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Welcome back Dark Mistress.

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The ORCs are a coming! And this time in a good way!

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Freehold DM wrote:
Totally Not Gorbacz wrote:

This being the American legal system, Paizo could win but lose - an ultimate victory in the court followed by going bankrupt because legal fees are a beach. So, they might decide to ditch OGL and rework the game as a less expensive and disruptive proposition than a protracted legal battle.

We might end 2023 with Pathfinder 2.5e where your attributes are Might, Agility, Stamina, Smarts, Wits and Personality, you lose Life Points if an attack beats your Protection Class, and you cast Arcane Missile at a Birdbear.

We might also see a TTRPG market where anguished sensitive fans who bought into the open-minded 5e era WotC abhor the corporate money grab by Hasbro lords of boards and decide to explore other RPGs, which wouldn't be that bad.

Those birdbears sound dangerous.

I'd bet they have a threat level of 4

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Orange Army Hedge: This hedge is easily identified by it's brilliant orange foliage, and that it grows in lines. A mature hedge will grow between Five to eight feet in height. In late summer is flowers, and it's It’s seed pods will drop in late Fall. The seed pods will then march in lines until just before the first frost. The seed pods prefer to march in an orderly line to better hide their numbers.

Dire Orange Army Hedge: As above but the seed pods build primitive armor and weapons for themselves before marching. Given that the seed pods still average only a quarter of an inch tall, they are only aggressive to creatures of a similar size. Orcs, and Hobgoblins see these plants as good omens.

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I like the cover art. That's one happy witch.

Several of the NPC's fit well in my current game, thanks!

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Their latest offering for PF1 is Moon Daughter's Fate.

So how's the next Codex going? Just curious.

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I finished reading the adventure, and I like what I've read so far.
Thanks for creating a PF1 version. If I can, I'll back your next project.

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Intimidating Prowess
Core Rule Book
Use STR mod in addition to CHA for intimidation checks.
Intimidation: Strength and Charisma should be interchangeable for intimidation purposes. for example "I pick him up and brace him against a wall! (intimidate using strength), vs "you got a nice shop here... lots a flammable stuff just lying around." (intimidate using charisma, with a bonus if the party mage is a known pyro)

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I'm in!

I didn't see any threads on this so.

Available for PF1, 5e, and SW. More info here..

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I bought a copy, and plan on getting the subscription when feasible.

I can't wait to see the next!

I am currently running a pathfinder group (table top). Heck we even managed to introduce two new players to the Pathfinder side of the game.

We manage to play once a week baring plagues, and unforeseen events. That said with the current Stay at Home Order in one of the counties most of my players live in, the game is currently delayed.


The Frogs have launched a new Indigogo project for a PF1 modal Devil of the Murder Cliffs (and I guess I should say, there are options for versions in 5ED, and SW as well).

This is for the Print + PDF versions only, as PDF versions are already available.

Go to Mystery at Ravenrock..

Mystery at Ravenrock: A Fantasy RPG Adventure
A band of heroes, framed for an attempted assassination, must find clues to prove their innocence.

Suffice to say I've already backed this project.

They've been moving away from Pathfinder books for a couple of years now. From what they've said they are actually loosing money on the big projects, that why the last PF1 friendly KS was the Quests of Doom 4.

They have been doing PF stuff on Indigogo, but those are intended for small print runs.

I haven't heard about the Legendary Games AP. I'll have to check it out.

The first party I ran in Rappan Athuk was TPKed in one of the beginner dungeons, on the second session if I remember correctly. The second time they were far more cautions.

I'm in.

I was going to do a campaign journal, but instead I'll write up what happened.

A1 - Sewer Oozs popped up, and everyone made their save. It did maul Player 4, and 2.

A2 - Player 1 tried to sneak in, and the gobs were not surprised. Instead I decided that they'd hide them selves, and then wait and see. When the party emerged into the room, and they started to make their way deeper that's when the Gobs sprang their ambush. Gobs went down when ever hit, The party took a few hits in return. They decided to push on.

A3 - Player 3, and four went into this room, and were taken out in one round of Centipede assault. Player 1, covered player 2 as they extracted their fallen comrades.

A5 - Players saw, and identified the fungus, they decided to avoid.

A6 - Players didn't touch anything in this chamber until after they acquired their mission objective. Player 2 started to get interested in the statuary, but everyone flubbed their religion checks. He used detect magic, and zeroed in on the idol, but made a natural 20 to avoid touching it.
They smashed down the south door, and avoided the trap in the East door.

A9 - Discovered, and disarmed the trap, with no issues.

A8 - Having learned their lesson, they were quite ready for the skeleton ambush. They took a few hits, and a crit fail took Player 4 out for a round. Honestly fumbles were going around quite frequently though out the modual.

At this point they headed back for healing.

A10 - They snuck up on the big bad, and took him out in two rounds. The rouge took full advantage of him, being surprised, and further advantage of flanking it. Still Player 2 got severely mauled, by an easy crit.

Latter they did clean the shrine up, but none of them even though of offering a prayer.

A11 and A 12 - Not much to say they used the key to avoid the trapped lock, and to open the door.

Afterwards we talked about our experience.

It seems that whoever wins initiative gets the upper hand. Also the three action economy, was very brutal on the party. Especially during a surprise round. The CR0 creatures, should have been cut down to only a few, not six Per encounter. Lastly, the system punishes players, and groups, that do not optimize them selves.

The inability to use potions gave the party a rough time. I'd given them some potions (4 minor, and a lesser) at the start, and that's all that allowed them to finish. Suffice to say, Resonance was not well received at all.

The play test was scrapped here on out, since no one wanted to continue.

Session 0

I plan on posting our adventures here.

Character creation: My four players created the fallowing characters.

player 1 a Goblin Ranger.
player 2 a Human Rouge.
player 3 a Elven Sorcerer (Draconic Bloodline).
player 4 a Dwarven Barbarian (Fury Totem).

So we'll see how this plays out. I gave the players the list of campaign specific backgrounds, but told them they could choose the backgrounds from the playtest document if the wanted.

Player 1 chose Hunter.
Player 2 decided on criminal
Player 3 choose Acolyte, apparently deciding that his character studied the teachings of Calistia for a time.
Player 4 choose to be a Pathfinder Hopeful.

Common complaint was with the character sheet. All of us are over forty, and the font on the second page is way too light, and small, making it hard to read. I know I have a hard time reading it, and I'm the only one at the table that doesn't need glasses (yet).

The ability scores are weirdly arranged, with one player commenting that all of the physical stats should all be on the same side. Another comment was that it was strange that the stat box was small, with the recommendation of just extending the line, and putting in a slash mark to separate the score from the modifier.

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For now (without play testing mind you, I may get to do some tonight, and next week)

1 Shields no longer require an action to use. This is just silly, and an unnecessary nerf for sword and board fighters.

2 Crafting, and Performance have sub skills. I think it's unrealistic for a shipwright, to be able to make a sword. Or a blacksmith to be able to repair a wagon. Simple repairs I can see, mending clothing is so easy any-one can do it. Performance is I feel the same. A Harpist might know the theory, but without the training wouldn't make a good Sax player.

4 Move half of the class specific feats to the general feet section, and give a selection of different ones. Anything that was a combat feet, or metamagic feat should be available to everyone who can use it. I'd start looking at the many PF1 Archetypes, and build new lists from there.

5 Each skill increase improves two Proficiencies. Seriously, you only get ten to work with for skills, armor, weapons, and saving throws.

6 Speaking of Proficiencies, I'd Double the bonus after Trained. Either that or I'd go with Yolande d'Bar's idea.

Honestly, I'd be more likely to continue using PF1 if the game was finalized as it is right now. I would import the ideas that I like, but that'd be it.

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To tell the truth I wish they'd use the Half-Elf/Orc as a starting point for all of the Ancestries. The core concept that they used there is a good starting point. Say something like this.

Hill Dwarf- One of the more common Dwarven cultures for non dwarves to meet. At level One you have the choice of any three of the fallowing Ancestry feats: Ancestral Hatred, Ancient's Blood, Hardy, Mountain Roots, Stone Cutting, or Weapon Familiarity (Dwarf)

Other Dwarven sub-types would start with a different flavor text, and options for Ancestry feats. If an Ancestry justifies a strong feat, then an additional Flaw, or drawback could be added. This is only an example. But I think it may be more interesting, and appealing, then what's currently written.

I have to agree, Xenocraft. The whole noting of rarity of spells is kinda odd, and limiting. Honestly, except for spells I don't care for, I think I'll end up ignoring the rarity completely.

Cost wise, it looks steep, but it's in SP not GP. It's something I have to see in actual game play before I'd change it.

Honestly I don't see any reason you can't use the old multi classing rules.

It would require some reworking, such as having the player choose between starting armor, weapon proficiencies, or skills. Other then the HP, and level dependant abilities, I would not grant anything else.

You do realize that the various casting tied skills (Religion, Arcana, ect) allows even spontaneous casters to learn new spells they encounter, (just like a wizard) right? It's in the skill section under "learn an X spell."

X denoting the relevant Skill/Spell list in question.

Some relief when I started reading the classes.

Still not a fan of stat generation.

I prefer BAB, and skill points. Guess I'll have to house rule them back in. (Yes I know this is an unpopular opinion)

Happy that Create Water was made a level 1 spell, and the nerf to Good Berry. Some of the spell descriptions need to be cleaned up and more consistent in presentation. (I'm looking at you Magic Missile!)

Spell casters now all(except for Clerics and druids) have a list of spells they know, and memorizes from. This strongly benefits spontaneous casters, as they in essence have access to their entire spell list when casting. Add in that they can now learn spells like wizards. Personally the drawback of being unable to cast heightened spells (unless they know it at that level), hardly seems like a valid penalty at this point.

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To those about to playtest, we salute you!

I pray that Paizo's servers are up to the challenge that lies before them. Will we see many Goblins making vain efforts to hold it together? Or will the severs hold fast, and weather the storm ahead?

I can't say that I'm a fan of this idea. It feels like it's pandering too much to power gamers.

I am currently running Northland Saga, and am in the middle of NS:5.
And here's the scenario: Last night, the partty has stormed the tunnels of Jomsberg, hunting for Jasella the Sea Witch. However, after the fight with the Bearded Devils they decided to fall back, and rest. Thier Cunning womman is just about out of spells, as it the Druid. Everyone took same nasty hits durring the last fight. All in all, I think the idea of resting is a wise one, for the party.

The thing is, Jasella is in the middle of a ritual to sacrifice Sveni (one fo the people they are supposed to be rescuing) to her lord in Hell now, not latter. Honestly, I can't see streatching out the ceromoney another day, just for the party to rest up. So this leeds to the question, what now?

I see two possibilities.

1: (I'm kinda leaning toward, but entirely happy with). By the time the party has recovered, the ceromaony is pretty much a done deal. Sveni is dead, and her soul is now condemned to Hell. Jasela is has gained Something (Currently this is a CR14 fight, honestly bumping it up to a CR 15 would be reasonable). She'll be a much nastier opponent, but defeatable with the party at full health. Oh wait, two have a bit of contagion, and it's the spell casters. Not to mention the Cunning woman also took a Crucify soul attack (2 levels of level drain, not much hope she'll make the save to get rid of it either). This may not go so well...

2: Donnar(aka Thor) intervenes. After all he's a god, and owes them a favor. So he slows time in the Hall of the Sea Witch for them. They no longer have the limited wishes they don't know about, but hey that's the price they'll need to pay for victory.

The problem I have with the first option, is the Sea With is already a nasty opponent for a party of 11th level PCs. She's already pact-bound to a Pit Fiend. One option would be she gains the service of another even more powerful devil(s). Actually, what the Sea Witch hopes to gain is not spelled out So I'm free to go with what ever I see fit.

The problem with the second, is that it removes the consequences of the part's actions.

I'm hoping for another Idea.

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I'm kinda 'meh on Backgrounds in general. I find them either too limiting for myself as a player. Or too setting specific for ease of use in other settings. So I hope if you'll forgive me for not being entirely sold on this idea.

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I'm becoming concerned that the new edition will be too bitsy. This would make it less friendly for newer players.

That said. I do like the changes to armor, and magical armor as well. I'm also intrigued about Rune mentioned, this leads me to believe that there maybe different kinds of runes. Each changing how the enchantment bonus works.

Fuzzypaws wrote:
Chaotic_Blues wrote:
Interesting, but the class is too high tech for most of the games I run. Maybe if(or when) I start a Razor Coast/Freeport/Skull and Shackles game.
I mean, you are aware that black powder and greek (alchemist's) fire were invented thousands of years ago, right? That people have been distilling plant essences into poisons and drugs for thousands of years? Roman concrete was essentially an alchemical creation and vastly superior to modern concrete until only recently. Alchemists doing chemical research was happening in the European middle ages, while the Arabs were highly advanced in medicine around the same time.

Yes I am aware of those facts, and in large I am referring to the class as presented. Not the uses of the Alchemy skill (note that distilling plats into poisons and drugs is the act of an herbalist, not an alchemist.

However, the practice of alchemy was historically very expensive. With the exception of the wealthy, the majority of alchemists during those times relied heavily on sponsorship.

Hell, Heron of Alexandria invented the freaking steam engine somewhere around 20 AD. People just didn't realize the potential as an industrial tool / labor saving device, because they had cheap abundant slave labor, so it was used for "tricks" until it was forgotten for almost 2000 years.

Not alchemy either.

Rules Artificer wrote:
Chaotic_Blues wrote:
Interesting, but the class is too high tech for most of the games I run. Maybe if(or when) I start a Razor Coast/Freeport/Skull and Shackles game.
No apothecaries in your setting? No head henchmen of the poisoner's guild? No snake-oil salesmen trying to con townsfolk with elixirs of dubious effectiveness?

I'm referring to the class not individuals with the Alchemy skill. Only the first two of your examples would require the Alchemy skill, and the first is debatable. Snake-oil salesmen are con artists with a very high bluff skill.

Interesting, but the class is too high tech for most of the games I run. Maybe if(or when) I start a Razor Coast/Freeport/Skull and Shackles game.

Currently running Northland Saga, and getting ready to enter the mid point of the AP.

At another table I'm playing a Bard in Bard's Gate.

hmm, You know that may make for an interesting potion curse result. Potions crafted normally work fine. But every once and a while, some one messes up the brew.

And now that I'm thinking about it In the Company of Valkyries by Rite, there are rules for enchanted mead. Basically, an advanced potion but with fort saves to resist 'ability damage' ie getting drunk.

Well, I suppose, there's some interesting info here on races in general. I can see why you included them, and it makes a kind of sense in Galorian.

I can't see allowing a race of homicidal psychopathic pyromaniacs as a PC option at my table. I just don't want to encourage my players to become murder hobos.

I just hope that ther'll be a small section in the GM's side of the book on how to make your own Ancestries. Galorian specific Ancestries will be of little use to those of us who have campaigns set in Midgard, or the Lost Lands (just to name a few),

Not entirely sure how this'll work in actual game play.

Matthew Downie wrote:

Good GMs are rare.

But GMs who say things like, "If you die you're out of the campaign," aren't worth the effort.


I'm in.

For my games I have my players the 4d6 drop lowest.

For my self (when I'm playing) 3d6, straight down the sat block. And yes I talked to the GM who runs the games I'm a part of before I started this.

I'm hoping for some long term down time down time options. I'm talking months or weeks, not days.

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Vidmaster7 wrote:

35) will James Jacobs being doing a shirtless spread in this new bestiary?

(AKA will their be a T-rex?)

I have it on good authority he will be riding it into the next Pizocon.

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While I like the idea for skills, and am in the 1/2 level+ skill mod+ ability score mod camp. It sounds like you want to use this as the basis for everything else as well. I can't say I'm in favor of that idea.

In many ways it sounds like the same idea that, frankly, turned me off of 5th ed. A universal bonus that is applied to base attack, skill, and saves is one of the contributing factors that has made the classes bland in 5th ed.

Mind you I can see the rational behind these changes, but I can't say agree with them. I feel that characters should have weaknesses, things they can't handle, or do very well. Other wise, why team up with others? How can a martial character stand out in combat, if the only real difference between himself, and the guy who spends his time reading books, is only a +3 to +5(baring equipment, and stats OC)? if everyone is equally good at everything, then why bother have classes?

To me, a class represents something a character has chosen to focuses on. Focusing on something often means you have to give up something else in return.

Another danger is one that I think that this will share with Saga rules. The build a class rules they used were great, But only if you knew what you were doing. Quite often new players could get lost in the sea of options.

These are my concerns with the new edition as presented. Honestly, I'd love it if you prove me wrong. And I know the play-test may not be representative of the final product. I will reserve my final verdict when I see the new edition.

After listening to this pod cast, I've decided something. My next campaign will start with this modal.

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Erik Mona wrote:
theCopper wrote:

I have to ask, Erik, are you planning on having the stat blocks more self-contained, with more kinds of special abilities described in them instead of in the corresponding appendix?

For me, at least, it would be a lot better this way.

I don't think we've fully committed one way or the other yet. The playtest monster book is going to be mega stat block dump without a lot of description of what, say, a skeleton looks like or eats. :)

As for special abilities and how they're formatted, while I know the design team has been hard at work on this stuff, I haven't interacted with it too much yet (I just finished going through magic items last night!).

I do know there are a few questions that regularly come up in my games.

Is it edible? (this despite having a MONTH of rations on hand!)
What is the pelt/hide/skin worth? (Also quite common in my games)

All from the Advanced Class guide.

Yes I would pay more for a larger Book of Bests. That said, I do like the idea someone had (way back somewhere in the beginning of this thread) of a slimmer book for new GMs.

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