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Atium finishes swinging down on the Reaver. Somehow- with lots of help from his teammates- besting this terror. He saw, out of the corner of his eyes blooming flowers of fire. He's seem some of this "fire work" from Vanyan. That ball of fire was larger and different.
Thankfully, Atium's focus was all on the Reaver.

With the Reaver done, Atium spins and moves toward the enemy hidden between the pews roughly 70 feet away. As he advances, the enemy and what she looks like comes into focus.

Clarity stops him cold.
The look of the Wight, The dress of the Wight, the quasi-real mage hand, and the balls of fire.
The rage bubbling in his blood stops cold, the fatigue he always feels comes rushing in and is pushed into corners of his "emotional ID" by pure terror.
He turns on his heels and goes to the double-doors. Attempting to fling them open to escape.

Atium flees.
Move towards pews. See his worst nightmare. Flee from pews- putting away warhammer and grabbing doors by their handles.

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

Brother moves in between The Watchmen. He places a left hand on Mariner, a right on Cats and a left socked foot touching Fearless. (not booted because he had those in his hands a few seconds ago and they are now on the ship's deck).

You are right! The Water should be safe and secure for us. We should even be able to breathe down there.

Aquafina, Crystal Geyser, Clearly Galorian. Oh Desna, hear my call.
Water Breathing spell - 3 1/2 hours per person.

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

Jasper slips and slides all over the bucking Starling. The lost contents of the Uncle Own and Aunt Beru cups are splattered on the wooden deck of the galley. BB notices with some internal warmth that the quantity of liquid spilled was not so much.

He leans down and takes off both of his fine, and well crafted shoes.
Holding them in his hand as he forcibly swings open the galley door to see the rest of the ships main deck.
Damn it Captain Mariner! You need to steer this ship better.
AND I need Fearless to look at the magic on these boots because they sure as heck aren't Boots of the Tightrope Walker or Boots of Sure Footing!

Brother Butterfly probably should be noticing the Priests, and the sharks, and the general mayhem. Instead, he is more engrossed in the spilled tea and the fact he's had magical boots for 3 months --but still doesn't know what they do!
I've acted for 2 rounds, skip me for next round.

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Zane doesn't need a scientist

As soon as the grenades boobytrap is disabled,

Seeing that coach Dash somehow was able to call a bonafide timeout, Zane puts away his weapon.

Seeing that there's no confrontation about to erupt--
but that the episode he wants to see is STILL PLAYING on the big screen, Zane heads over to the console. He does a very athletic forward somersault over the back of the chair and lands cleanly in to the cushy seat.
He calls back to the others, Anyone from the team want some hot popcorn to enjoy with this episode?

And from his packet pulls out two small balls which he cracks open like eggs. He uses a hose from his environmental suit to spray pure O2 on them and they activate. The O2 causes a chemical reaction-- popcorn just spills out and pop, pop, pops. With no bowl to place it in Zane streams the popcorn in sprays atop of the console. If others chimed in that they'd like some, he breaks open the second ball and doubles the quantity.

The Zane enjoys the rest of the episode as the others discuss "intel".
OHHHH! This is the one that leaves the viewers on a cliffhanger! Literally! And, it's got that awesome "what would happen next episode" thing. ABE is always the creative one. He thought up the best endings. Like this one--

(insert Rocky and Bullwinkle/or even Batman and Robin style cliffhanger voice over)) Zane uses a deep voice.
- and tune in next week for either: Zane takes an acid bath? Or Vamp you very much .

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

While there's movement across the port hole, it doesn't seem to actually catch the attention of Jasper. There's even a loud racket happening, but Brother Butterfly is just too engrossed in his *drinking counseling* session to really notice.

I imagine what he was doing would have taken at least 3 rounds.

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Zane doesn't need a scientist

Any chance that there'd be a Vid-screen time out? The Team Blood and Fury stuff is playing on the vid behind you and those are some *CHOICE* clips. Like that scene with Draka swoophammerin' the bonetroopers.
OHHHH Sooo BOFO! Draka's a babe.

Zane's neck cranes to look at the BONE Wall Episode playing on that screen he was just talking about.

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

OUTSIDE: A fight is brewing.
INSIDE: A brewing is being fought.


Jasper find that second cup and exalts.
Quickly filling it up and personifying each cup with a name:

Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.
Yeah, those are good names.

Jasper's normal happy voice echoes in the galley, Come in, Welcome to our counseling session. What appears to be the problem?

Impersonating a male voice - Uncle Owen obviously- he replies to himself, She is a terrible old shrew.
Brother brings the cup dubbed Uncle Owen to his lips and takes a pull from the beverage container.

In a feminine voice, Jasper replies, and then drinks from the Aunt Beru cup,
He's a lazy bastard that's gained 50 pounds since we've been married. Sitting on his ass all day.

One arm swivels down ward and the other arm swivels upward to his lips.

You'd be tired and resting too if you had to work as hard as I do! The non-existent Uncle Owen complains an image of a creaky back and arthritic hands coming to mind just by the tone of the voice.

Great Desna you are a liar! It's like you've got a case of Calistra. For YOU don't know hard work, I know hard work as I have to raise 8 kids.

This back and forth goes on a couple more times until both cups are empty.
Once deserted of fluid, Jasper's normal voice returns. He exclaims, Ah! Wasn't that a good counseling session. Now don't all of us feel much better after that marvelous display.

The warmth of the quickly drank rum already starting to spread across his body.

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Zane doesn't need a scientist

This Drow and Dash scene is the BEST EVER. Very cool.

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception
Fearless wrote:
sack and will likely add to it with the new memories

I can totally picture an aged and retired adventurer Fearless in a wealthy/posh house having a room --that is always locked and never open to visitors - that has all of the paintings handing on the walls. BB's paintings, the crazy wacked stuff of Zandalus, and even the painter from Thrushmoor with his "dremsmcape" stuff.

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

Brother's eyes get a bit glassy as he concentrates, but the ideas of how his future painting are going to look start taking over more and more of his "memory process". A smile crosses his face as he pictures Fearless's reaction more than the quality or interpretation of the *Art* itself.
His level of glee is off the charts at the discomfort Fearless will have.

Ah.... a three panel piece is going to be perfect! Each panel will hold it's own independent painting that runs off the theme "Roast or fire".
the first is exactly what I see here, a frazzled halfling staring down the threat of a huge tiger with a wall of fire at his back. A cornered Fearless exasperated at his choices in life. The second picture will be one of Fearless tied to a fire spit being "Roasted". With half doppleganger/half myself setting the dinner table and with Nestor being the one turning him over the fire. A speech bubble saying something like, " and tonight's meal
actually thought he *happened upon me all tied up and in need of help* on accident!!! (laughing can almost be heard just from the facial expression of Nestor and Goppleganger BB)." Little did he know we've been hunting together for years! "

The third one needs more background to flesh out. But he certainly wants Fearless sitting in a chair on a performance stage with tons of people in the audience and other important people all cracking jokes about him - thus another interpretation of the word "Roast". His problem is...he can't think of anyone who's actually funny.

It's amazing how much can go through a man's brain in only 6-12 seconds, but BB's a smart guy, his brain's faster than most.
sorry for all the posts in only 1 round, but I'm hoping it's enjoyable and makes you all laugh.

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception
Fearless wrote:
He curses and rolls to face the Smilodon.

Now THAT is my next painting. I can just picture the title: BB Invites Fearless to a Roast!

Brother laughs. He finds it hard to concentrate on keeping everyone calm, but he does have enough mentally compartmented to still shake the outstretched hand that is holding a full and amazing Cure Serious Wounds potion that everyone in the circle could take and use, especially a raging Mariner low on HP's.

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

Brother Butterfly turns around to face the area outside the ring of fire. The area where the tigers are. Where Fearless is being held within one of it's claws.
He pulls out a potion from his bag and holds it out with the label clearly marked Cure Moderate Wounds. It's healing beckoning to those that might need it.

I'm the leader of this squad, so listen up.

Dundee, Sigfried, Roy, Dawn Brancheau, Irwin

By Desna, Be CALM!
Brother concentrates and focuses on a 40 foot diameter area to impose Desna's calming will. 2nd level calm emotions spell. Will Save. DC (17). @ Cats, remember, you get a +2 to hit also with that boon. @ Mariner, we got the belt of strength from the last dance dream. @ GM - BOF giving AC bonus.

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Atium furrows his brow, A lick? That doesn't sound so bad. But what is a lick?
I am afraid of the world wounders. The Breakers of the Crust. Those sorcerers and people in the robes with stars on them. Those are the *truly* powerful people.

Atium isn't fretting over titles like Red Crusader and Arazni and lich. Those don't set off any alarms in his mind. Not having any fear, he again moves forward to explore more and protect the others from the obvious undead in the upcoming rooms.

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Zane doesn't need a scientist

Back from insanity! Ready to post and resume *Zane*ing the Universe.

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception
Fearless wrote:
"Sonuva...Go on a diet.

Brother gives him a glaring look. A whithering look.

I thought this trip to The Dreamscape would be short. I thought Desna's flight and her other blessings would be sufficient for the duration.
Obviously, jungle scenes are NOT my idea of cloud cookooland dreams.

Hearing polite and pleasant conversation from above. Brother looks, and smiles.
By of course I'll cut you down! See, if our roles were reversed, I'd have called "hither too" in the same fashion! You must be a gentleman and a noble.

He then turns to Fearless.
And remember Fearless, when you are bound like that in sexual playgrounds, you always have a "Safe-word" you establish BEFORE you engage in S & M.

Hopefully Fearless gets that Brother isn't alluding to THIS forester's situation being an S & M moment, he was just trying to give the halfling good advise for when he visited the brothels next. Fearless was certainly "a submissive type" in that kind of role play.

Brother chuckles to his own internal joke as he moves towards the Forester.

Do you mind if I use a blessing of Desna to cut you from that plant - from a safe distance? Desna lets me use a sharp razor , it's be perfect for what ails you.

perception: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (20) + 12 = 32
diplomacy: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (14) + 14 = 28

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Atium Fort Save: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (16) + 12 = 28
Atium shakes off the effects of the spores. Maybe his channeling of the Raven's qualities are helping him. The Raven can sometimes be a carrion feeder, so maybe those qualities are protecting the burly fighter.

Atium wants to tell this thing it was going to die a second death at his hands, but instead The Raven spoke.
“I continued, as was my wont, to smile in your face, and you did not perceive that my smile now was at the thought of your immolation.”

attack 1: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (20) + 10 = 30
damage: 1d8 + 13 ⇒ (2) + 13 = 15

attack 2: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14
damage: 1d8 + 13 ⇒ (6) + 13 = 19

crit confirm: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (14) + 10 = 24
If critical X3 so plus: damage: 2d8 + 26 ⇒ (7, 1) + 26 = 34 plus above damage.

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Male Human Ranger Level 13 -143 HP/ AC 27 /F:+11 R:+12 W:+5 / Init: +6. Perception: +16--+20

I forgot an additional 16 healing from Whiskey during the combat. Thus,I am at full and saved a pull from the wand. 133/133 hp and only 17 charges!

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Male Human Ranger Level 13 -143 HP/ AC 27 /F:+11 R:+12 W:+5 / Init: +6. Perception: +16--+20

Bronin instinctively rolls to perceived safety. Having experienced dire combat many times before - and many times before having that loss of consciousness before being saved by the party cleric.
If there was a thing he was good at, but getting solidly stomped on and waking up on the ground with combat still raging.
He already had his best potion in his hand, unstoppered and guzzled down his throat before his outward senses picked up on the destruction of The Blood Knight.
csw potion: 3d8 + 5 ⇒ (6, 5, 1) + 5 = 17
He hears the chastisement of his comrades, and doesn't want the blood to soak into his expensive and amazing clothes.
He gets to one knee, then the other and with 60 year old man movements groans and creaks to an upright position.
then Wren lays into him.....

both hands go up defensively, as if that could ward off the foul cracked teeth breath she has has and the words of ," I told you how to do it."
Now, Now Wren. I can hardly be blamed..
is all he can say as Wren's lashing continues like a plow horse over field grain.
He takes the story and examples of how often she is right with resignation.
Alas, you are so right Feather Majestic Mage Wren. The strange terrain and the slipperiness of the blood caught me off guard. I failed and ask your indulgence.
He looks to Adder and Whiskey and gives a nod of thanks for saving his hide.
He also looks over to the delicate and vulnerable VestalELena to make certain she was not put in danger.
See, while the gore looks bad, it's nothing the wand can't put right.
His eyes move to FieryLena. He knows deep inside she did a lot more to that creature than he did, but he just can't get an acknowledgement to escape his lips. Maybe his eyes give away his admiration. but all he can say aloud is. Right.
and his eyes move away from the fire caster downward to the loot.

CLW wand:
18d8 + 18 ⇒ (3, 6, 2, 3, 4, 7, 2, 6, 1, 1, 6, 8, 8, 1, 7, 7, 4, 3) + 18 = 97
Bronin now at 121/133 hit points.

Whiskey- 18 charges from the wand! Minga!

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Zane doesn't need a scientist

Kill All Goblins, a 501c3 charity,

I laughed so hard at this one.... nice "Charity work" Vetch.

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

Brother B has retreated back to the bar. He looks upon the dance between The Viscount and the SpiderCount with a hazed amusement. The effects of the powerful wine having dulled his senses.

He clashes glasses with Kast and mimics the call, Yes! Better than wet dreams!
He looks around, putting his hands on the barstool.... the comfortable bar stool.

This location is the best place we've been too. Dancing with beauties, being among the rich and powerful, and having a comfortable bar stool to sit on.
That is a perfect place and we can come back anytime we want!

He orders a new, fresh one.
Lifting the glass up, he slurs another toast.
To The Mariner!
To Fearless!
To Cats!
The Watchmen has once again saved the day.

Brother orders more and drinks more.

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

Brother freezes up. Um, Um. I am under the thrall of Lady Splinterbone.
Being that I will soon be under her gaze and a pint or two lighter of a dear red liquid, I doubt I'd be able to handle the spinning required of a waltz.
Besides, which one of us would be the lead?

BB fumbles the end exchange. Almost certainly just dashing away to the bar (as near to the gorgeous Lady Splinterbone) and ordering some string wine.

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Male Human Ranger Level 13 -143 HP/ AC 27 /F:+11 R:+12 W:+5 / Init: +6. Perception: +16--+20
GM Vampire wrote:
. Perhaps we can spar when this is done, ser. For now

To which Bronin replies, because he doesn't want to offend the vampire.

Don't think anything of it. I want nothing from trying to help you. There's no Quid Pro Quo for getting you Atoned. I just thought it'd be a good experience.
don't worry, we'll do the right thing.

play the Alex Kliment video. That's my favorite.

Bronin is very impressed that he thought up that complex Gnomish word. Quid Pro Quo. Made him sound smart in front of this formidable knight.

Anyone good against Wood Golems? Probably FieryLina.

Scarab Sages

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

Brother Butterfly --wants, so very badly-- to cock block Cats. He hears the words Kast utters and sees the beauty that the woman has. BB would like that beauty for himself. Jasper feels like he deserves that beauty.
But, Desna told BB that Cats would have a dance this evening.
BB listens to his Goddess, even when he doesn't like the conversation.

so, he walks past Cats- sending Desna's blessing his way and hoping that Desna's can overcome his terrible one liners to maybe find a way to convince this girl to join him on a walk to the pantry...or party.

Cast luck on Cats. Luck probably isn't usable on diplomacy, so this is more flavor "luck" than mechanics "luck".

Brother leaves them behind as he goes back to the coatcheck guy for more intel on the final mark.
diplomacy: 1d20 + 14 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 14 + 2 = 35 +2 residual bonus

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gm wrote:
Improved Uncanny Dodge saved your bacon!

Yes. Yes, it did.

I need to admit that I was NOT aware I even had that feat at 5th level --so, super props to the GM for knowing his stuff!
I should give YOU my bottlecap for generating a character save.

WHEW! I told my son that Atium was probably only going to have single digit HP's when I woke up this morning. In my sleep, my brain was trying to think if I had any PFS Boons I could use to save my character! That brain is a weird thing. LOL!

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Vinas's action wrote:
Vinas approaches slowly, preparing to switch to his bow for the smart play

Yeah, if you wanted to go over tactics, you should have done so far earlier... that's all on you guys. It was very clear that Atium was going to jump in on this. LOL!

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Zane doesn't need a scientist

Good work GM. Keep us on our toes and use those fancy skills. Zane didn't like all that damage he took one bit, but as a fellow GM, it's nice to drop a boatload of damage on a PC. Takes away any "security blanket" feelings the PC's might have. That Dwarf sure took away my security blanket!
I love this combat. Very challenging.

Scarab Sages

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

Brother Butterfly is in heaven! He is having the time of his life.
He has been assigned the best task in the world. To dance, charm, and maybe even paint this lovely and beautiful woman. Depending on how the night goes, he may owe The Count a solid boon.
I should and am very willing to show you my works, I have a wonderful item of magic here that holds my paintings and allows me to carry them -wherever the Lady Desna. O' great Traveler- takes me.
Can I show you my paintings, as one that I own is actually of Celephais. Alas, that one is not mine, but it has a glorious story behind it.

Before showing you...all that I can offer... I must ask for a humble courtesy. The Count begs your forgiveness as he must ask out of his promised dance. He does so....
BB spins his words based on her posture, demeanor and facial reactions.
He wants her happy that BB is the distraction The Count has sent to her. He wants to distract her and distract her for hours.
Hopefully the others can close the deals with the other two dancers.

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Male Human Ranger Level 13 -143 HP/ AC 27 /F:+11 R:+12 W:+5 / Init: +6. Perception: +16--+20

We have done a good job exploring. Let us head up the bell tower. I will lead the way.

Bronin stealths up the stairs.

1d20+19 Stealth

But before that happens............

VestalLena wrote:
Was this MaryAnne fighting a plant?"

Bronin went from cocksure about safely driving off the charmed thugs to taking a stumbling step and his face gets a bit red in embarrassment.

He turns to Elena Nethermore.
Oh, you overheard that part.
He gets a bit red in the face, and shuffles from one foot to the other.
W-e-l-l that was a bit of "guy talk" . Stuff I knew they could relate to and would instantly make me one of the gang.
So, N-O. Ginger is not a plant.
He takes a pause, and puts a hand through his unhelmed hair.
This explanation might be embarrassing for the both of us, so if it gets too much... just tell me to stop.
He stumbles over the words he's trying to get out. and is overexaggerating his hands.
Just so you know, I'm only telling you this because you asked and I'm not going to insult you by lying. The other guys like Adder and Whiskey TOTALLY know about Ginger and Mary Anne. They might have different names for the two, but at my mage school- Kragis Aire - it was Ginger and Mary Anne.
One of the easiest spells to master is called Silent Image. And so students -especially students that are young adults and hormonal - like to practice making certain images. "Ginger" as we'd call her would be this gorgeous woman with birthing hips .. and um... a set of.. um..could make nursing a couple babies very easy.
Mary Anne was the image that was a bit more "girl from the local village" with lots of cute features and dimples.
Guys would talk amongst themselves about the Ginger or Mary Anne images they'd conjure and practice with. And young boys... um..liked to practice a lot with the spell Silent Image.

Bronin ends the explanation abruptly. Moving to the bell tower.

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Male Human Ranger Level 13 -143 HP/ AC 27 /F:+11 R:+12 W:+5 / Init: +6. Perception: +16--+20

Well, you want to protect them don't you? I'm getting the suspicion you don't love Hetna as much as WE love Hetna because you are just going to let some Vampires and Nobles make off with their prizes!
Well, I'm here to organize you rabble as we need to scout the Front Road and we need a party to get in the boat at the pier and scout the local waters.

Danger is about and I love them women too much to watch you all sitting on your asses. Now get's up . Get out the front door and get on scoutin'! If you don't like orders- you go talk to Hetna and Aisa. Go ahead I DARE you to interrupt them.

Not certain if bluff or diplomacy. +10 Bluff (to conceal my identity) and +16 Diplomacy. I'd might also get a quarry trait ability bonus as this IS the Whispering Way.

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Male Human Ranger Level 13 -143 HP/ AC 27 /F:+11 R:+12 W:+5 / Init: +6. Perception: +16--+20

Bronin takes the swooshing of hands as an invitation to go hustling into the man-debate of who's hot and who is not.
repeat of spoiler above.
Bronin has his weapons put away and looks to enter the room without revealing the others.
He enters with a grace of confidence and swagger like he owns the room and he's the boss man over all these chumheads. He advances as far as they will allow.
You are all right! Both Aisa and Hetna are beautiful and amazing in their respective ways.
One is alluring with that pure carnal look and pheromones. The other fits all the girl next door fantasies. You are in a no win debate my fellows. This has been going on for at exactly 55 years in the Ginger vs. Mary Ann debate every young man in their pubescent years has made.
I am a "Mary Ann" man myself, what say you others?

I have been sent here to take charge of you lot.

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Male Human Ranger Level 13 -143 HP/ AC 27 /F:+11 R:+12 W:+5 / Init: +6. Perception: +16--+20

Again Wren. Mastery over the cross campaign banter. Well played my man. well played.
I'll look for an opportunity to write one back.

BTW: I thought for certain my parrallel with the two witches and Gilligan's Island would have had more "pop and sizzle" to the roleplaying, but I guess I'm old and making outdated references.....

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Atium whips his head around, staring up at the horizon of housetops. He spits out the muzzle of the Elk and it's remains go clattering to the ground.
Atium sees, but doesn't see far enough (nearsighted, forgoing perception check) what is out there. He then moves quickly to the other enemy. Looking to turn it into a collapsing wreck.

claw: 1d20 + 8 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 8 + 2 = 23 Rage PA Flank
damage: 1d6 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15

claw: 1d20 + 8 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 8 + 2 = 24
damage: 1d6 + 9 ⇒ (3) + 9 = 12

bite: 1d20 + 8 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 8 + 2 = 11
damage: 1d4 + 9 ⇒ (2) + 9 = 11
Raging 2/15

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Atium nods. Seeing that truth and might have made right.
Mictena - I find your garden to be beautiful. I was amazed at it's craftsmanship and hope you can get Deathbower to return to it's full and splendid glory.

He then moves his necklaces around to properly grab and hold up the medallion of Easivra. He shows the Golden Eagle side up. Still talking with Mictena.
The Eagle flies higher than any other bird. It stands for freedom and courage and is associated with truthful principles.
Most importantly to this conversation- the Eagle's eyes are extremely powerful. Able to see with clarity at heights and distances that other creatures can not possibly view.

He gives a tug and the cord of the medallion snaps off his neck.
I choose to no longer tap into the Eagle Chakra as you have shown me that Mictena is more of an eagle than I can and should be. Take this totem as my acknowledgement that you are the ultimate Oro Aguila.
He puts the Easivral totem into Mictena's skeletal hand, walking through the gateway.

Scarab Sages

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

the sound of an end of life snore/deathrattle is interrupted as Brother whispers these words.
I see valkeries. One is the warrior queen. The others have headresses of The Keeper of Luck. I even see Desna's Herald in attendance.

Valkeries Start at 1:00

Scarab Sages

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

With the scimitar seemingly made to hurt a cleric of Desna, Brother feels a terrible pain. A pain that brings a white to his eyes. The true definition of a blinding pain.

At that same moment, his hearing picks up the distinct sound of Mariner dispatching his foe. A "thump" that hits the wooden ship deck with just the right tone. Mariner's win is unmistakable.
A splash tells BB that a body - the one Cat's was fighting - had keeled over and fallen into the harbor.

The pain is seering, but Brother thinks with a sense of satisfaction.
I knew that was going to happen. Mariner finishes off his foe. Cat's does likewise and closes in on the queen in a constricting move.
Fearless is right behind those boxes... he'll save me. He'll save me.
I want credit for knowing that I was the fourth most important piece on the board and I knew how to checkmate those Razmiran bastards.

He doesn't hear the sound of his own body hitting the deck of the Sullen Starling, but it was a large "thump" indeed.

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Aishe's internal thoughts. wrote:
Calling out 'me too' just seems, well, lame.

Atium looks at the angel of death in front of him, standing on the bridge.

Aishe then says something really smart.
Aishe wrote:
No harm. No foul."

To which Atium replies Yeah. Me too. I agree. No harm. No foul.

Scarab Sages

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

I always laugh when remembering
The Turn About
I was positive Fearless did a brilliant job setting up BB for a world of Doomsayer headache.....
and it unraveled on him.

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Zane doesn't need a scientist

Listening in, Zane finds himself grooving to the barrage of heavy metal intones and cursing.
Well, Xix sure does have a personality that grows. Hopefully that hand grows back just as fast. There's a medical bay in the ship. Should do the trick once Team BLOOD AND FURY get done! You like that name Xix?

He then gives a booming voice. TEAM BLOOD AND FURY

Greatest thing to happen to the universe.

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Bravo ! Bravo! Masterful post. I am sure you laughed your arse off composing that post.
I sure as hell laughed so damned hard at reading it. Tears are in my eyes.
Holy Mother of Moses......

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Vanyan wrote:
It's an sacred de-cursing done by the mystic gypsies of Varisia

Gypsies know what they are doing. I am very glad that you were a Pathfinder and been to our neighbor's (Varisia) lands where their gypsies have to contend to Babba Yagga's curses.

Since you learned this dance, and have cleaned the ring -- It is good for us to take it.
He accepts the magic ring and immediately feels the protective "fuzz" the ring provides.
He looks at Vanyan. Nods.
Twink, You have done well today. You are a man of knowledge that learned many lessons - some painful as a Pathfinder. You give them a good name as a shining example.

Scarab Sages

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

Jasper sees it in their eyes. He can almost hear their thoughts. They are amazed that he is getting more women than they are. He's the got the combination to the Super Sex Lock. (1-2-3-4)

Let them be jealous.

He smiles as he walks to their escape.

@ Gm - when you said: Behold the crest of the Living God. It was a Gold symbol and I mentally pictured golden scales or a golden staircase. But that's probably Abadar and not Razmiran.

Scarab Sages

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

Jasper opens his bag wide to start stuffing in an acolyte.

Yes. I think the guards and the acolyte have found that The Mariner has been a great addition to the team. To borrow one of his * droll * sayings.
" You want to play games Acolyte? When it's game time, it's PAIN time!".

He turns to Falluk.
How you like my crazies?

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save attempt: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (16) - 2 = 14DC 19

Atium just hates Vinas. With a passion.
I'll show 'em. I'll go get that stamp of passage first. Get it and come back. Maybe get two stamps and make Vinas eat one of them. Chew it up and swallow it in that *perfect* mouth of his.

Atium double moves further down the stairs.

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Need a nat 20. highly unlikely. will save: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (12) - 2 = 10 DC 19.

Atium finishes his counting. He begins to swing down low at the knees, but stops mid arc and the warhammer goes slack. The wristband attached to the weapon and Atium's hand is the only thing keeping it from clanging to the floor.
Atum stands up straight and the eyes roll to the back of his head. They pause there as others start to act. After the slightest of seconds, the eyes roll back to normal position. Atium seems normal.

Vinas speaks:

Vinas wrote:
"She is the source! Atium, fight it man. Fight it!"

but Atium hears the words magically transformed. Atium! Stop it you idiot. I command you to stop fighting!

and Aishe's compliment is warped too.
Vinas, you are correct again as always

To which Atium throws up his hands.
Don't you order me around Vinas. You aren't the leader. And even if the others bow down to you. I am not going to take your better than everyone attitude.

Atium then leaves the room.

I've been the one humping through this underworld, getting stung by swarms and THEY like him best. What total b%$$!~&+.
How do I get to the front of this library so I can get the wormwoman.

Double move out of the room. I'm assuming he doesn't see the spider transformation due to the spell. He is very low on wisdom right now, so I can see the spell having extra effect.

Scarab Sages

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M Human Cleric of Desna Level 7 AC 19 w/shield. 18 W/O. +12 Perception

I would have been gone longer, but I had a TERRIFIC afternoon ruined by backstabbers and aspiring elitists that have NO business trying to climb to the top rung.
It's like Count Lowls all over again.

And Brother Smiles. That bright white smile of his.
He is glad to be back. That slide down the rabbit hole was,and is, problematic.
Oh, a better example would be Kast pretending he's upper, middle class when we A-L-L know that he's low, middle class.
BB is happy with that analogy. Fitting.

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Zane doesn't need a scientist

@ Draka. Exactly. About 40 breweries all giving out 3-4 oz samples. Most breweries has 2-4 different sample brews.
It started out amazing. Lots of good beers to drink * but the second half had a lot that were crazy IPA's or Wheat Beers or Tangerine beers.
Now, I totally get it that beer officionado's might want to try the odd ball beer.
The best part was how friendly all the participants were. We chatted with lots of total strangers!
Great music. Some fun games, and it was by the beach so the weather and temp was perfect.

*-- I am the worlds biggest lightweight. I am also not a huge fan of beer, but I liked a lot of the lighter beers. I stayed away from most Stouts and IPAs. Too hoppy for me.

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Atium likes the sweet smell. He wants to eat some of the delicious fruit.
I don't go for low hanging fruit. The sweeter ones are up just a bit higher- where the bees get to them.
He takes one of the small spider bodies and flings it into the air at one of the trees. Looking to dislodge fruit. He looks where he is going to throw, then tosses it with force. Moving quickly to where the fruit should land and he holds out his hands to catch (mid-air) and eat what properly falls.
That's how a man gets his food. Not some nimbly footed toe dancer going for the easy stuff.
and he looks at Vanyan when he says this. Chiding him for a reply.

Vinas wrote:
Friends, concentrate. It's an illusion. Look!


Aishe wrote:
"I don't think we should start eating anything off the trees until we know more about this place. It seems they can make things appear as other things, so who knows what you'll be putting in your mouth."

Those wonderful warnings come juuuuust a bit late for Atium. Who is there with a mouthful of two different fruits (maybe, depending of GM description).

With V & A's warning, Atium either has already eaten a hearty bite- or been zinged by a bad effect. Will wait to reply to Vinas once I know the results of my fruit catching.

Atim was going to laugh at Vinas for getting injured in a funny fashion. But he keeps his mouth closed. Laughter at Vinas getting hurt could be taken the wrong way. In the North, they laughed when someone got run over by a bull - or a tree they were cutting down branch slapped someone. Someone else getting hurt can be very funny.
But, these southerners are more thin skinned. He learned that at The Dotort Ranch.

So, instead, he gets to laugh at the word "poop" that Vanyan spells.

HeeeeHeee! HeeHeee! you said "Poop".
he pauses and continues.

While I am also bored a bit. I think we may want to see if some bandages or something can help with our cuts and scrapes. Anyone have a healer's kit?

Three of us have minor dings. I'm down a but but I'm a barbarian.. I'm always gonna be battered.

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Zane doesn't need a scientist
GM wrote:
The Zane does a search on anything Sivv related through the computers

Zane has a couple spare minutes. Maybe it's while the HoloKish is talking and recounting history. But something really odd happens. Someway, somehow, and inexplicably: Zane opens up a computer-- to do research-for the first time in forever. No one that's a part of this crew has ever seen him "work" on a computer. Of course the crew of The Maiden have seen him as he connects and browses the HoloNet. Zane's always ordering sports equipment from AbsalomPrime, clicking "Like" on anything and everything Blood and Fury related... you know... the simple everyday stuff.

This odd moment is very special, because Zane clicks on the "Research app" and it pops into life. Asking The Zane for his User Name and Password. The Zane wants to know more about The Sivv.

So, he types in what he thinks is his UserName: Greatest247 and his password: 4Touchdowns!
*ACCESS DENIED. Incorrect combination of Username and Password*
So he tries again. Greatest247. Password: 4Scoresinonegame!
*ACCESS DENIED. Incorrect combination of Username and Password*
And again. Greatest247. Password: Benchpress350!
*ACCESS DENIED. Incorrect combination of Username and Password*
*** Your account is locked***
Frustrated. Zane closes the app and the computer.
Useless f%!@ing computers. Ahhh.. Those Sivv F%@+s must be long gone. Pooof. Dust in the wind.
Zane enacts his special new armor upgrade. He is quite happy about this, not fully realizing that he's darting right in and not allowing the others to get in their laser fire. Of course Abe mentioned "cover fire" just seconds before, so Zane assumes it means fire that gives him cover to rush in.

Like a bolt of lightening, Zane is upon the cultists. Swinging his sword.
Not certain if I get the Hasted movement in a surprise round and an attack. Rolling just in case I do. If not, I am cool with only the single movement.
Boingo: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (2) + 14 = 16
damage: 4d8 + 14 ⇒ (3, 6, 6, 5) + 14 = 34

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Advanced warning. I will be deep sea fishing all day Friday and attending a BeerFest in Santa Barbara on Saturday. So, I will certainly not be in any condition to post. GM. Please bot Atium as you see fit. Display irrational anger. Insult Vanyan or react to Vanyan's insults. Rise and Repeat.

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