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I think I know why this kind of "discussion" came to be.
Like the whole "infernal healing don't make me bad because I don't care about coherence of the univers, just about rules (except that one book because I find it stupid)", or the bladed dash thread just below...

It's whole arguments came from 3 simple letters: P F and S

Because of PFS, RAW become LAW. Some PFS players are not here to play a social game to write an interactive story with the GM. They are here to play a game with a precise set of rules, coherence be damned! Worst: FUN and Rule of Cool be damned.

The arguments on this forum are the same than in other fandom... "Leia used a power that was not in any books!" Yes, but the Star Wars GM was more interested by telling an interesting story (or tried to...)

"Alignment is a guideline! I can play however I like!"
Yes, but you are missing out on the interesting aspect of corruption and redemption. Infernal healing is like the One True Ring. It change your alignment slowly but surely. Even if you are good at heart, evil spells corrupt. Good spells try to redeem you, but like the force, Dark side is a fast and easy way.

Someone on this forum once told me that "they don't want to feel like playing a video game". You know what the argument above is? Exactly that. Treating Pathfinder like a system before an univers.
This remind me of WoW paladin that stacked effects over a long period just to be able to OS bosses. Was it RAW within WoW? Yes. Was it fun and interesting in a story? No. Take any story with a villain that the hero must kill. Would it be interesting if the hero was doing rules exploits to OS the last boss?
Pathfinder is a story generator. Rules are guidelines.
Does allowing the Magus to strike in the air a bad thing? I think not, because it's a creative and COOL way of doing it a few times per day. And the day the party will face an other magus that can do the same kind of tricks, they will be quite surprised!
It's also why PFS create that kind of arguments. What do you do if players go off the rails? What if they kill the villain on the first encounter per pure luck? Or point out to the ruler with a clever thinking that "mister big bad second in command" want to be "First in command"? Or even worst! The players don't follow the plot at all and do their own things? In a home game, it's easy. In PFS? ...

Well, what your thoughts on this?

P.S.: I was supposed to post in the bladed dash thread, but I thought it would be better in its own thread.

So... After a remark of Derklord, I got two questions that popped into my head. (fused into one topic because ecology and the first question will not last that long)

1) We know that a creature that got zombified/skeletified can't be resurrected. But can the body of a resurrected creature be zombified/skeletified ?

2) Why can't divine casters cast spells of opposite alignment ? Is that because it's an act of THAT alignment ? Does casting 20 time an arcane spell tagged "evil" slowly turn and corrupt the soul of the caster ? How does that interact with wands ?

Bonus: Is committing an act of evil for the greater good an: Evil, Neutral or Good act ?

So. How can one build a SiaG PC? (To BE the succubus that grapple ;p)
I thought about starting with a kitsune, because of the polymoph power (becoming anyone (human) thanks to a single feat) with a first level of Vigilante for the +20 to disguise check (talent: Seamless Chapechanger) and a focus on getting Magical tails (to access domination early with the Nine-tailed Scion trait)

What's next?
Is my start even right?

No 3rd party. PFS legal optional.

"The total number of natural attacks an oozemorph has at any given time includes those gained via her current form."
Does this limitation include attacks that comes from an item? I know that polymorph effect do count, as they change the "current form". But what about a ring of Rat Fang? Or a Helm of the Mammoth Lord?

Ok, so, alter safe can turn you into any medium or small humanoid.
What rule prevent you to turn into a humanoid race that "don't exist"?
Because the multiverse is "huge", is there not an infinite number of races to choose from?

Hello everyone.

Quick question.
I plan on playing a stalker vigilant, with two level of rogue to benefit form the additional sneak attack, and the kitsune trickster int to bluff bonus.

The question is:
How does the vigilant talent "Lethal grace" interact with the free first feat from rogue?

Lethal Grace (Ex) (Ultimate Intrigue pg. 15): The vigilante combines strength and speed into incredibly deadly attacks. He gains Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat, and if he already has the Weapon Finesse feat, he can immediately swap it for another feat for which he qualified at the level he chose Weapon Finesse. (Skip the part about damage)

Finesse Training (Ex): At 1st level, a rogue gains Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat

Thanks for your time