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Order 5294370 is my subscription order for Starfinder Armory.

Order 4944596 is an order of minis and such my wife and I made after I mixed a pitcher of margaritas and we browsed the under $5 section.

It was my intent that the second order would ship on its own and not delay the subscription order, but (possibly due to the margaritas) I'm not sure if I set it up that way.

Could you check for me?

I -really- don't want anything to slow the shipping of Armory (and the access to it's pdf).

Thank you for your assistance.

Niel deAlteriis

(recipe for coconut margaritas: margarita mix and Malibu Red (coconut rum and coconut tequila)- just use whatever mix ratio the mixer specifies, but only add the Red)

Customer Service Representative

Hello Cornielius,

It appears that somehow there is no default payment method set for your subscriptions! This is what could possibly hold up the Starfinder Armory book. If you are willing to email (for privacy sake) the last 4 digits of the preferred payment method for subscriptions to Customer.service@paizo.com, I can make this change for you.

Alternatively, you should be able to specify the payment method on your end through your my subscriptions portal. Let me know when you have done this and I will make sure the order gets processed.

Is it acceptable for me to combine the two orders into one once the payment method issue is resolved? That way they will be shipped close together and I can see if their is a shipping method to help reduce shipping costs if they were shipped together.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you!

(Sounds like a good recipe! Coconut at this time of year is perfect.)


I will check settings, but these should both be covered by gift certificates/store credit.

Absolutely they can be combined.

I went over to account settings and re-entered credit card information and delivery address, though they did not change.
Subscriptions seem to be set to credit card, but I want to use store credit/gift certificates first.

Is this enough or do I need to do anything else?



Customer Service Representative

Hello Cornielius,

Thank you for pointing out that store credit should be applied to the order. The order looked entirely normal aside from not having a payment method attached to it, so I assumed this is what had been holding it up. I will make sure that the order will use store credit, but the card being on the order will help the order behave more normally.

You should soon receive an updated confirmation email providing you the new details of the combined order. I have ensured that this order will join the queue to ship out shortly. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you!


I've already received notice that the orders are combined and pending.

Thank you.

I'm really looking forward to the Armory book, but that's been true of all of the Starfinder books.

I appreciate your assistance and helpful attitude.

As it is after work here on the east coast, I'll toast your name with the first of the new pitcher of margaritas!

Have a good weekend.


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