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Just awesome.

The only complaint I "could" have is that the polymoph effect is quite "limited". But that's really just a detail.

Autorisation to "steal" that build for (maybe) latter use? ^^

Chaotic good Kitsune Vigilante who's active name is Nagirrek (my DM refused that I call my civilian identity "Ronyar" XD).
Currently level 5 in Crimson Throne.

A natural attacks overload build in the making (fully only at level 9) with a dirty tricks backup that will be incorporated latter (level 13) and the capacity to infiltrate anywhere (+40 in disguise if I take any human shape since level 1, I can be more real than the guy himself :3)

Playing with a Paladin of Iomedae that forgot that telling the henchmen that we are here to arrest their boss will surely results in a fight, a cleric of Milany that I woo and is by far the most important member of the group because she is keeping us alive, and a sorcerer specialised in electricity and sound that we need to drag to the action to prevent her to be far away from said action because she thought that trying to get reinforcement from the guard is a good idea when we only have a few minutes to act. ^^

(My next character will need to be far more serious ^^)

*. *
What is it, what is it?

The objective is to emulate as close as possible the capacities of a succubus, bonus point if grabbing ready and/or good aligned.

The things to emulate:
Claws attacks
"Spell list"
(Dark vision?)

Bloodrager Kitsune cover a great deal of the whole. But is lacking in the "dominate person" deal until very late.

So. How can one build a SiaG PC? (To BE the succubus that grapple ;p)
I thought about starting with a kitsune, because of the polymoph power (becoming anyone (human) thanks to a single feat) with a first level of Vigilante for the +20 to disguise check (talent: Seamless Chapechanger) and a focus on getting Magical tails (to access domination early with the Nine-tailed Scion trait)

What's next?
Is my start even right?

No 3rd party. PFS legal optional.

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The brand new wrestling club is looking for new members, come numerous! ;D

Whoever thought that was a bright ideas to turn the nearby dragon into a little girl must immediately contact the authority to:
First: acquire his transmutation diploma Second: find a solution to the pissed off little girl with huge natural magical ability problem that don't know anything about transmutation, but A LOT about evocation.

Purifying Channel to both heal and damage enemies ^^
(Making healing a very good job!)
(Also, don't listen to the one that say "healer are useless", they never got saved from death by one)

I don't think the Rowboat nor the branch are on the "portable" side of things!
Potion sponge of any underwater useful potion!

The bracers only talk about "weapons", not "manufactured weapons", right?

So, Mithal Rose are for people with natural weapons... got it!

Alternatively, one could invest in a Mithal Rose
It's silver only thou

#61 [A note that only non-magic users can see]

Still can't cast even the most basic prestidigitation tricks ? You really want to date that beautiful Wizard but you are a no good non-gifted person? Join the R.O.G.U.E ! We are a non profit organizations that will help you fool anyone thanks to a few wands and some pyrotechnics ! Want to cast a "fireball"? We got grenades ! Some bully try to make you miserable ? You will learn with us the "spell" "fistinyourguts" !
Want to be a member of R.O.G.U.E.? Just follow the white rabbits graffiti ;p

ErichAD wrote:
Rogue is at least going to be a sneaky stabby skill guy.

That's where you are slightly wrong. You CAN play an effective rogue in heavy armour that make use of non lethal damage and a 2-handed bludgeoning weapon.

There are very few classes that you can't play against it's stereotypes.
For the paladin, there is the vindicative bastard that allows a different kind of paladin.
Or even some classes that can make "pseudo-paladin" too, and, if you say that you are a chaotic good paladin (even if your classe is technically "vigilante" with the divine archetype), no one can tell "no", simply because Milany paladin are VERY unorthodox.

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A local demon binder lost one of his succubus.
She look like your perfect mate and may try to suck your soul if not careful. If you find her, please refrain from trying to grab her (that may or may not end badly), and immediately contact the nearest member of the authority.


Willing to do the impossible to discover the rules of the universe?
Apply to a position of Wizard-Scientist at The Wizard of the Beach Corporation!

Ifrit oozemorph with ifrit magic.
Nothing say psychological horror like:
"Didn't that little girl just turned into a 3m blob with tentacles? ... Yamete?"

So... slipstream plus a pack of salt XD
(Don't say how salty it needs to be ;p)

Do you know if there is a way to use it while out of water ?

So, in sort for this whole topic:
Rules not 100% clear => Ask your DM

Question :
How are Kobold tail attachment that different from the Ratfolk one?
Ratfolk tail attachment do precise that they count as both.
Why not make the Kobold one do the same and call it a day?

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So... is being on the laps of a "Santa costumed" succubus count as a grapple ?

But it's true that this is a rather poor ability, as it takes a long time to activate, and even worth to activate it at a good level.
The bonuses are not bad thou.

This archetype is much better with it thou, thanks to its ability to open multiple one as a standard action, but it come slight late.

My DM ruled that items don't count.

A succubus in a grapple?
Hard to increase your CMD in heavy armour ^^

Worst than neutral aligned foes ? GOOD aligned foes!
That can happen if two groups of goody have contradictory views on how to solve a situation (or one group is manipulated).

"The total number of natural attacks an oozemorph has at any given time includes those gained via her current form."
Does this limitation include attacks that comes from an item? I know that polymorph effect do count, as they change the "current form". But what about a ring of Rat Fang? Or a Helm of the Mammoth Lord?

There is no race restrictions in the site.
Nor in the description.

There are two ways.
Either be an aasimar

Get wings somehow and the following feat

Two weapons fighting vigilant with morphic weapons...
At level 6, you get 2 attack at -2 and 3 at -5 (or -2 if you retrain or get to level 7)
That's a total of 5 attacks, each able to deal "pseudo sneak attacks" and bonus damage equal to half your level...
With 16 in Dex, that means:
+5/+5/+2/+2/+2 (possibly +5/+5/+5/+5/+5)
With 1d6+4+3d4 per hit
It's just that you have now "4" magic item to increase rather than 2 XD

And, because you get social talents and large amounts of skills, you are not useless out of battle.

You can also do touch attacks without taking AoO if the Chilling Touch buff is active. But you won't to damage with your unarmed strike, only the Chilling Touch and (maybe, see next paragraph) Sneak Attack.

The fact that touch attacks can benefit from sneak attacks is... Debatable (DM ruling?) however, as sneak attacks deal "extra damage", and a touch attack deal no damage by itself except delivering a spell effect.

You can apply any touch spell effect with a simple "touch" or an unarmed strike.
The touch without AoO, the unarmed with if you don't have the feat

So... Question...
A kobold aasimar Can take Scion of Humanity?
And take bonus damage by a weapon that target human?
And THEN can take Racial Heritage(Kobold) to count as a Kobold shaped "technically tailless" kobold-human-outsider (native)?

Well... When a "dragon" and a angelic bard love each other very much...

I think it's because Tailblade is an additional weapon you need to enhance.
Where Tail Terror can benefit from every abilities and items that boost natural attacks.

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Two effect coming from different sources. I'll say they stack.

So... For a Kitsune/sorcerer, just need a high knowledge check?

Ok, so, alter safe can turn you into any medium or small humanoid.
What rule prevent you to turn into a humanoid race that "don't exist"?
Because the multiverse is "huge", is there not an infinite number of races to choose from?

I think I will go:
1 Vigilant (Teisatsu) (Was already planning to, but thanks anyway)
1 Rogue (Kitsune trickster)
X Vigilant

I'll trade 1 level and +1/3 bab for:
+1 reflexes
+1 Sneak attack dice (so a "+0,5" than a vigilant my level)
+Int to a few skills
+2 skills points
+A feat once I reach level 5/7

It seems fair ^^

Thanks for your help!

Not sure if my dex will outshine my (level-2/2)+str in term of damage, but a 2nd Sneak attack dice would be great. (And a 3rd with a feat ^^)
I don't have much things that I want that scale with level. The only thing is Lethal grace.

What would I miss exactly?

Hello everyone.

Quick question.
I plan on playing a stalker vigilant, with two level of rogue to benefit form the additional sneak attack, and the kitsune trickster int to bluff bonus.

The question is:
How does the vigilant talent "Lethal grace" interact with the free first feat from rogue?

Lethal Grace (Ex) (Ultimate Intrigue pg. 15): The vigilante combines strength and speed into incredibly deadly attacks. He gains Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat, and if he already has the Weapon Finesse feat, he can immediately swap it for another feat for which he qualified at the level he chose Weapon Finesse. (Skip the part about damage)

Finesse Training (Ex): At 1st level, a rogue gains Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat

Thanks for your time

Basically, this thread is a reenactment of the cold war...
The Capitalist "PROFIT!" vs the Communist "FOR THE PARTY!"

IRL, the question will not even be ask by 90% of the player. As said before, IRL, if a friend can craft you something, you tend to pay him more than the simple material cost. ^^
(Even if, sometimes, the cost is a few beers)

Edit: For the one that say that if crafter make other pay for they work then the healer should do too, just add up the "cost" of the typical day of adventuring to see how much each class "officially" bring to the table in term of gold value :3

Also, a Wizard mercenary don't make you pay each individual spell cast, do they? It's a package ^^