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While I quite like the multiclass dedications as a better VMC, they don't feel like a COMPLETE replacement for multiclassing to me. They cost feats, for one, and you have to spend 3 feats total before you can go to another class. One thing I liked in 1e doesn't seem to be here is the *option* of old multiclassing, or actually taking a hit to class advancement but not losing out of feats.

In general, I like the new system a fair bit. But, I think it would be better both mechanically and RP-wise to also have the option of multiclassing.

Mechanically: There are some niches that this can fill that other things can't. By way of example, getting Attack of Opportunity requires Fighter 1 OR level 6 and 2 class feats. A Fighter level dip would sacrifice advancement of other powers to do this in exchange for freeing up a pair of feats.

RP-wise: Abandoning a class would allow playing someone having a change of heart about their methods. A Barbarian trying to put aside his rage or a Rogue trying to abandon their deception to be an honest soldier.

Yes, I know this would require a couple new rules for Proficiency interaction and possibly consulting two tables for leveling up (one with things all classes have, one with the class you're taking), but there are a few important niches I think having the option for old multiclassing could fill.

My opinion is not backed by actualy play, yet (on day 2...go figure...), but I strongly agree with james014Aura on this. I hope to a longer, more constructive post on this later.

I'd rather have Retraining rules than Old Multiclassing. It's not particularly good.

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If you want the "change of heart" scenario where a character switches from one class to another, what the game would need would be some sort of rebuilding rules where (for example) you would start out as a fighter with as many class feats as possible dedicated to wizard multiclassing and then transform yourself into a wizard with as many class feats dedicated to fighter multiclassing. The standard retraining rules would then take care of gaining and then losing the required feats if you want an even more drastic change of direction.

Honestly I don't see any reason you can't use the old multi classing rules.

It would require some reworking, such as having the player choose between starting armor, weapon proficiencies, or skills. Other then the HP, and level dependant abilities, I would not grant anything else.

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The problem with the old multi-classing rules is that we have no generic advancement table that we could reference for a character with levels in multiple classes. Maybe we can eventually make up a custom multi-class class to cover such characters?

I was thinking more to the effect of removing ability boosts, ancestry feats, general feats, skill increases, and skill feats from class progression, and putting those on a general table.

Except the bonus ones classes might get (such as Rogue)

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