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I am playing a Vesk Soldier in my groups first ever Starfinder game and I am having trouble deciding on what melee weapon would be the best option for my character. I feel kind of overwhelmed by the weapon options and the a little thrown off by the weapon charts.

What would be the best melee weapon for a strength based character?

I think that will mostly depend on level, but I would say whatever is the best 1 handed advanced melee weapon paired with a good sidearm. The 2 handed weapons do more damage, but not by a great deal, and having a ranged option always available is nice.

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At first level I find myself leaning toward the pike or starknife. Having a starknife for ranged combat is probably worth it, particularly if your strength is significantly higher than your dex. The pike has the advantage of reach.

After that though, for a campaign I fully expect melee soldiers to just pick up the biggest damaging weapons they find and use that primarily. With a backup of some other element/damage type.

Our Vesk soldier is absolutely destroying his melee foes.
He is an armor storm, but the combo of battleglove and melee striker has been devastating his targets.
We are on early levels though.

The description of pulse gauntlets sound like you could still use your hand for carrying/using items but do good damage.

Take the pike if you want reach, or the flame doshko if you want to cut off limbs on crits.

Don't buy a ranged weapon. the WBL is tight in Starfinder with all the augments and upgrades you'll want to get on top of keeping your primary weapon and armor up to date. Loot a longarm or heavy weapon from an enemy for when you absolutely have to hit from range. However, once you hit level 5 and have blitz charge and a jetpack, unless the enemy's more than 90' away, you can reach and attack them in one round.

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