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Right now my group is playing the Serpent Skull AP. We are almost done the first book and we're a little past 3rd level.

I am playing an Aasimar (Muse-Touched) Cavalier (Huntsmaster Archetype), a freedom fighter who's parent were executed for smuggling Halfling slaves out of Cheliax. She ended up heading to Mwangi after grabbing the first ship that put distance between her and a pack of pursuing Hellknights.

Pretty fun so far. The entire party is Aasimars of different bloodlines. Just kind of happened that way so we ended up with a lot of contrasting points of view on Good. Others are; Oracle of Heavens (also Muse Touched), Paladin of the Holy Light (Angel Blood) and a Preacher Inquisitor (Plumekith)

So What are you playing for your current game?

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Playing? I thought this subforum is for armchair theorycraft...

I wanted to try being a paladin for a change. Unfortunately, my group only meets once a month, but the first session was fun.

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I'm playing the Razor Coast. It's kind of difficult being a horrible horrible monster in one scene and being a powerless innocent in the next. But it's fun!

I'm running a solo campaign kirthfinder with a couple npcs helping out my player's monk main character. I'm hoping to work in some gladiatorial fights and an aquatic adventure, but we'll see where things go.

In the roll20 game I'm in, I've got a Desnan Cleric whose pretty fun to play.

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My GM is running Jade Regent.

I'm playing a Tiefling (devil spawn) Paladin of Ragathiel (Divine Hunter). Heavily tattoo'd (including a holy symbol on his tail spade). He usually wears a cowl to hide his appearance, so as not to cause panic.

He has the 'devilsight' feature, so his eyes are burning pits. I plan on eventually taking him Zen Archer for a few levels when we reach Tien.

He spent most of his life living in the Cult's temple at Magnimar. His father was a human noble there 60 years ago, and his mother a half-fiend that married him for a year as part of a deal where she helped him clear his family name, and he married her for a year and a day. My tiefling was the only offspring of that marriage, and he's not seen his mother since she left. His father died 30 years ago, and his younger half-siblings are all dead or so far into sinility that he rarely visits his home anymore. Despite being so old, he's only a 3rd level PC, something of a side effect of it taking 50 years for him to reach late adolesence.

He is slow to anger, and slow violence. He prefers to observe and use violence only when there's no other recourse. He was attacked by 3 goblins, at one point, who had only garbage to throw at him. Rather than attack them, he simply removed his cowl, let his blazing eyes rest on the goblins, and then began to berate them (diplomacy) until they all stopped throwing garbage and looked sheepish. Now he has one tagging along doing grunt work and enjoying having someone bigger than him to protect him from the big wide open world (plus he let's the goblin start the camp fires in the evenings).

I played my first session of a Geb based home game. Our GM is altering some Modules/Scenario, and creating some of his own. (Of course, this is non-society play!)

We all got to play Undead Templates, So I'm a Ghost Summoner that buffs her eidolon then hides in the floor. Big long Roleplay story behind how this game to be, but the most fun is just not telling people I'm a ghost. One of my fellow players guessed it about 3/4ths in, but the other's haven't, and the ghost has yet to show itself.

<.< my Eidolon is my character pretty much, and he got a bunch of dirty looks for being the only "Quick" in the party, lol.

I'm playing a magus in a roll20 game. It's a "magical school" run by Nethys (the god of magic of golarion) where the notion of "teaching" is more along the lines of "throw a bunch of mosnters at them and hope they survive.

What's nice is that the GM is pretty flexible and allowed a lot of freedeom, namely creating our own races. I'm playing a 1/4 construct with clockwork eyes, and I just recently got "craft construct", so I'm starting to experiment...

The character has a "poor batman" sort of backstory, his parents dead because they where banished (he's a freakish half -breed, and so where his parents). He's managed to survive pretty well up until then, working as a mercenary/ scout in various conflicts, until he came to try to learn at the school. He's not particularly sour towards the world, since he's managed to survive well on his own, and now he just wants to learn.

In-game, he's become a weird mix in the group, and despite him having the lowest charisma, he's got the most friens among other students, despite his best friends (other players) being a bard and a summoner. He's slowly but surely building himself an little army of contructs & allies.

Edit: to redjack rose: we've recently got a new druid that plays like that; summons a bunch of creatures, wildshapes into an elemental, then hides in the floor/on the ceiling.

He generally avoids conflict, preferring to be sneaky, but the nature of his friends (not sneaky) make this difficult. He's also disgusted of the "black tentacles" spell after incident with it, some drow, and several grease spells. NEVER AGAIN black tentacles.

In combat he's this weird mix of awesome one second, clumsy the next. Plenty of beheading someone with his electrical balde (MASSIVE DAMAGE) and just hitting them JUST RIGHT but not strong (IE, lots of crits where the damge dies are all ones).

At the moment he's working to expand his knowledge of constructs. He's currently working on a giant mecha-worm(most of the campaign is underground). He's also got a sort-of girlfriend that's another weird halfbreed (jorogumo-kin) that's a spellslinger.

I'm playing in two games. One just got rebooted from a level 11 Mythic game down to a level 7 normal game set in a semi-Golarion setting about a 1,000 years after two gods of magic tricked most other gods into a battle royale and then stole all their followers. I'm playing a 1,000 year old halfling Dervish of Dawn bard and went into the Souldrinker prestige. He used to be a devout worshipper of Sarenrae, but after the big god mixup and his sister being dragged to Abaddon as Charon's prisoner, he's essentially been Charon's b@@!@ ever since. Kinda playing him like Walter White from Breaking Bad.

The other game has been going on for nearly two years, but not too long ago we met a mostly TPK. Playing as a Yamabushi (from Zombie Sky Press). My guy is a false prophet and seer who pretends to be blind to play up that whole angle, but ironically has Commune 1/day from the the Lore mystery. He has super high social skills and knowledge checks and never tells the truth if a lie will suffice.

I'm currently an evolutionist summoner travelling wtih a dwarven fighter and a gestalt thief/alchemist. We're on our way out of runeforge in RotRL at the moment.

In two games at the mo both homebrew
I've got a human rouge in one and an aasamire pali in the other both only just started so lvls one and two all good so far

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I'm currently playing in two games.

The Rise of the Runelords campaign I've been GMing for the past two years is currently on hiatus. Three of my players have killer real-life schedules for the rest of the calendar year, and just can't commit to regular gaming. I'm hoping to pick that back up in January.

I'm playing a gnome sorceress with the elemental (water) bloodline in a tabletiop Skull & Shackles campaign. (One of my Runelords players is the GM.)

I'm playing a human female cleric of Desna (hidden priest archetype) in a PBP Pathfinder/Golarion conversion of The Sunless Citadel.

I've got a Kitsune Ninja in a RotRL game, and a Kitsune Sorceress in Wrath of the Righteous.

Yes, they're my favoritest race of all time.

Like Vincent , also an evolutionist summoner , atm one of my party members (a "demigod" "without" powers for now) is "dying" (i dont even think she can really lol) and we are trying to save her finding a way to feed her life force (because she is a kind of undead that feeds on it).

And no , we are not evil :P.

Elven Conjuration/Teleportation School Wizard

Human Urban Barbarian/Invulnerable Rager Barbarian Archer
Human Tetori Monk

Dragon's Demand:
Human Viking Fighter

Also currently GMing Skull & Shackles

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I am playing an elven admixture wizard in PFS

A halfling MS in RotRL

and I am prepping either a dwarven zen archer or human divine hunter have not made up my mind yet

I'm going to be playing an Ulfen Viking in an upcoming Reign of Winter game, trying to decide whether I should come from the Land of the Linnorn Kings or Irrisen itself.

The former is a cooler origin point, and the Land resents losing their land to the Witches, but the latter would have a direct attachment to the area (coming home rather than visiting from a neighboring kingdom).

Also still teetering on Viking or Viking/Paladin...

Liberty's Edge

I am playing a human archer Ranger/Paladin of Erastil in RotRL. 11th level and should soon finish the Stone Giants fortress.

A Halfling Jinx Sorceress with the Strega archetype (grants hexes, 3pp) in Serpent's Skull. 6th level IIRC

A negative-channeling human Cleric of Pharasma in the Darkmoon Vale modules. 2nd level only.

My somewhat retired PFS character is a 5-th level mixed bag of classes (Ninja/Fighter/Monk/Wizard) aiming for the Halfling Opportunist PrC.

Silver Crusade

Tabletop I'm playing a CE Tiefling Musket Master in Skull and Shackles. I decided to go straight for the not redeeming variety of tiefling who's embraced her fiendish heritage. Born during a storm at sea on a pirate vessel during an attack by Andorans, she was taken and adopted by it's captain. Having become a member of said Andoran navy growing up, she was discovered about to light a captured priate captain on fire to make one of his lackeys talk during an interrogation. She said she was done, lit him on fire anyway, and managed to escape. Traveling to avoid them, she was eventually press-ganged aboard the Wormwood.

We the players were originally going for a biblical theme. We have a water-walking cleric of Hanspur (Jesus), one of us were going to be some snakeman (the snake), and I was going to be the devil. We just needed to convince the last two to join in. But in the end things didn't work out and it was dropped.

Now I'm the bully on the ship, specifically making one certain pirate's life miserable who survived the mutiny. So his sacrifice keeps me from bullying everyone else :D


Greylurker wrote:

Right now my group is playing the Serpent Skull AP. We are almost done the first book and we're a little past 3rd level.

I am playing an Aasimar (Muse-Touched) Cavalier (Huntsmaster Archetype), a freedom fighter who's parent were executed for smuggling Halfling slaves out of Cheliax. She ended up heading to Mwangi after grabbing the first ship that put distance between her and a pack of pursuing Hellknights.

Pretty fun so far. The entire party is Aasimars of different bloodlines. Just kind of happened that way so we ended up with a lot of contrasting points of view on Good. Others are; Oracle of Heavens (also Muse Touched), Paladin of the Holy Light (Angel Blood) and a Preacher Inquisitor (Plumekith)

So What are you playing for your current game?

Currently my group and I are playing Rise of the Runelords.

I'm a Vanaras Qinggong Monk(soon to go druid)
We also have a Half-Elf Wizard with us that focuses on crafting and summoning, a Kitsune Sniper Rogue that pewpews stuff, a Half-Elf Bladebound Magus that pretty much one-shots everything, and we did have a Human Cleric with us but he unfortunately and fortunately moved and became very occupied with life.

I'm playing a human cleric of Cayden Cailean. Our group is about to infiltrate a drow city on behalf of the elves. Second Darkness AP.

I'm also playing a drow fighter-mage and a human bard in a homebrew campaign. This game has been on hiatus for a few years but we've started up again. Hopefully, we'll get to play every couple of months.

Greylurker wrote:

Right now my group is playing the Serpent Skull AP. We are almost done the first book and we're a little past 3rd level.

I am playing an Aasimar (Muse-Touched) Cavalier (Huntsmaster Archetype), a freedom fighter who's parent were executed for smuggling Halfling slaves out of Cheliax. She ended up heading to Mwangi after grabbing the first ship that put distance between her and a pack of pursuing Hellknights.

Pretty fun so far. The entire party is Aasimars of different bloodlines. Just kind of happened that way so we ended up with a lot of contrasting points of view on Good. Others are; Oracle of Heavens (also Muse Touched), Paladin of the Holy Light (Angel Blood) and a Preacher Inquisitor (Plumekith)

So What are you playing for your current game?

Currently playing in Reign of Winter as a Psion fluffed as a shapeshifting spirit-calling witch of Irrisen. She's been a blast to play. Here's what I posted about her in another thread, copy/pasted.

I'm currently playing that psion I mentioned. She likewise doesn't know the full importance of her past. She was very young when she was taken by the witch Magthera ("Maggie") and spent her youth alone in the the wild of Irrisen where she worked to please her caretaker and learning the ways of magics and hag goddesses. The bitter Magthera did what she could to torment the child and make her tough. As the child, Agatha, grew older she and Magthera grew in closeness and she felt less like a prisoner and more like a family member. When Agatha came of age, Magthera told Agatha that she must go out into the lands and learn from her experiences. Magthera cast off her own physical body and had Agatha eat her and use her bones to construct a psicrystal container that would house Magthera's soul, so that she could continue to be with Agatha during her journey.

Agatha didn't understand why she did this but complied with her wishes. Even to this day, Magthera hasn't revealed why she is so interested in continuing her instructions past her own mortal body's limits, but soon she will find out. For you see, Magthera is Agatha's aunt, and Agatha is a lost Jadwiga heir. Magthera and her sister were renowned witches of Irrisen until Agatha's father died when she was a baby. Stricken with grief, her mother fell into the arms of their Ulfen manservant. It was a great scandal.

Agatha's mother decided to leave what she knew in Irrisen and pursue a life with her Ulfen lover. Magthera thought her sister had lost her mind and half-heartedly threatened to kill the manservant in retaliation if she didn't get her priorities strait. Alas, she left with the manservant and Agatha to live outside the realm of the white witches. However, she was later captured and set to be burned at the stake by some Ulfen revolutionaries as a way of striking back against the social order. Desperate for help, her manservant made his way back to their old home and begged Magthera for aid. Horrified at the thought of loosing her sister, Magthera petitioned several other white witches of higher prestige for assistance. Most considered it not worth their time and some found it a fitting end and relished the irony of the prodigal witch being done in by the same Ulfen that she treated as equals. Others were so cruel as to criticize her for lying with the dogs.

Magthera went to find her sister herself but was too late. She arrived to find only her dead sister and the baby Agatha hidden away in the basement of their small cottage. In a fit of anger with pretty much everything and everyone, both the downtrodden and the ruling cast, Magthera vanished into the woods. Knowing one day that Agatha would one day have to return and claim her rightful place as one of the ruling caste. When the events of Reign of Winter unfolded, Magthera realized that her niece was destined to restore order to the world and Irrisen and has been pushing her ever since.

Agatha, the PC, is still getting used to being an adventurer and helping her people. She was raised to be loyal to her country and have a sense of pride in what she is, though she doesn't know that she's effectively royalty. She hasn't quite made peace with the fact they're having to fight constantly and she tries not to kill people, but Magthera pushes her from the sidelines to let herself revel in the power that she holds and to become stronger to do what needs to be done.

Agatha is a funny witch. She's creepy to a fault given her penchant for shapeshifting, conjuring spirits, and cannibalism, but she's a borderline good person who has come to the aid of her party on several occasions and has tried to resolve tensions between NPCs and the party (with little luck sadly). She respects everyone and pays homage to the hag deities like Gyronna and Mestama, butt her prayers to them are both strangely loyal and strangely benign (her prayers frequently request that these deities turn their eyes away from the subject of her prayers and ignore them). So far she has been an absolute blast to play and I dare say a beloved member of the party. :)

Currently, last module of Second Darkness. I am playing a 13th level Monk. There's the Dwarf Inquisitor with guns and crossbows. There's the Magus/Scout(ala 3.5). There's the Kobold Wizard, the guy with the Cleric who has trouble playing the character and the GMPC Witch. We are going to assault the Weeping (styrafoam) Cliffs in a couple of weeks.

After that is over we will start the updated Rise of the Rune Lords and I will be playing a Shoanti Spirit Ranger. One guy is going to play a sword&board fighter. There are going to be two archers. One is going to be a Myrmidarch and the other is going to be a Fighter Archer. The girl that played the Magus/Scout is going to play a High born Cleric. She is going to have her own followers "to take care of her". It should be fun. She will look down on the others like they were cattle and I will be that barbarian from the north and I will think all of THEM are the barbarians that shouldn't be in his land. :D

Just started the new Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hackers Memory. And despite the overly long name, its just as good as the previous one.

These are some of the few games ill buy day one, as a sign of support and because im a huge digimon fan/digimon games have been killing it the last few years.

Also try to start Gravity Rush 2 since it finally hit the sales with a hefty cut in price. Should be playing Xenoblade 2 spin palace casino but I'm having too much fun with my new surround sound kit, friggin love it (when I finally got it working after almost two days of tinkering with it).

Then going to try to play some Halo:MCC,also later in the day Mortal Kombat XL.

I am currently GMing a long-running, on-again-off-again campaign set in my homebrew world cobbled together using various Pathfinder and 3.5 modules. I heavily tweaked the modules to fit my world and story. The modules were: Masters of the Fallen Fortress, The Queen with Burning Eyes (Dungeon Magazine), Eyes of the Lich Queen (Eberron), The Fall of Greymalkin Academy (Dungeon Magazine), The Iron Satyr (Dungeon Magazine), Realm of the Fellnight Queen, and the Shackled City Adventure Path beginning with Secrets of the Soul Pillars through Asylum, excluding Foundation of Flame. The characters are a goliath weapon master fighter, an elf polearm fighter, a minotaur (DragonLance-based) undead bloodline sorcerer, a gnome heavens mystery oracle, a human warlock (with the Abyssal sorcerer bloodline powers), and a changeling (Eberron-based) rogue.

I am also GMing Iron Gods. The game is on pause after completing The Choking Tower so we can wrap up the homebrew mentioned above. Three of the characters are patterned after Guardians of the Galaxy characters, and the group call themselves the Guardians of Numeria. They are: a human Numerian scavenger rogue, a goblin spellslinger wizard, a ghoran brawler, and an aasimar hedge witch.

I am currently playing in a Pathfinderized version of the D&D 2E Night Below campaign set in Varisia. I play a Taldan human universalist wizard who will start the Loremaster prestige class at 8th level.

Lastly, I am playing in a Pathfinder homebrew as a human Mindblade Magus flavored to be a Jedi.

The Exchange

Currently a Samsaran Arctic Druid/VMC Cleric of Sun Wukong in Reign of Winter who had lost his former life in Irrisen.

Rest of the Gang is a Vanara Unchained Rogue, an Invulnerable Rager Fetchling Barbarian, a Dwarf Inquisitor of Dranngvit and a Ratfolk Tatterdemalion Witch.

Just ended book 1...

Khamir Hafisi, known as Striker, A half orc from Qadira, who was guarding a merchant caravan in Numeria. The caravan was attacked by a rogue robot. Striker was lucky to escape with his life, but was heavily scarred. He spent a few years in the town of Torch trying to gather the funds to equip himself to safely return home. A chance to join some strangers exploring some old caves searching for a missing careless wizard offered some hope of obtaining those funds.

Some exciting times later and there appears to be a greater threat hovering behind all they have done, and Striker will not abandon either his allies or Torch until the threat is dealt with. And smashing up all the dangerous and treacherous robots can only be a good thing!

Striker, LG half orc Warder (3PP Path of War tank/buffer) playing through Iron Gods.
Also playing Cleric of Gorum ("what are these 'healing spells' you speak of?") a Lashunta Sorceror (Armour, pfft nothing can touch me back he...owww!) and an android wizard (who objects to my first law of robotics* for some reason).

*'An AI will turn homicidal at the first opportunity' - I may have it written on a table tent, possibly

My current game is called The Forgotten Dragon. My character is a halfling hunter/unchained rogue who rides her boar companion. We do a lot of damage. I also have 2 backups - a gnome archaeologist bard and a half-orc double archetype inquisitor.

Currently playing a Virtuous Bravo Paladin of Sarenrae in RotRL. Only played one session so far, but so far so good!

And a 10th level Elven Fighter in a homebrew game where the world of Golarion is basically left in ruins, thanks to the avatar of some evil deity. Basically only some cities remain acting as the last bastions of civilization, where heroes and civilians seek shelter.

Currently running Northland Saga, and getting ready to enter the mid point of the AP.

At another table I'm playing a Bard in Bard's Gate.

Currently I'm masquerading as the GM for a RotRL AP. The players are currently exploring Runeforge.

The group consists of varisian natives. A Psionic that believes she has reincarnated in Varisia for ages. A shield fighter and cleric pair of orphans dedicated to Pharasma. A Groetus following evangelistic cleric weilding a moon-shaped heavy flail. And an Arcanist that is heavy on the exploit and lite on explaining how he manages to pull abilities that nobody has herd of into his character other than "its legal". Includes a wand toting Fae Dragon familiar.

Last game I played in was an Archer build Fighter in the Iron Gods campaign. Rest of the group was a Gunslinger that got every gun we found, a halfling Ranger that specialized in Sling-staff, a Ratling Alchemist (so much boom), and a Gnome Cleric of Brigh. Who says a bow fighter can't melee? Or range attack from melee? Something like that. Personality wise he was the "big buddy" type that was a bit goofy but means well. Left Torch to find a wife, never did find one.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens Subscriber

I'm playing in three games on the Paizo boards:

Shattered Star, Carrion Crown, and Legendary Planet.

IRL, my group is playing two different games, alternating weeks.

One is a "sword-and-planet" game using the Fate rules. The PCs are survivors of a starship that crashed on a planet that was once part of the Galactic Republic, but was cut off three hundred years ago when the jump-gate stopped functioning. The technology of the planet has devolved to Renaissance-level. My character is the ship's psychiatrist who's also secretly telepathic.

I'm GMing the other game: a sandbox game set in Golarion, but using the Dungeon World rules. The PCs are Ezren, Kyra, Merisiel, and Amiri, all converted to DW characters. I started off running a conversion of the Murder's Mark module for DW, but now I'm just winging it. The PCs are currently exploring the Hook Mountain region, and they're just about to encounter the Graul Family.

[EDIT] Hey! I just realized that this is a necro'd thread from five years ago, and that I had posted in it back then! All of the games I mentioned in that eariler post fizzled before completion.

Wierd party.

Natural were-tiger changeling (f), mesmerist (vexing daredevil) 12, CE.
Half-celestial aasimar (idylkin) (m), earth kineticist (elemental annihilator) 9, CG.
Blind vetala (m), rogue 8 / warpriest of Ranald 5 / monk 1, LN. (Formerly dhampir (ajibachana), oracle, LG, but stuff happened. Great rp.)
Human (m), warrior 17 (or more) / dragon of Zakel (homebrew prestige class featuring a magus focused on pyromancy) 8 (or more), CG.
Skinwalker (fanglord) (f), cleric (divine paragon) 12, CG.
Skinwalker (fanglord) (f), paladin (divine duelist ; undead scourge, it's not legal but it's our game) 13, NG.
Human (f), ranger (archer) (corpse hunter) 14, LN.
Zombie (the sentient kind) (m), nightblade 15 / umbral blade 4, CN.

Otherall, there are three feline familiars (dweomer cub ; black ranaldian cat ; tiger), and half the group has feline features and/or shapeshifts into cats. There are two undeads and four characters desingned to exterminate undeads.

From going ballistic on backgrounds and story evolutions, the party (which starts having real problems going adventuring freely) includes a reigning over-fertile queen (that's the were-tiger) and her possibly-soon-ascending-to-god king (that's the half-celestial), the heir to the neighbouring empire (that's the warrior), and the son (and slayer) of the most feared vampire of the continent (happens to be the royal children's governor). There's still more, but those clearly are the scarier. So much, in fact, that on the first fight that had our vetala going all out, there were saving throws against insanity damage from witnessing inhuman, unnatural sceneries (with some failures, the most surprising being the undead scourge's). And the nightblade didn't use anything too wierd yet and has a spell making his cadaver a proper body (a bit like a vampire, except he's still technically a zombie), but when he does go all out too, I expect some more saves vs. insanity damage...

We were playing Shattered Star (Little Sinner Star, as we called it), but had to sustend due to IRL. Eventually those that are left want to continue, but we'll have to wait to finish the other things we started in the meantime. There I played a overly curious magus with a morningstar. For some reason, in this game everyone who died was reincarnated as a halfling. This happened multiple times.

Right now my main game is Anima, playing as a warlock (surprise! it's basically a magus), where the party is stubbornly trying to not murder anybody and stop being hobos. This has been very confusing for our GM, because the usual plot bait doesn't work, and we accidentally forced one of the bad guy's plots to start early because we actually collaborated with the authorities, which wasn't expected. To correct this he's now dangling the opportunity to steal a Zeppelin in front of us. I'm afraid it's working.

We're also playing Dead Suns (as a mechanic), and testing a Mutants and Masterminds adventure for a kid's class our DM will teach in a month.

I'm running my 27 year old homebrew. Currently the players are seeking a rebel leader who is rumored to be building an army to take on the evil overlords who have ruled for nearly 1,000 years. Thus far they've only come across where he's been, not where he is. Coming up on the 28th of this month is "Episode Seven", which I'm stuck trying to come up with a good idea for at the moment.

As to being a player myself, maybe 3 or 4 times a year when one of my players runs his Vampire: the Masquerade/Call of Cthulhu d20 mashup. Lots of goofy, horrific, and madness inducing fun. Just not enough.

Currently running a high level adventure in my homebrew setting where the players were being paid to locate and invade the secret lab of a 300 year old gnomish mad scientist (who they'd fended off an attack on a city from) and kill him, only to find out that he's already dying and just wants to destroy one of his creations before it causes a massive catastrophe. He also turned out to be an 18th level, mythic 3, synthesist summoner, which is really fun to do for a character in their last age category, as you get to go from this tiny, wrinkled old man with physical stats below 5 to a huge (and then colossal via enlarge person and legendary proportions) Asura. Currently, the actual villain appears to be one of the gnome's former apprentices, a woman who is in roughly the same physical shape Cibo was when Killy first found her, long thought dead, misusing the very technology the gnome was trying to destroy.

I'm playing in a sci fi game we've recently converted to Fuzion and are about to restart, as we didn't get along with Starfinder too well. I've never played a hex-based combat system before, so that should be interesting.

On the backburner, I've been planning to continue running a high level dimension hopping game where the players have a sort of dimension-hopping TARDIS and are trying to get home.

I'm also planning to start a level 1 game in the nearish future that will take place 25 years after my last one and cover the next major arc of my homebrew setting's story.

Grand Lodge

Elf Spellslinger Wizard-3 in Iron Gods, contemplating retraining as a Gunslinger/Magus

Ifrit Sword Devil Ranger-6 in Ironfang Invasion. AP may be put on hiatus as the hosting store is closing at the end of the month.

Human Eldritch Guardian/Mutagen Warrior/Martial Master Fighter-10 in Emerald Spire, though we haven't played in months because the GM is lazy.

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