likely wouldn't pass in Pathfinder Society.

It would only work once a day per tattoo and only for spell effects up to 3rd level, though you could work with your GM to create and item/tattoo based on this to work with your Revelation.

In regards to your weapon, the rules for Polymorph spells says:

If your new form does not cause your equipment to meld into your form, the equipment resizes to match your new size.

Whether your sword would meld into your elemental form is also a discussion you need to have with your GM.
I do not know if Pathfinder Society ever answered that question.


And had my preorder for the Starfinder hardcover automatically canceled.

Way to go Paizo!!

Your 3rd level domain spell is Rage.
Make some scrolls for extra daily casting as needed.

I seem to remember that this spells acts as barbarian rage and allows you to use you rage abilities, though I can't document that.

there's also the Ioun Spite Bracers.
you can look them up on the archives of Nethys.

arm slot, holds up to 4 stones, gives bonuses to grab them as well, plus a back up ability.

not cheap, though

Hey Patrick, did you see this book?

The Interminables by Paige Orwin

(I have no web-fu)

It's set in 2020 or so after a magical apocalypse.
The main characters are a 1920's mystery man and the ghost of WWI.

I like Quench, though only vs. creatures with the fire subtype.
5 to 10 d6 worth of no save, large area damage for a 3rd level spell?
Oh Yeah!


Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 329
School transmutation; Level druid 3, hunter 3
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, DF
Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Area or Target one 20-ft. cube/level (S) or one fire-based magic item
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none or Will negates (object); Spell Resistance no or yes (object)
Quench is often used to put out forest fires and other conflagrations. It extinguishes all nonmagical fires in its area. The spell also dispels any fire spells in its area, though you must succeed on a dispel check (1d20 +1 per caster level, maximum +15) against each spell to dispel it. The DC to dispel such spells is 11 + the caster level of the fire spell.

Each creature with the fire subtype within the area of a quench spell takes 1d6 points of damage per caster level (maximum 10d6, no save allowed).

Alternatively, you can target the spell on a single magic item that creates or controls flame. The item loses all its fire-based magical abilities for 1d4 hours unless it succeeds on a Will save. Artifacts are immune to this effect.

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OK, that explains it.

I think everything I own is jeans and black t-shirts, with work uniforms tossed in.
So blue or black.

Queen's Raven wrote:
Now if you want to start a list of people to sort and do laundry


What is this 'sort' you speak of?

If it fits in the washer, you're good.

When were Bracers of Falcon's Aim changed?
I don't see a FAQ and Ultimate Equipment on the PRD stills lists nothing about daily uses
Is it in the errata for the second printing of UE, which isn't up on the PRD yet?

favorite comics?

Top Ten
The Elementals
old Warlord

all older comics, unfortunately

On the Reaper site, look at #02548 'Merchant and Henchmen'.

The merchant is a portly human, well dressed, with a cane and a hat.

I used him as a mini for a character years ago and he may work for you as well.

No beard, though.


PRD wrote:

When taking the form of animals, a druid's wild shape now functions as beast shape III.

You only get animals, elementals, and plants.

Though some specific archetypes get giants, oozes, etc.

For the Taldor flavor, try a Rondolero duelist fighter, using the Taldor style of falcata and buckler.
Once you've got a few levels, you could switch to magus for versatility.

Mix levels as necessary. (fighter for BAB and Magus for fun)

It's not a great idea to multi magus, nor is rondolero duelist all that great, but it might be fun.

5. In Soviet Russia, self-destruct button is not for lifeboat, is for you!

Tangent101 wrote:
You say "not a straight caster" but that ignores the perfect Straight Man who still comes into power.

You're right, I was thinking a full caster would have the choice of powers and the background to accept the eeriness, but I did not consider sorcerer as being different from wizard.

A Sorcerer slowly gaining his power and the associated bloodline abilities would also be a good match.

Most of a 'straight man' build would end up role play rather than class anyway.
I remember that Feng Shui has a character archetype, the 'Everyday Hero' who is just a dude who does whatever he does not out of aptitude but attitude.

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Also thematically appropriate: the straight man.

A character not aware, trained, or part of the mythos, fumbling his way into (or out of, considering the wake-up-and-confused start) insanity.

So likely not a full caster or devout, something more like an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances.

Fighter, rogue, maybe a monk straight out of the monastery, possibly even a kineticist awakening to powers he doesn't understand.

Hard mode: npc class.

Thanks, folks, for all the ideas.

GM has said this particular weapon (and the seven unique weapons which were found in a lost temple to 8 gods) cannot be further enchanted.

Which rules out most things.

Quarterstaff master makes it one handed, but not finessable (and requires weapon focus first).

It looks like I will only carry it and not spend much time smashing heads with it.

I appreciate all your thoughts, though.

Thanks again, but I'm giving up this plan.

(I will ask if he will allow it to be finessable, as it is listed as being 'Light'- but if he goes for it, I'll be surprised.)

We just found a quarterstaff (metal yet weighs 3 lbs, is +1/+1, does 1d10/x2, wielder is immune to electrical damage , and staff empowers any electrical effect cast by wielder).

I am a kineticist 6 (void) and was planning on adding air at 7th.

Being dex based (dex 18/str 11), my 5th level feat being weapon finesse, (and I wasn't planning to take 2 weapon fighting), I'm looking for a way to use this staff as something other than a blast booster.

(Effortless lace only works on 1-handed slashing or piercing weapons.)

GM is still deciding if it will empower blasts as well as the spells he intended it for(and that's fine either way he decides), but if I can use this, I'd like to be known for using it, not just carrying it.

As a side question, is there any way to channel a blast through a staff?
(feat, enchantment, etc.)

R. S. Belcher's new book 'The Brotherhood of the Wheel' is excellent and fits our genre.
That is all.

(Also, now I will have to find his last book, 'Nightwise', because I somehow missed knowing of it completely.)

Is he building a classic man-in-suit Godzilla costume for Paizo Con?
There will be much stomping of buildings on that day!

PRD wrote:

Giant Creature (+1)

Creatures with the giant template are larger and stronger than their normal-sized kin. This template cannot be applied to creatures that are Colossal.

Quick Rules: +2 to all rolls based on Str or Con, +2 hp/HD, –1 penalty on all rolls based on Dex.

Rebuild Rules: Size increase by one category; AC increase natural armor by +3; Attacks increase dice rolled by 1 step; Ability Scores +4 size bonus to Str and Con, –2 Dex.

Note that the quick rules does not the creature a size increase..

The rebuild rules do, though.
Each gives the creature what it says and nothing else.
They are not applied together.

The magic rules for a polymorph effect which changes size do not apply to the bestiary rules for the giant template.

Wild shape to dino, install howdah.
Load party, cast longstrider.
Cruise through jungle at high speed.

(The halfing savages eventually stopped trying to stop us- they couldn't keep up.
When they put a pit trap in front of us, the sorcerer cast fly on me and awaay we went.)

Also, Quench is an awesome spell.

And Cave Domain gives tremorsense (and darkvision).

Mostly it's an odd area for answers.

I don't have any quick thoughts, but a search of the Archives of Nethys for feats and spells with 'vermin' in them gives us:
Cape of Wasps (4)
Whip of Spiders (2)
Repel Vermin (4)
control vermin (3)
rift of ruin (8)
Abyssal Vermin (4)
also Whip of spiders (20 sounds thematic

Coaxing spell (to affect vermin)
and a bunch of feats dealing with wild empathy or the vermin domain.

Doing the same search on Nethys with 'disease' or 'pestilence' might give you some thematic ideas.

As for spells or feats that cover your weaknesses, that's rather a broader question.
I'd search the whole list of Necro spells (since you already have the feats) at Nethys and see what comes up.
Also, straight up metamagic for bouncing spell or persistant might help.
Taking a damaging spell and putting merciful spell and sickening spell on it might be in your theme.

edit: Would the augment summoning feat affect swarms? Swarms usually do auto damage so would the feat effect help?
I'm not sure.

I have returned, but I'm along for the ride for now.

I'm attending a training conference for work for the next 2 days.
My attendance may be spotty or lacking.
I will return.

That is all.

Combined attack:

-attackers delay to the same point in the round
-attackers make separate attack rolls vs. the target
-take the largest save modifier of the attacks that hit
-for each other attack that hits, add +2 to the save DC

-each attack must use the same type of save (usually Toughness)
-each attack must be within 5 points of the save DC of the power they are adding to

-4 attackers hold until the slowest one's turn; let's say the attacks are a energy blast power rank 12, a punch power rank 10, a pistol shot power rank 6, and a mental blast (will save) power rank 10.
-the mental blast could not combine attack as it uses a will save rather than a toughness; the pistol could combine attack with the punch but not the blast, as the blast is more than 5 ranks away
-if the energy blast and the punch connect, the damage save would be 12 + 2 for a T save DC of 29; if the pistol and the punch hit, but the energy blast misses, the combined damage would be 10 + 2 for a save of 27

Are we still here?

Reckless wrote:
Think I'll be working on a child of one of Amber's princesses and one of Grimjack's incarnations.

As in John Gaunt/James Twilley/one of the clones?

Are you saying someone other than me remembers that comic?

Also Cynosure/Amber makes an in-ter-resting mix.
Very in-ter-resting.

Similar in that you can get a cup of coffee at one of the many coffee shops, though they sell just as much chocolate.

There are cars, trains, planes, and busses, but the use of smelly fossil fuels is not the norm.

People grow up, go to college, get jobs, spend money, pay taxes, etc., but their neighbors might be satyrs or dance naked around ancient stones in the moonlight.

The real stretch is mostly peaceful, benevolent monarchies, fewer wars, and peaceful expansion.

Should be a real shock to encounter political infighting in the royal family while the kingdom suffers.

Viscount K wrote:
First, each player starts with 100 points and gains the basic Pattern Imprint power for free

As in the points for basic Pattern Imprint is paid for and you still have 100 points for the auctions/ goods/ positions?

Edit: I'm thinking Brown and Silver, with a Trump of James leaning on a boar spear, with tall spires standing above trees behind him. Or something like that.

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