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#81 Expert course on time magic will start yesterday at 15h.
Note: Students stuck in a time loop are STILL required to go to class and seek help

#82 Whoever is summoning succubus is kindly requested to stop, as it is becoming difficult to feed everyone without putting the faculty at risk.
- Hanonimous the Succubus

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Rysky wrote:
I have no clue what you're talking about now.


Point 1) An author wrote that a door is blue. Someone analyse it as a metaphor about live. The author say "no, it's just frinking blue..."

Point 2) Well... PFS is the organised play of PF. Nuf said...

Point 3) For you, who assume what? What do you assume, what do I assume?

Point Hot Dog) Well... they are tasty?

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The vigilante get hometown bonus with the renown talent and it's dependencies.
Anyone with a renown really (Either thought RP or the renown feat Masked Renown)

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Lich Vigilante Warlock with the talents:
Safe house and Guise of Life.

"Me? A lich? You must be mistaken! Isn't it funny Lord Bearinton?"

(Worst if the lich take all disguise talent like Everyman...)

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Very few spell ignore line of effect.
"Solid object" prevent line of effect.
=> No passing through wall/door/any total covers

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The brand new wrestling club is looking for new members, come numerous! ;D

Whoever thought that was a bright ideas to turn the nearby dragon into a little girl must immediately contact the authority to:
First: acquire his transmutation diploma Second: find a solution to the pissed off little girl with huge natural magical ability problem that don't know anything about transmutation, but A LOT about evocation.

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A local demon binder lost one of his succubus.
She look like your perfect mate and may try to suck your soul if not careful. If you find her, please refrain from trying to grab her (that may or may not end badly), and immediately contact the nearest member of the authority.


Willing to do the impossible to discover the rules of the universe?
Apply to a position of Wizard-Scientist at The Wizard of the Beach Corporation!

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So... is being on the laps of a "Santa costumed" succubus count as a grapple ?

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Two effect coming from different sources. I'll say they stack.