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Mommy take me to work?

No like Cookie! Cookie no like you!

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Captain Kiani the Blue wrote:

Me think that sexy. Hot sexy. Boiled sexy.

I make food. Food make sick PC. Food is good. PC is weak.

The next poster has a way to protect himself from food poisoning.

*Drags out a kitchen knife*
Here cook naked persons

No talk food two-day?

*Grabs Kileanna's leg and starts chewing*

Cook for me self then.

*Feels summoned to the thread for unknown reasons*

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Quiche Lisp banned for not being real quiche. Not tasty!

*Chews Quiche Lisp's head*

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*Frenzies around for a time, undamaged*
*Checks his own statblock to realize that he doesn't have immunity to acid damage*
*As he dies, the fourth wall crumbles and falls on everyone on this thread, crushing them to death*

I kilked my own character, I think I have just made the next poster's job

Family dead! Noooooooo! Evil changeling eat family!

*Goes berserk and kills everyone on sight, both Kileanna and Sissyl, impaling them on a pitchfork. The acid device seems to have failed, though*

How did Cookie manage to pronounce Cangeling correctly if he barely speaks Common remains a mystery. I don't even know why he knows what a changeling is.

Bear Man

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Or grindylow. Grindylow free trip!

*Feeds the Kraken from «the last one to post wins» with Uncle Teddy*

Ugly squid eat you.

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*Gnarls to the Kraken*
Big squid have to go!
Evil! Evil!
*Throws casseroles and pans at him*

Bear Man be durable too

Cookie be terrrrifyinyng Grindylow!


Cookie italic too!

Vidmaster7 wrote:
He thinks we don't know that his bottom half is an octopus^

Octopus great, look like grindylow cause octopus great!

The Big Bad Wolf of Karazhan wrote:
Oh and Cookmate Cookie, I appreciate your help so yes please do help out. But, no you can't cook the fish. You may feed them of course, just remember, not all aquatic creatures like the same food as you.

Feed octopus, not cook! Octopus great! Cook squid, feed octopus!

I work in me...gan...grrrrlll... there.
Cook fish?




Cook fish woman!!! Tasty!

Look More Edible Than Is

Next, Whale eat priestess.

Small man look eatible. Can cook.

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*Cooks a depp fried Johnny*

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Cuddle me!

*Stops grabbing Vid*
Cook parrot then. Where?

*Looks at Vid carefully*
Is bear?
Hate land things. All look same.

Lotta hair. Is sheep? Can cook sheep?

*Trips Vid with his tiny tentacles and climbs to his face, grabbing him in a facehugger fashion*

*Looks at Nina with hungry eyes*

Cook parrot!

*The small grindylow slimes through all the room trying to reach the flying snowy owless, while carrying a giant frying pan in his tiny hands*

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Know to cook fish-squid-meat-parrot.
Can take skin, gouge eyes, take guts, cut head. Like to do. Throw in pan.
Makes funny noises.
Cookie talk Aquan only before.

No cook self!
No cook octopus and no cook self!
Too good for too-legged!
No cook self!

*Stares at the gingerbread man*
*Grabs him with his tentacles and puts it into a cauldron*

Smell good! Cook this!

What you do want Cookie do?

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Me can cook, Wolfie? Can work restoorant.
Gouge out squids eyes-guts, stew squid for Wolfy?