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Ah thank you. I had no indication that anything was wrong on my end.

I downloaded my copy today. I'll be able to really dig in and digest the material hopefully in the next few days.

I'll write a review for a free copy!

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Ashram wrote:
Considering it coincided with the Chelish civil war, I'm starting to wonder if Asmodeus or Achaekek did it. Perhaps Asmodeus saw Aroden as an upstart mortal who didn't deserve godhood.

I am suspicious of Asmodeus too, however I have an inkling feeling that pointing fingers at Asmodeus is maybe a bit too obvious for something shrouded in so much mystery like the cause of Aroden's death. However I was not expecting anything major in terms of information on the subject.

captain yesterday wrote:
Doesn't say.

No other tidbits or hints?

captain yesterday wrote:
He was slain, and it took awhile, coinciding with the Chelish civil war (coincidence?).

Interesting....that certainly rules out a few of the theories I have come across.

If it is not too much trouble I would like for the order to be canceled.
Thanks again, you guys are customer service pros!

Hello Customer Service,

I have had my order (Number is listed above) pending for several days. Just checking in to see when I can expect it to be shipped.

Thank you in advance,

Hello James,

I have been doing research on the Harbingers of Fate as they have been a personal favorite of mine since I first learned of them a few years back. Naturally with the passing of their last supposed prophecy, I have a few questions regarding the ultimate fate of the organization.

1. Do the Harbingers have any reason to stay together considering they failed to trigger the Age of Glory?

2. Has the identity of the Book of 1,000 Whispers been decided (even if it must be kept secret)?

3. Would the Harbingers potentially try and seek out the author had they discovered the prophesies to be a lie?

4. Do the Harbingers of Fate have any potential for appearing in a Module, AP, etc in the future?

Skeld wrote:
C.J. Withers wrote:
How does the mesmerist look compared to its playtest counterpart?

I don't want you to think I ignored the question: I never read the playtest version, so I can't really say.


Do you have a general impression you want to share?

Anything specific that stands out as cool or flashy?

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How does the mesmerist look compared to its playtest counterpart?

Thanks for Keeping us updated Sara!

ShepherdGunn wrote:
the xiao wrote:
Dredcor wrote:
Kieviel wrote:
Dredcor wrote:
C.J. Withers wrote:
Is there an occult ritual I can perform to make my PDF appear quicker?
For every thousand innocent souls you sacrifice to the Old Gods, your PDF will appear 1 second sooner.
How innocent are we talking here?
No one who has committed a felony or works on Wall Street.
Or cheated on a die roll
Well, there goes most of the people I know.

Too much work imho.

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Is there an occult ritual I can perform to make my PDF appear quicker?

A full list of archetypes has bee uploaded to the project. Be sure to check out all the content this tome will bring to your gaming tables!

Inside you will find: the ooze chemist alchemist, a pyreknight antipaladin, a feybound Hunter and the ventriloquist bard, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Every core class, base class, alternate class, and hybrid class gets some archetype love.

Super excited to be a part of this project, I hope all reading this consider backing the book, you won't be disappointed.

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Hey James,

I am currently planning an occult themed adventure for my group in the fall, but as of right now I am trying to look for the best location to stage such an adventure. Naturally I have a few questions on the subject. I understand if future book releases may prevent you from answering some of these, but anything helps.

1. Does Ustalav have a large amount of occult activity?
2. Where in the inner sea would one find the largest concentration of psychic magic users?
3. Is necromancy considered occult at all?
4. If you had to stage an occult game where Golarion would you choose to place it?
5. Does the church of nethys have many psychic magic users?

Thank you in advance!

Indeed this was needed! Thank you.

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Will this contain every mini I need to run the whole adventure?

Alright, the cover of this one got me....Buying the first installment now...

Nate Z wrote:
Ah. I had forgotten how minor the damage was and that gauntlets negated it. A good point that makes me like the archetype even more. Glad to see the fighter getting some love.

We have more love for the fighter on the way too. Specifically a spiked chain specialist!

Wolfgang Baur wrote:
Nominated for Best RPG Supplement of 2014 by the Escapist.


Nate Z wrote:
Would anyone be willing to shed a little more light on the Monster Chronicler Investigator? I'm curious to see if this would fit a character I'm working on.

Like it has been said, the monster chronicler gains favored enemies, eventually gaining the ability to change one of them each day. He gains a minor ability to roll inspiration twice and take the higher result when identifying the special abilities of monsters. Diminished alchemy is the main drawback to the archetype, however.

Liz Courts wrote:
Flaming Crab Games wrote:
The first ten people (up to Anne Sullivan) should be getting their free copy sometime this week!
Those that qualified should have it in their Downloads.

Liz you truly live up to your name as webstore gninja minion! Thank you!

As always, reviews are much appreciated. I keep close tabs on these threads so if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to say anything!

For those that enjoyed this book's content, the second book in the series is closing in fast.

Let's Say Nocticula was driven to increase her presence in the Worldwound.

Would she call upon her Drow worshipers?
Are there an easily accessible routes from the Darklands to the vicinity of the Worldwound?

And a few other semi-related questions.

How would a powerful demon lord go about gaining divinity?
Was there a methodical plan enacted by Lamashtu in order for her to gain her divinity?

Thanks again for answering questions!

lucky7 wrote:
I'm a little confused. Does the Poacher still get an animal companion?


And as always, reviews are certainly appreciated :)

Have you seen how you are portrayed in the Pathfinder Comics? Would you say those do you justice? Any changes you would want to make?

Today I have mainly some lore questions:

Where do the Chelish get all of their slaves from?

Do any of the Chelish slaves live rather decent lives under wealthy, and less evil nobles?

I know the Chelish believe strongly that every member has a sort of contract to society, in that slaves and slave owners have a responsibility to society to preform their duties. How does the Chelish government evaluate that if a slave owner decided to be nice, relative to others of similar stature?

Is Abrogail II considered a mythic character in Golarion lore?

I second these sentiments.

Reviews would be very much appreciated!

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Number 1!!!!!

Something odd that I noticed, is the lack of new Orisons for the Inquisitor, did none of the new 0 level spells seem to fit the class that well?

Satchmo wrote:
This is a little off topic but how has he survived to level 8 in a mythic game with less than 20 hit points?

We started at level and just went mythic this past session, we have a barbarian, a brawler and a cleric taking most of the front line action so he was relatively untouched.

He is currently at level 8.

He is taking a very gimmicky build that basically turns the monk into a blaster with dragon's breath.

All of his physical scores are at 1 (aging penalties) in order to max his amount of Ki per level. He also is taking the Sensei archetype as well as vow of poverty.

Hey guys,
I am currently running a mythic game with a Quinggong Monk. The player and I have been over several mythic options for the character to take but have not come up with anything solid.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

Erik Mona wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:

Erik, I know you're keen to eventually get most dragons done at most sizes. However, there is an upcoming D&D set with dragons galore. I wouldn't expect that to alter your long term goal, but will you reduce the incidence of dragon minis in the next couple of sets until the D&D one has come and gone?

Yeah, probably.

I want to get a Gargantuan Red out there ASAP because I used to be a DDM collector too, and even though I have an eye on the business I'm always afraid things will end before I complete certain sets of things. I REALLY want a Gargantuan Red Dragon in Pathfinder Battles before we're done.

But yeah, I'll probably tone down the dragons somewhat. The D&D ones are among the best-looking pieces in those sets, so I don't need to flood the market with dragons. Many collectors already have most of them, anyway, and there's plenty of other cool things to do.

Before the dragon craze ends I would love to see a Pathfinder Silver Dragon. I have been DYING to see one ever since I saw their bestiary art.

Wolfgang Baur wrote:

CJ Withers, we've added errata to clear up the Call of the Grave issue, and the correction will be in the new PDF out next week.

Doom of the Earthen Maw is an anti-paladin spell and somewhat nasty, sure. But you know, a lot of spells do damage without a saving throw, starting with magic missile.

Orb of Light (Lesser) is a spell that dates back to 3rd Edition D&D in my campaign. I haven't had any trouble with it at my table, though of course YMMV.

Thanks for getting back to me. My other inquiry would be if we would eventually see what spells get adding to the Advanced Class Guide Shaman spell list.

I appreciate the timely response.

So I DM'ed a game allowing my players to use content from this book and it went very well despite a few people at the table still getting a feel for the new content. We did have a few concerns regarding a few spells, and perhaps could use some clarification.

Call of the Grave is very ambiguous as to whether or not there is a saving throw the spell clearly says saving throw: none, however the description mentions those affected by the spell getting +5 to a saving throw if he caster's allies harm them.
The other issue with Call of the Grave is that it doesn't specify if those affected by the spell can take only move actions or if they may continue to make move actions and still do other things as they move towards the spell's caster.

Second up is the Doom of the Earthen Maw spell. One of my veteran players claimed it was over powered due to not allowing a saving throw (though the text says it allows for a partial effect if it does make it's unspecified saving throw).

Third, the Orb of Light (lesser) spell seems strictly better than Searing light, this was pointed out to me by anther one of my players. Perhaps someone could shed some light (pun not intended) on what warrents this spell to exist next to Searing Light?

Again I love the book and I LOVE the extra content. I just wanted to resolve some issues before I get my next game rolling.

Thank you in advance!

Here is an example of the direction I was thinking about going, I would make each expeditioner pick a path at level one and go from there:

Path of the Physical Paragon
Associated Skills: Climb, Sense Motive, Swim
Path Focus: An expeditioner uses his class level as his monk level for determining the damage of his unarmed strikes. An expeditioner who selects this path is always considered armed even when not wielding a weapon.

Path Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Great Fortitude, Combat Reflexes, Power Attack (would build on this)

Path Fortes:
Adaptive Defense
Sucker Punch
Swimming Sprint
(I would build on this list too)

Thanks for the responses everyone, I have been racking my brain all day trying to find a way to make this class a bit more organized and a bit more thematic.

I know 100 percent that this will be a scout class and it will be all mundane, but I wanted it to be more that just a 3/4 bab ranger or a slightly better version of the rogue.

I agree that the name expeditioner doesn't exactly fit the bill, and I am probably going to change the name somewhere down the road. Wayfarer is probably the best alternative I can think of.

An idea I have been kicking around is creating a series of Paths (something structured similar to an oracle mystery) that would have a group of fortes that you could choose from instead of having to pick from a huge list. This would get rid of the Skill ranks as prerequisites completely, and allow me to replace the bonus feats with path feats (feats that you choose from a small pool of options).

However I do feel like outside of the forte's and skill boosts, I need a mechanic that will help it make it's own attacks in combat, something kinda like inspire courage but with a bit more flavor and crunch to it.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:


Click the SHOW button below, next to "How to format your text".

Thank you.

I have been brewing this class for a couple weeks, and I finally have the guts to share it.

The Full Class can be found here:

I would love to hear feedback or any ideas you would have for the class!

This class has me the most excited of all of them so far!

Yes this looks cool and sounds cool. I am curious as to how the final version looks compared to the bard, as the playtest version seemed much more like a bard archetype than a full-fledged class.
However, new songs and ways to use rage powers sound wonderful.

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