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Whoa. Dude. You might want to, like, get that checked out or something, man. I'm pretty sure that, like, pupils aren't supposed to be all, like, different sizes. I'd call the hospital, man, but I can't, like, find my phone. What were we talking about? I'm like, at the top of a new page.

Aren't we all, like, at the top of a new page all the time, man?

Think about it.

And get those pupils looked at. It's bugging me out, man.

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* stabs Bongo's Pipe*

Think about it.


Not cool, man. Not. Cool.

Yeah, way to harsh the vibe, Captain Ninja Bringdown.

What this thread come to? It used to be about winning, not scooby and shaggy spin offs.

Poog be last, Poog win!!

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It has been awhile since someone claimed they won so, for old times sake...

I win.

No one wins. Ever.

Sovereign Court

In learning of this I shall spend my time working on not only a fabulous line of restaurant chains but also a terrific menagerie of many animals in Grandpa Wonderbra's palace (but don't tell him I told you that he has a palace, he's quite humble for an all-powerful being). I wonder if the storm giants are good at making paddocks?

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Me can cook, Wolfie? Can work restoorant.
Gouge out squids eyes-guts, stew squid for Wolfy?

You mean... this thread has actually become something vaguely useful, after 400+ pages of "I win" and "No, I win"?



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I don't know it useful is the word, but I'm enjoying all the weirdness and randomness and anagrams. Specially the anagrams.

It's not the winning, it's the taking part that counts.

Sorry, that should be talking parts.

My parts are talking right now.

"Ooh, ooh, tell us - what are they saying? We must know! We are on tenterhooks! We are straining at the leash!"

It is this:



*Perches near the rat, looking it with hungry eyes*

Scarab Sages

*secretly registers FRIEND COMPUTER for a televised heavyweight boxing match against Madame Sissyl*

*also, sets up peanuts and popcorn stand*

*also, wins*

* picks up John the Rat and puts him in my coat pocket *

Victory is a fleeting thing.

*Stops looking the rat with hungry eyes and stealthily approaches popcorn*
*One has to have priorities in life*

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What in the world have we done here that is in any way even remotely useful? The best we have done is standardize turtles as measurements for Rpgs.

*Looks to GH with hungry eyes and stops looking to the popcorn*
*She is looking to the books he's carrying*
*One has to have priorities in life*

Dark Archive

We made the Kasatha.


Useful? Keeping me entertained so I don't bother another threads counts?

*Grabs Nina*

Stop looking to the books, Nina! They are not scrolls, understood?

Nina, John is my friend. If you're hungry go check out the banquet table. I guarantee you'll find something to satisfy your hunger.

If you're looking for books or scrolls just head through the door that says "Library".

Scarab Sages

*Hides near door holding the original sign, which said 'Giant Walk-In Pencil Sharpener'*

She cannot have the scrolls without my help, but it doesn't keep her from trying.
She enjoys a good read from time to timetoo. And eating mice and leaving disgusting gifts of regurgitated skin and bones just to remind me she's still a lettuce.
And spirit drinks. The stronger the better.

Oh, IHIYC, you're such a jokester.

Why would you label your trap? That just screams poor dungeon design.

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And yet the PCs walk into it anyway. Every. Single. Time.

*Looks into the door labeled «Library»*
*Looks into the closet*
*Looks again into the «Library»*
*Seems confused*

She wants to know why the funny smiling man is hiding there, and wonders if it means that door leads to a closet.

Let's find out, Nina.

*Walks to the «Library»*

*Seems worried*

Nothing to worry about, just sit back with the popcorn, and watch the mayhem.

You walk into a cylindrical room. It has blades, spinning as they rise from the floor, traveling in a circle along the walls. The space between the blades and the ceiling becomes narrower as the blades progress further down this 200 turtles long room. At the very end of this room is a gnome who is operating a lever.

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Goblins hate books.
Goblins like to burn books.
Libraries contain lots of books.
That room labeled "Library" and with a picture of books on it is really a giant pencil sharpener.

* grabs a plate of nachos *

This is going to be fun.

Although I do have to ask...

IHIYC, where did you move the real library?

It's concealed inside the giant pencil.

The Fiend Fantastic wrote:

Good point. Speaking of which, Message Board Troll has been absent for quite some time.

Has someone finally tipped the vat of acid on him?

I switched jobs back in October and unlike my last one I don't have any downtime during my shift so I don't get to post nearly as much as I used to.

Scarab Sages

Uncle Teddy wrote:

Although I do have to ask...

IHIYC, where did you move the real library?

My pants.

Seriously, where others have genitalia, I have a precise scale model of the Library of Alexandria.

And now it has an annex!

You might want to get that examined. It sounds like a problem waiting to happen.
*sharpens and polishes the moving blades*
Sheesh... when was the last time anyone did anything for these?

Couple thousand Thursdays ago, I think.

Sure seems like it...
[i]*finishes up sharpening, returns without a scratch*[i]
Say, Vick, how 'bout we go get a coffee, after I finish my work here and ditch this place... I feel like reminiscing for a little while, immortality starts to make a man lonely ya know... makes him think about the good ol' days...

My goal is to put you guys in a false sense of non-competition so that I can swoop in for the permanent win.

My plan is to get out of a giant pencil sharpener.
I am sharp enough, thanks.

Scarab Sages

What about your pinecone...?

My pinecone feet were removed. Now I have plain, boring, flesh made, toe-bearing normal feet.
Couldn't say I don't miss my pinecones, but they are in the past now.

*Eats popcorn while faking she doesn't know Kileanna*

that may prove difficult with that name.

*The bearded man knows too much*
*Gives him an intense stare*
*Thinks she'd need Kileanna to give him the Evil Eye*

Before any evil eyes go out just remember I know ninja's.

My pirate beats your ninja xD
(Even if I actually don't know how to talk like a pirate!)

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