Thanos'glove-like : how would you price it ?


Hi. Not being a fan of orbiting priceless ioun stones (meanwhile they are very useful), I was looking for a cool and RP way to wear them (and change them if necessary).

I came to the idea of wearing a normal metal gauntlet (that I will enhance with magic, becoming, at least, a +1 weapon) and then add power of a wayfinder.

That way I would be able to "clip" my ioun stones into the gauntlet and still benefit from their power without the (not so RP) orbiting thing.

Question: a wayfinder is a slotless item, making its price, by RAW, a bit higher than a "slotted" item. If I add its power to the gauntlet should I pay 150% of its price to add to the gauntlet (not clear by RAW) or paying for a slotless item is already "enough" ?

Well, if you also want the resonance powers, it would be a bit higher, but otherwise, you may want to look at the rules for embedding ioun stones into your own body, from Seekers of Secrets.

Finally, just ask your GM if you only want to avoid the "orbiting stones" vibe, but not change the benefits of the stones or make them harder to remove.

If you want just the stones on the gauntlet, without changing any other mechanics (stone has a certain AC, can be sundered/chopped/stolen, no resonance powers granted besides the first stone), you simply need a short conversation with the GM, and you'll probably end up with the cost of a gauntlet+wayfinder+stones for this item. If you want all the resonance powers, I suspect the cost of the item will multiply. If you want something that holds the stones and changes the mechanics of them floating around (no longer having independent AC, cannot be independently sundered/chopped/stolen without a CMB check against you, but still no bonus resonance powers granted), it will be a little more expensive than just stones on a gauntlet without mechanical change, but definitely much cheaper than getting all the resonance powers.

Basically, if it behaves the same as normal, it is reasonable for your GM to price it the same as normal. Slotless/slotted price need not apply.

there's also the Ioun Spite Bracers.
you can look them up on the archives of Nethys.

arm slot, holds up to 4 stones, gives bonuses to grab them as well, plus a back up ability.

not cheap, though

Thanks for reference, never heard about the Ioun Spite Bracers.

Cool item.

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