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I seem to be having trouble submitting orders. Payment methods are up to date, but don’t see an order confirmation screen after clicking on ‘submit order’. Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Customer Service,

I have had my order (Number is listed above) pending for several days. Just checking in to see when I can expect it to be shipped.

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Hey guys,
I am currently running a mythic game with a Quinggong Monk. The player and I have been over several mythic options for the character to take but have not come up with anything solid.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

I have been brewing this class for a couple weeks, and I finally have the guts to share it.

The Full Class can be found here:

I would love to hear feedback or any ideas you would have for the class!

Hello All!

I am C.J. Withers, and I bring good news: not only have I joined the crew at Flaming Crab Games, but I have also been given the privilege to announce a new series of books! Introducing The Flaming Crab Monster Codex! This collection of new and variant monsters for the Pathfinder RPG will help GMs find the perfect monsters to create more unique encounters. In addition you can look forward to brand new monster templates, monster feats and archetypes specifically designed for monsters with class levels!

Each installment will feature 10 to 12 new and/or variant monsters based around a common theme, with a small 'extras' chapter in each one. This extras chapter will vary from book to book: sometimes it will contain templates, other times it'll be a few monster feats and/or archetypes.

With that, the first installment (authored by myself) is Urban Encounters I. Inside you will find 12 new monsters and 2 new templates designed for (but not exclusive to) urban adventures. The monsters cover a wide range of types and subtypes (there is a construct swarm in there) and range from CR 1/2 to 11.

Because this is going to be a serialized release, I am open hearing any and all suggestions for future book themes, I will be checking this thread regularly so please don't hesitate to post any questions!

Thanks for reading and while you await the first installment of the codex, check out the Priest Base Class here, the first release from Flaming Crab Games.


I am currently stating up a mythic dragon in an age category that is not listed in the Mythic Adventures Bestiary. My problem arises when calculating spell resistance.
The dragon entry in the bestiary tells me that a dragon's spell resistance is equal to 11+ it's CR, and when applying the mythic subtype to a monster , mythic ranks increase a monsters SR by 1 for each rank. Yet, when I examine the entries for mythic dragons in mythic adventures their SR is equal to 11+ CR, when the mythic subtype says it ought to be higher. SO my question is does a dragon's innate SR trump the mythic rules for additional Sr?

Here are my calculations:

Dragon SR = 11 + CR (CR is 16 for an Ancient Black Dragon)

Base SR = 27 (as listed in it's bestiary entry)

Then I apply 8 mythic ranks, making it's new CR 20, and thus making it's new SR 31 (by the Dragon SR equation).

Now because the mythic subtype adds additional SR based on it's mythic rank, I add an additional 8 SR:

New Dragon SR = 11 + 20 + 8 = 39

Yet when I look at all the SR listed in mythic adventures, all the dragons have SR = 11 + CR. Have I missed something or was the additional SR not applied in Mythic Adventures? Any explanation would be helpful.

Thank you in advance,


I have been collecting pathfinder minis for about a year now, and have started running into storage issues. Any recommendations for easy ways to store and organize minis?

Thanks in advance,


Hey all,

I am currently building some monsters for a homebrew adventure and would like some input on whether the warpriest should be considered a key class for the base Cr 4 minotaur.

Thank you in advance,

Very happy that the Will-O'-Wisp showed up! I have been needing a few of these for a campaign I have been writing! Personally I am hoping for more good guys to show up, but otherwise all of these are fantastic minis!

What's the formula for determining powerful charge damage? I have looked at the minotaur and the triceratops monsters and they each seem to have different ways for calculating the damage. Is this unique to each monster or is there some method to the madness?


Can anyone tell me where to find the stats for this monster?

I am in the process of creating a dragon for a campaign I am writing. I am planning on adding 5+ levels of sorcerer on to an existing blue dragon. My question is, since dragons cast as a sorcerer, would these new levels of sorcerer stack with the dragons existing levels of spellcasting or not?