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Hey guys,
I am currently running a mythic game with a Quinggong Monk. The player and I have been over several mythic options for the character to take but have not come up with anything solid.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

What's his current build? I kinda need that before I can give suggestions on where to go next.

He is currently at level 8.

He is taking a very gimmicky build that basically turns the monk into a blaster with dragon's breath.

All of his physical scores are at 1 (aging penalties) in order to max his amount of Ki per level. He also is taking the Sensei archetype as well as vow of poverty.

This is a little off topic but how has he survived to level 8 in a mythic game with less than 20 hit points?

Hi, I'm the mentioned player. I'll go ahead and warn anyone that this is a pretty ridiculous build. Also, I don't have my character sheet on me, so I'm doing this mostly on the top of my head.

Master Sensei Build:

Name: Master Sensei
Class: Monk [Qinggong/Sensei] with Vow of Poverty (+1 ki/ level)
Favored Class: Monk (+1/4 ki/ level)
Race: Human (Tian Xia)
Age: Venerable (-6 physical/ +3 mental)
Ability Scores:
Str 1 Int 18
Dex 1 Wis 25
Con 1 Cha 18
Trait: Never Stop Shooting
1) Die Hard
3) Toughness
5) Deific Obedience (Irori)
7) Empower Spell-like ability (Scorching Ray)

From Sensei:
Advice (bardic performance)
Insightful Strike (Wisdom to attack/CMB)
Mystic Wisdom

From Qinggong:
Hydraulic Push (1 ki)
Scorching Ray (2 ki)
Dragon's Breath (2 ki)

Item: (only 1 because of Vow of Poverty)
Ring of Ki Mastery (reduces ki power costs down to 1 ki)

Ki Pool is 25 = 8 (Vow of Poverty) + 2 (favored class) + 4 (monk levels) + 7 (Wisdom).
This allows 25 dragon breaths, scorching rays, hydraulic pushes, etc. per day.
Master Sensei dragon breaths when possible, scorching ray if allies are in the way of breaths, hydraulic push for bull-rushing, and stunning fist due to his high hit chance and DC. He uses his empowered scorching ray when things get nasty.

Character usually spends the majority of combat using a move action to run somewhere and then a standard action to blast.

Never Stop Shooting lets the character use his wisdom instead of his constitution to determine how low his health can go into the negatives. With diehard, the character can continue to use his spell-like abilities while bleeding.

After gaining mythic ascension, this character will be able to go to -50 before dying. In addition, he'll take longevity to boost his physical stats to 7 each.

(By the way, his high intelligence and charisma have no combat purpose. He's simply an evil lich wannabe that acts like a sweet old man. So he can be a semi decent skill monkey/ face)

Sorry I didn't link anything, my Internet became pretty shot after a storm last night. So it'd probably crash if I opened another tab.

Satchmo wrote:
This is a little off topic but how has he survived to level 8 in a mythic game with less than 20 hit points?

We started at level and just went mythic this past session, we have a barbarian, a brawler and a cleric taking most of the front line action so he was relatively untouched.

Sovereign Court

very gimmicky indeed, ah well, it's one of the rare cases, would recommend you to go guardian to boost your defenses, as other paths won't frankly help you much.

Consider strongly the universal path ability legendary item to get whatever is more appropriate for your campaign.

If you are going dragon motif all the way, you might consider picking up eldritch heritage (draconic) but you will need skill focus (Perception) first, eventually you will be able to pick up Mythic Eldritch Heritage (Draconic), which actually give you a dragon breath later on, wings etc...Mythic eldritch heritage has the advantage of being only one feat instead of the regular eldritch heritage lines being like 3 or 4 feats.

I won't bother helping you, sorry. AoEs exist.

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